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Welcome to stumble upon!


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Published in: Technology
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Welcome to stumble upon!

  1. 1. Welcome to Stumble Upon!Where the internet becomes your personal library!
  2. 2. What is Stumble Upon?• Stumble Upon is a social networking tool that makes navigating the internet easier.• It is a social networking tool because it is powered by the people who use it.• It works through a website with a toolbar you can install into almost any browser for free. Users click on at least 5 interest topics and can then start “stumbling”!
  3. 3. How does it work?• Once you have created your profile and identified your topics of interest, Stumble Upon will bring related content to you!• Once you have reviewed the content, you can “like” or “dislike” it. By rating the content, stumble upon will get a better idea of what type of content you are interested in, further customizing your searches!• The site uses an algorithm based on web content that other users have recommended and “liked” to recommend pages to each user. Instead of “stumbling” all your interests at once you can limit the stumbling to a specific interest. There are also “channels” that allow you to stumble through content of one specific website such as PBS or the Ellen Degeneres show website.
  4. 4. Using Stumble Upon more socially… StumbleUpon also allows you to “follow” other users with similar interest. This is another way find to find content by looking at the pages others have “liked”. Users can share “stumbles” with other users or through facebook and twitter.
  5. 5. Start Stumbling!Visit to take advantage of this free tool that customizes internet searches just for you!