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Laura catalano app project

  1. 1. StumbleUpon { Laura Catalano
  2. 2. A social media program { that delivers high quality pages that suited to personal preferences.StumbleUpon is essentially…
  3. 3. • Uses sites highly recommended by friends{ { • and followers to give the best possible results. Carefully chooses sites that pertain to your selected interest. • “Through StumbleUpon Ads, anyone with a website can reach a highly targeted audience. StumbleUpon Ads drives targeted traffic directly to your website. Your ad is your actual webpage; we don’t serve any pop- ups/interstitials, banners or other invasive forms of advertising.”How it works
  4. 4. StumbleUpon is intended for all audiences because it programmed to any audience’s preferences. “People who are actively seeking to discover new, interesting information.”Mobile App “StumbleUpon is the 2nd largest source of Case Study: On average, sites increase traffic social media from StumbleUpon between 20% to 25% upon referrals, sending installing Badges. - StumbleUpon more traffic than the remaining socialIntended for… media landscape combined”
  5. 5. { Key features { Benefits The more you stumble, the • StumbleUpon Bar – allows a • user to “create a specific way more SU would understand of stumbling” it can often your interests and the more it relate to particular words or would suggest you suitable phrases. contents. You need not have to search for the contents, instead • StumbleUpon Channels – SU would recommend you “content is kept separate from relevant contents (Varchese). completely random content, but users can follow • You have the option to like or these channels to receive dislike a webpage to better relevant stumbles” (Smith). refine StumbleUpon’s search results. • Sidebar Suggestions – under • There is an option to Stumble a “Discover” tab, that allows under categories to remain you to search and find people within one realm and to and brands to follow as well as narrow down a search. 3 random interests to stumble on at all times.Features and Benefits…
  6. 6. Profile Pages: “likes” are showcased by similarity, revealing labels and individual posts in the center of the page { Users subcategories and comments, interests and channels are all available on the sides of a profile. A new feature allows users to upload a profile pictures of themselves.Features expanded upon…
  7. 7. m Reddit. com V.SCompetitors
  8. 8. How to set up an account
  9. 9. Supports applications such as…
  10. 10. • • 06/stumbleupon-redesign-5-new-features- garrett-camp.htm • benefits-user/ • ew/#whatisWorks Cited