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ACTION™               PRSRT STD                        P.O. Box 88          US POSTAGE                                    ...
Reader Reply No. 3
Reader Reply No. 74
January/February 2011                                                                              ...
There’s somethingFind out at          1401 Valley View Lane, Suite 100 • Irving, Texas 75061   TEL...
Outlook                                                                                                ™                  ...
Reader Reply No. 35
Expansion Valve                                             Plans and Intentions       Jim Taylor    “If I’d known I would...
Reader Reply No. 37
Technically RELAY-ted                                               IMPA Test Days 2010     Paul DeGuiseppi      his past ...
Air Conditioning &  Engine Cooling...Redefined!Behr and Hella have defined the solution for ThermalManagement. The definition...
Under the Southern Cross                                             Who’s next?     Ken Newton,     CEO, VASA     uccessi...
Southern Crossa vote to choose one out of two or more nominationsfor the board.     If you really want the truth, the VASA...
Leonard’s Law                                                 The heat is on!      Keith N. Leonard,           Esquire    ...
One Source to Keep Your Business Safe, Clean and in         Compliance1   2        1. Uniform Rental        Uniforms prese...
The Right
Fit   RTI Technologies, a leader in the distribution and development      of automotive maintenance service equipment, inc...
The Link: and AutoMD.comThe Grade: C- / D. Too vague, too general, and not helpful. Inaccurate pricing.     ...
Reader Reply No. 78
Jack Chisenhall honored                      facility in San Antonio, Texas.             new wave of alternative energy te...
which will be introduced into the market beginning in 2011        test center in Seattle to include dedicated facilities f...
NEWS & UPDATES                                           1992. She is responsible for supporting the North                ...
Phoenix forum 2010: Emissions and measurements                                      Reader Reply No. 113
ow was last year for you and what’s ahead? Depending on                cles after their machine shop customers men-H      ...
Opportunities for success                                                                      Weaver: Most of our work is...
Opportunities for success$4,000, so service is much cheaper than replacement.     We’re also continuing with our line of r...
DYING TO FIND                  A/C LEAKS?                     The new Nano 5™ UV light finds leaks others miss.            ...
Reader Reply No. 55
Opportunities for successsome “in your face” marketing through both our outside            tunities. Banning consumer purc...
Reader Reply No. 150
Opportunities for success                                                                     Jack: We will be acquiring n...
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Ford goes orange       We mentioned this briefly in the last issue but thought the topic       can be called by that name,...
SPECTRA PREMIUM INDUSTRIES                                               Forming the            Future                    ...
by Marion Posen, Vice President Sales and Marketing       he Mobile Air Conditioning Industry Pioneer Award was           ...
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2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
2011 01 02 Action
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2011 01 02 Action
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2011 01 02 Action

  1. 1. ACTION™ PRSRT STD P.O. Box 88 US POSTAGE PAID Lansdale, PA 19446 Baltimore, MD Permit No. 4475 Printed in USAJanuary/February 2011
  2. 2. Reader Reply No. 3
  3. 3. Reader Reply No. 74
  4. 4. January/February 2011 ™ 24 FEATURESOPPORTUNITIES FOR SUCCESS 242010 PIONEER AWARD HONOREES 36 DEPARTMENTS Cooling Corner 34 Quick Check 43 Virtual View 18 Association News 44 News & Updates 20 New Products & Services 4 6 Classified 52 36 COLUMNS Outlook Under The Southern Cross Andrew Fiffick 6 Ken Newton 12 Expansion Valve Leonard’s Law Jim Taylor 8 Keith Leonard, Esq. 14 Technically RELAY-ted Last Watch Paul DeGuiseppi 10 Elvis Hoffpauir 54 MACS Tech Help Number 46 MACS Members please note: The phone number for technical help is 866-502-0068. It is available Mon-Fri, 8 a.m.-5 p.m. Central time. Mobile Air Conditioning Society Mission Statement On the cover: Future MACS To be the recognized global authority for the mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry by: member Elliot Kotz plays the role • Providing training and education for the mobile air conditioning and heat transfer industry. • Providing a forum for exchange of trade information on a regional, national and international basis. of baby New Year. • Facilitating business between all segments of the industry. Elliot was born August 30, 2010. • Providing information on legislative and regulatory initiatives that affect the industry and advocating for the industry to legislative bodies.4 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  5. 5. There’s somethingFind out at 1401 Valley View Lane, Suite 100 • Irving, Texas 75061 TEL: 972.812.7000 • FAX: 972.812.7001 • TOLL FREE: 888.286.6342 • Reader Reply No. 54
  6. 6. Outlook ™ Welcome to Walt Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide (MACS) Andy Fiffick MACS Chairman Disney World! Andrew Fiffick Chairman & CEO Elvis Hoffpauir opefully, if you are reading this issue, you are attending the 2011 MACS President & Editor-In-ChiefH Worldwide Convention and Trade Show in Florida. We welcome you to our 31st annual event! Back home, one of our keys to success is keeping atthe forefront of technology and training while making sure our shop has the Jim Taylor Editor jt@macsw.orgproper equipment to be profitable and successful. The MACS Convention and Marion PosenTrade Show allows us to gain this knowledge all in one place in just a few days VP Sales & Marketingand at a great value. This past A/C season was another trying one and we, along with most of the Laina Casey Graphics & Design Managerautomotive aftermarket repair industry, were caught off guard when we could mcasey@macsw.orgnot get many needed parts on a timely basis to serve our client base. Therefore,I’m going to concentrate on lining up my suppliers and purchase some new and Corporate Offices Mail To: P.O. Box 88, Lansdale, PA 19446updated equipment for the next A/C season while attending the Trade Show Ship To: 225 S. Broad St., Lansdale, PA 19446and I would suggest you do the same or get right on it once you are back home. Phone: (215) 631-7020 Since it is impossible for one person to gather in all of the available train- Fax: (215) 631-7017ing at the Convention, I always bring along two of my top technicians so we can E-mail: membership@macsw.orgcover all of the training available. The old adage, “You don’t know what you January/February 2011 Volume 11, Number 1don’t know” comes to mind, and we need to make sure we take advantage of the ACTION magazine is published seven times per year bytraining available. We must do everything possible to compete and prosper in our the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide,hometown shop. We need to learn what we don’t know to keep maximizing our 225 S. Broad Street, Lansdale, PA 19446. While MACS Worldwide takes reasonable steps to makebusiness opportunities – and I know that coming to the MACS Convention is sure that the information reported in ACTION is accurate, errors can still occur. The accuracy of all informationthe least expensive way to train my staff and myself. contained in ACTION should therefore be independently evaluated by the reader. Since conditions of its use are Of course, this will not be all work and no play. I always look forward to the outside of the control of MACS Worldwide, MACSinteraction with all of you during the Convention. Talking shop with the best Worldwide assumes no liability for the use of such infor- mation or any damages incurred through its use or appli-shop owners, technicians and trainers over lunch or during the many social cation. Nothing contained in such information is to be construed as contractual or provide some form of war-events gives me an insight into the industry that I cannot get anywhere else. I ranty on the part of MACS Worldwide.always come away with new ideas and procedures to implement when I get back The opinions expressed in guest editorials are not nec- essarily endorsed by MACS Worldwide. MACShome. Worldwide is not responsible for any claims made in or by advertisements or press releases published in ACTION. If you see me milling around the Convention or Trade Show, stop me and All company names, products and product names, emblems, logos, images, trademarks, service marks andintroduce yourself. Let me know if we as an association are meeting your expec- trade dress appearing in this magazine are the propertytations, wants and needs. And please tell me what you think of our Convention of their respective owners and are protected under fed- eral laws of the United States and international agree-and Trade Show. The staff and I are always open to new ideas and viewpoints. ments. Unauthorized use is prohibited. The ACTION logo and MACS globe emblem are property of MACS On behalf of the MACS Worldwide staff, thank you for attending this year; and we look Worldwide.forward to seeing you in 2012 in Las Vegas. By the way, make sure you plan on staying for the Reproduction of contents without permission is prohibit-bonus training session on Saturday afternoon. A ed. Send requests for permission to copy or reprint to or to ACTION Magazine, Box 88, Lansdale, PA 19446. Sincerely, Non-member subscription rates: one year (seven issues) – U.S. $25; Canada/Mexico $40; international surface Andy $45; international air $55. Send subscription mail, including address changes, to ACTION, P.O. Box 88, Lansdale, PA 19446 or Andy Fiffick For advertising information contact Marion Posen: or 215-631-7020. x304. 440-667-3278 H.G. Roebuck & Son, Inc. 4987 Mercantile Road Baltimore, MD 21236 2004-09 IAMA ISBN 1949-3436 Awards Winner6 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  7. 7. Reader Reply No. 35
  8. 8. Expansion Valve Plans and Intentions Jim Taylor “If I’d known I would live this long,” said the great jazz kets went boom or bust or both, and some haven’t yetpianist and composer Eubie Blake on his 100th birthday, recovered. Some have few survivors.“I’d have taken better care of myself!” Mercy! It’s 2011 A look at the ten-year graph for the Dow Jones indus-already and it seems as if the millennium was just yesterday. trial averages shows an alpine landscape with enough peaks Regardless of when you started counting it – 2000 or and valleys to challenge any financial skier. Even 2010’s2001 – it’s been quite a decade, hasn’t it? Computers didn’t year-to-date graph would make a good thrill ride if youcrash from the feared Y2K bug, but soon after airplanes and could convert the blue trace into rails; plenty of ups andtall buildings did. The dot-com bubble burst but the plenty of downs. It makes an interesting analogy as bothInternet survived; international governments rose and fell investors and rollercoaster riders scream during the steepbut nations survived; wars started, ended, or continued with drops.survivors being counted as lucky. U.S elections came and At this moment in late 2010, things seem to be lookingwent (who survived painful new strains of attack ads?), and up, but “past performance does not indicate future results”some industries crumbled while others soared. Various mar- — they’re required to say that when selling financial prod- ucts. However, there’s another adage we all know: “Those who ignore the past...” Are we doomed or do we make our own luck? Obviously, the past can teach us if we’re smart enough to learn from it. Does it indicate the future? Maybe, but only under the same circumstances, and whatever we did then controlled that outcome. New ideas and new oppor- tunities can lead in different directions, and require differ- ent and often bold actions. Those new ideas and new opportunities provide our focus this month. We asked a variety of MACS members – each a success in their own right – to review their recent business year and then tell us what they see as their oppor- tunities ahead. The results were as varied as the participants, and not always what you’d expect. For example, although many do, it’s plain that not everyone foresees either a new refriger- ant or the hybrid and electric vehicle boom as the “next big thing” for their operation. Some plan to crack new sales markets, expand their product offerings, or even just do more of what they’re already doing. Additionally, many respondents included sound financial management in their plans for another year, along with staying on top of the game through technical training, offering quality products across the board, and keeping a close eye on the competition. Sounds like a plan. What’s yours? A You can reach Jim at Reader Reply No. 90 jt@macsw.org8 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  9. 9. Reader Reply No. 37
  10. 10. Technically RELAY-ted IMPA Test Days 2010 Paul DeGuiseppi his past September, I once again took Hyundai Genesis Coupe 2.0 TR Spec – torquey twin-turbo, inline six, it helpsT the trek to Lake Harmony, Pa. to par- ticipate in IMPA (InternationalMotor Press Association) Test Days. If The absolute sports car bargain for the day, perhaps the 2011 model year. This vehicle has a base price of $24,500, and it’s shoot this car from a standing start like it’s a Ruger .204. Of everything I drove this day, this would be the one I’d have takenyou’re a “car whack” (as I am), it doesn’t a quite nicely equipped R WD looker at home.come much better than this – IMPA that. The car Hyundai provided had only Mazda2 – This new-to-the-U.S. marketmembers get the opportunity to drive a one option; carpeted floor mats for $105. subcompact could be the ultimatebroad variety of the newest offerings from I drove nothing else that matched this car’s demonstrator of the adage “it is more funmost vehicle manufacturers that sell in the performance-for-the-price quotient. to drive a slow car fast than a fast carU.S. market. Mazda3 2.5 Five Door – Another case of slow.” Its exterior dimensions also belie its Here are the vehicles I drove, and my a very satisfying-to-drive car for the interior roominess. Overall, a pleasant lit-impressions of them. I’ll give you this up money. Very crisp steering and handling, tle thing.front – their individual missions consid- and not too shabby acceleration either. Audi A3 TDI – If you like the dieselered, not one of them was bad. However, Couple its great ergonomics and nicely engine in the Jetta (or Golf), but want asome were “badder” than others. appointed interior with the fact that you nicer car wrapped around it, you need Volkswagen Jetta TDI SEL – I’ve been can even haul stuff, and you have a fantas- look no further.reading many good things about the tic all-around daily ride. Chevrolet Cruze LTZ – Word up tonewest VW diesels, so I chose this as the Camaro SS – This was the first of the Civic, Corolla, and a few others: be afraid.first car to drive. It turns out that all the three American pony cars I drove, one Be very, very afraid.good things I read are true. The average right after the other. It accelerates and Mini Cooper Clubman S – I’ve partakenperson would never know it was a diesel. brakes pretty well, but its interior is a shal- of one of these every time I’ve attendedIt had almost imperceptible turbo lag, and low chasm, and its instrument panel is a this event. It just wouldn’t be Test Days ifaccelerated briskly, with a nice torquey cartoon. Especially in light of its competi- I didn’t. I’m happy to report that the pol-feel. To me, it’s the perfect anti-hybrid. I tion, this car (with a sticker price around ish is still on the apple. Driving one oflike that. $38K) did not appeal to me in any way. these might even be more fun than Volkswagen Jetta 2.5 SEL – It was inter- Mustang GT – Ford marked 2011 with watching mid-term election results onesting to drive the gas engine Jetta direct- the return of the 5.0 in the Mustang. As after stepping out of the diesel. I didn’t good as the 4.6L 2005-2010 GTs of the Lexus ISF – This is the only Toyota Isee much difference in dynamics between current platform Mustang were, this one drove because it’s basically the only Toyotathe two, with the exception that the gas nudges the dial to “11.” Fantastic acceler- I like — excluding, perhaps, the essential-car’s torque curve seemed to be more ation, braking, steering, handling, seats, ly “constructed of unobtainium” LFA. Iequally distributed over the engine’s rpm outward vision and sounds. With a sticker like this one because it doesn’t feel like arange. of $40K, it’s a car so much better than the Toyota. It actually feels (dare I say) sort of Camaro for only two large more.. like a BMW or Benz. Its 5.0L, 416 horse- Dodge Challenger RT – My absolute power V-8, eight speed automatic trans- A/C PARTS favorite of the three ponies. While it’s a little slower than the Camaro or mission, and R WD layout certainly con- tribute to my fondness. CARS-TRKS-BIG TRKS-OFF ROAD Mustang, this car just has a certain charm Suzuki Kizashi – I challenge you to find 1000’S OF NEW & REBUILT that the other two don’t. Its sight lines, a $24,000 car with a nicer interior. It’s also larger dimensions and pistol grip shifter a pretty pleasing (if not exciting) drive. COMPRESSORS & CLUTCHES catapult my mind back to lighter times. This car is truly the anti-Camry-Accord- HUGE PARTS INVENTORY For me, that makes its sticker, which was Altima. Anyone considering the purchase NEXT DAY ANYWHERE IN FL. $1K higher than the Mustang’s, well of a mid-size Japanese sedan really needs AIR PARTS worth that small difference to check this out. A 1133 N MAGNOLIA AVENUE BMW 335iS Coupe – This car’s dou- ble-clutch seven speed is the fastest- OCALA FL 34475 You can reach Paul at shifting automated manual transmission (800) 233-7167 that I have ever experienced. Coupled with the 320 horsepower from its Reader Reply No. 610 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  11. 11. Air Conditioning & Engine Cooling...Redefined!Behr and Hella have defined the solution for ThermalManagement. The definition? Engine cooling and airconditioning products combined through one source – Behr HellaService. And for the Air Conditioning Specialist, we’ve definedour extensive range of OE quality and perfect-fit compressors.Add PAO Oil, the only advanced synthetic and non-hygroscopicuniversal compressor oil with UV leak detection, and you’ve got Hella, Inc.the definition of success! 1.877.224.3552 Reader Reply No. 159
  12. 12. Under the Southern Cross Who’s next? Ken Newton, CEO, VASA uccession plans are all very well, but all the best con- What’s the thread of this article, you’re asking aboutS ceived plans in the world still won’t find you someone to replace you after you’ve gone – not really gone, Imean retired, had enough, taken your marbles and gone now. I was leading up to saying that you’ll find the same sce- nario in many voluntary organisations. The new reason for not being involved, for not joining something and not goinghome. to meetings or even social outings is, “I’m time poor.” The secret to succession plans is that you have to find What does that mean? Isn’t life about setting priorities?somebody to replace you, and that’s the really hard part. You don’t just run out of time to do things, do you? Either lack of a succession plan, or inability to find So here we are at a recent VASA board meeting, with asomeone to walk in your shoes is the reason why, in this debate raging on the subject of how to encourage any mem-country anyway, most small businesses don’t change hands. ber of the association to take a real interest in the adminis-As happened with a couple of our top VASA members tration of the company. Like nominate for a position on therecently—they advertised nationally, they looked under the board of directors, or put a hand up to help out at the nextlocal rocks, and couldn’t get anyone remotely interested in convention, or anything.taking over well run and profitable workshops. They just I reminded the board that only once in VASA’s 17 yearauctioned off all their equipment, closed the doors and went history had anybody outside the incumbent directors everhome. sent in a formal nomination for a board position. I added Sad really, that private companies that build up a great that not once in VASA’s history had the annual generalname over half a century or so just disappear off the map. meeting of members experienced the thrill of having to cast Reader Reply No. 2812 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  13. 13. Southern Crossa vote to choose one out of two or more nominationsfor the board. If you really want the truth, the VASA board hasbeen ‘stacked’ from Day One, and we want volunteers– you, you and you! Current VASA president Ian Stangroome is a verythoughtful guy, and he knows only too well that astale organisation is not a productive organisation.The board members agreed. New blood, they said, isneeded. I jumped in again to remind the directors that Ihad placed a passionate plea in our last VASA newslet-ter for young guns in the association to considerbeing groomed for directorship and the result was, asexpected, zilch. While everyone in the room was either lookingat the ceiling in the hope that somebody’s namewould be written by an unseen hand, or was pouringanother cup of hotel swill, president Ian said, “I real-ly don’t think any member understands what it is wedo. If only they could listen to our debates and watchhow complex issues are decided, it might encouragethem to join in the game.” Great idea, they all said. VASA has now adoptedtwo very bold succession plans. The first is that each director will nominate alikely candidate from the membership in his or herzone. (Yes, we have our first female director.Catherine Tocker represents our New Zealand mem-bers – say hi Catherine.) For every board meeting, one of the names willbe drawn out of the hat, and that member will beinvited, all expenses paid, to the next meeting wher-ever it is held. They’ll be flown in, accommodated,wined and dined and invited to join in any of thedebates if they wish. The hope is that the chosenmember will then go back to their local communi-ties, if not with a desire to seek higher office then atleast with a better perspective on VASA’s role in theindustry. The next plan is already taking off like a rocket,and why not?–it’s free! We have invented a newStudent Associate membership, where auto studentsare offered free membership while they are stillstudying. When they get their certificates or theirdegrees, they will be invited to join up as a full pay-ing member. The hope is that through receiving newsletters,invitations at low rates to training sessions and accessto our technical pages on the website, they will learnto understand the value of being in an industry net-work with a bit of clout and a good brand name. Now if I can only find someone to replace me! A Reader Reply No. 101 AC T I O N • January/February 2011 13
  14. 14. Leonard’s Law The heat is on! Keith N. Leonard, Esquire here once was a car chase movie that became the second high- In the early 1900s, interior heat was oftentimes produced byT est grossing film of that year. The movie was Smokey and the Bandit and the year was 1977. For those who have never seenthe film, two men agree to drive from Georgia to Texas and back exhaust gases circulated into pipes inside the vehicle. Into the 1920s, companies like Sears Roebuck still sold heaters that carried heat from the exhaust manifold into the passenger compartment.again within a limited period of time, bringing back a truck load And there was no carbon monoxide alarm in the interior of thoseof Coors beer at a time when Coors was not available east of the vehicles.Mississippi River. Another attempt to warm up the inside of a car was the hot The two end up being chased by, but escaping from, about water car heater introduced in 1926. However, during that sameone-half of the police forces south of the Mason-Dixon line and period, inventors were designing a heating system that redirecteddelivering the beer in the nick of time. The movie’s popularity coolant from the engine to the interior of the vehicle, providingresulted in two sequels and an enormous increase in sales of the car some level of comfort to the otherwise frost-bitten driver and pas-featured in the film – the Pontiac Trans Am. sengers. By the 1930s, the first designs of the now-standard heater Over my Christmas break in 1976-1977, some college friends core (using heat from the engine coolant to produce heat for theand I went on a road trip from Pittsburgh to New Mexico and interior) were coming into production. The core acts as a heatback again. As in the movie, we picked up some Coors beer dur- exchanger, removing heat from the engine compartment anding our trip for our return to our college, though we brought back directing it into the interior of the vehicle.considerably less than a tractor trailer load. We did not pick up a Electric cars and hybrids, without the hot fluids and gases fromwoman who had run out on her wedding and we certainly did not an internal combustion engine, still use the heater core design.get chased by police. However, we did learn a very important les- Therefore, most electric cars use positive coefficient electric heatersson during that trip. that are similar to the heaters used in many homes. That valuable lesson was not to drive an air-cooled vehicle (a In the late 1930s, Nash Motors introduced filters, more refinedVolkswagen van – “I call red punch buggy and no punch backs!”) climate controls and an optional conditioned-air heating and ven-across the country during a time when most of the country was tilating system as features in its automobiles. Dual temperature con-experiencing record cold. At the best of times the temperature trols for the driver and front passenger would have to wait untilinside the van was probably only five degrees warmer than the out- later in the twentieth century; but proved to be an invention thatside air; causing the beer to almost freeze inside the van. did a lot to save many a marriage. That story is not an attempt to imitate or one-up the stories In 1951, Mr. Ballard invented the heated seat for motor vehi-of my father’s or grandfather’s generations (“...back in my day, we cles, another practical invention for drivers and passengers through-walked to school ten miles in snow...”) Instead, it is my off-hand out the world. An even more recent invention is the heated steer-way of expressing my gratitude to people like Thomas Ahearn and ing wheel. This advancement allows the driver to avoid the choiceRobert Ballard for every time I have gotten into a vehicle in the of discomfort (a freezing steering wheel) or the potential hazard ofwinter since that road trip. driving with gloves. As we all know, vehicle technology has substantially advanced All of this technology has provided a safer and more comfort-since vehicles were invented. The first cars were mostly open-bod- able time for both driver and passengers. Global warming or not,ied, with no windows and certainly no heat. They were not a big winter, cold weather and snow in many parts of the United Statesstep forward from horse-drawn carriages. The first enclosed cars, and elsewhere around the world confront all drivers equally. Ofwith glass windshields, emerged in 1907. course, we can all also rely on the change of seasons to bring One important advance in technology has been in the area of warmer weather around again; and soon enough the need for airclimate control inside the vehicle. Mr. Ahearn is the inventor of the conditioning. Luckily, we have MACS’ members to keep us warmelectric car heater and he did it in 1890. However, he developed or cool in our vehicles. Athat invention for use in electric streetcars traveling along the streetsof Ottawa, Canada. Regardless, the heater was invented for cus-tomer comfort, and as the inevitable change of seasons takes us into Remember that laws are constantly changing and are often not uniform through-winter, those of us in the northern half of the United States cer- out the United States. Do not place unqualified reliance on the information intainly appreciate the fact that we can be kept warm while we drive. this article. Always contact legal counsel for detailed advice. If you have a particular issue, law or problem you would like to see addressedEarly cars used portable gas lamps and burners to warm up the in a future column, please contact me at, or Leonard,interiors – I am not sure about the safety of using a flammable liq- Sciolla, Hutchison, Leonard & Tinari, LLP 215-567-1530. ,uid inside a car to keep us warm!14 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  15. 15. One Source to Keep Your Business Safe, Clean and in Compliance1 2 1. Uniform Rental Uniforms present a polished, professional image that build your allows carpet to dry within hours brand. See how Cintas can help: from furniture and drapes your employees and business by your customers satisfaction program best3 4 5. Safewasher™ regulations 2. Safe Floors Cintas can help create a complete cycle safety, produces measurable reductions in hazardous waste, and reduces dirt: exposure 3. Clean Restrooms chemical cleaners by lifting grease your customers and employees: 6. First Aid & Safety 4. Tile & Carpet Cleaning standards extraction cleaning process cleans and5 6 system solution at: 101784 11.10 Reader Reply No. 155
  16. 16. The Right
  17. 17. Fit RTI Technologies, a leader in the distribution and development of automotive maintenance service equipment, including air conditioning service machines, has been acquired by the Automotive Aftermarket Division of Robert Bosch, LLC. By becoming part of Bosch, RTI is combining its industry leading equipment distribution and engineering technologies with the resources of a world leader in the automotive industry. and new ways of bringing the best in automotive service equipment to our customers worldwide. Come see us at the MACS 2011 Convention, Jan. 27-29, 2011 800-468-2321 Reader Reply No.66
  18. 18. The Link: and AutoMD.comThe Grade: C- / D. Too vague, too general, and not helpful. Inaccurate pricing. This site is openly designed to sell repair instructions identical to the Civic Si: to check for, and the site content purports to help a 1. Open the hood and locate 15. If the system holds the vacu-consumer perform repairs at home. The site your vehicle’s A/C compressor. um, charge the system with A/Ccontains little A/C information except as a 2. Remove the A/C belt from servicing for parts sales. Tabs across the top the A/C compressor pulley. Again, not wrong but not rightinclude “Auto Repair” and “How Cars Work” 3. Evacuate the A/C system using enough—how to pull the vacuum? And foramong others. A click directs the user to a refrigerate [sic] recovery how long? How much gas to recharge or, a wholly-owned subsidiary of machine. to know capacity? Interestingly, the $5100US Auto Parts Network, Inc. AutoMD claims 4. Disconnect the negative bat- RRR machine is listed in the “Tools youto be “the most comprehensive and unbiased tery cable. need” section, but the “Estimated cost offree online automotive repair resource...” There’s nothing actually wrong here, but repair” for the DIY compressor repair is Their “How-to” section asks for basic it’s not very helpful either.The compressor on $31.60. If anybody comes into your shop say-data on the car to be repaired; we entered a the Civic is underneath and can barely be seen ing they can replace their own compressor for2003 Honda Civic Si and then clicked on from the top. And doesnt everybody have a that price, you’ll know where they’ve been. Ainstructions for “How to replace an A/C com- recovery machine just lying around? And afterpressor.” The resulting steps are disappointing, repairs we’re told: Note: Websites are updated or changedand suffer from a “one size fits all” approach. 13. Evacuate air in the A/C sys- frequently. If you visit one of our finds,The repair steps are generic, and the same pic- tem with an A/C servicing don’t be surprised if the informationtures always appear. A later search on a 2008 machine doesn’t match what we found.Ford Explorer XLT SportTrac turned up 14. Pull a vacuum on the system And the Winner is... The 2009 PRO-Alert 2791 TM This “award-winning” electronic refrigerant leak detector utilizes a state-of-the-art infrared sensor for enhanced sensitivity and long life! It features a user selectable, three-position sensitivity switch to minimize false triggering, while allowing for easy diagnosis of small, medium and large leaks. Powered by a long-life, rechargeable NiMH battery. Certified to meet new SAE J2791 standard for electronic refrigerant leak detectors. Detects leaks down to 0.1 oz/year Works with all refrigerants 1,000 + hour sensor life High-efficiency air sampling pump provides quicker response and clearing Field-replaceable sensor and battery eliminate downtime NiMH battery provides over six hours of use between charges. Detector also works with AC and DC power adapters. The TP-9364 PRO-Alert 2791TM comes complete with infrared sensor, replacement filters, rechargeable NiMH battery, AC power adapter, DC power adapter with cigarette lighter plug and rugged carrying case. To learn more, ISO 9001:2008 call 1-800-641-1133 or visit Reader Reply No. 518 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  19. 19. Reader Reply No. 78
  20. 20. Jack Chisenhall honored facility in San Antonio, Texas. new wave of alternative energy tech-Lifetime achievement award In 1995, Jack took his street-driven nologies and increased jobs via new 1953 Studebaker to Bonneville and ran manufacturing. Some more provisions 219.585 mph — with the air condi- of AB32 begin to phase-in during tioning on. Jack Chisenhall received 2011, and will require large emitters to the 2001 Pioneer Award from the begin reducing air pollution from their Mobile Air Conditioning Society for processes and plants. California’s goal is his industry innovations. to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by roughly 30 percent within ten years. California: Prop 23 defeated in Nov. elections Diagnostics from DENSO AB 32 will continue Denso Sales California recently intro- In the November elections, California duced three new technical training voters roundly defeated the state’s seminars for technicians. The seminars, Proposition 23, a proposal which taught by professional trainers and not would have suspended the state’s sales people, focus on service, diagnos- sweeping global warming law (known tic and repair best practices and will be as AB32) until the unemployment rate available beginning in 2011. dropped to 5.5 percent. At the time, The eight-hour classroom-style cours- California’s unemployment rate was es, to be offered by local parts distrib- about 12 percent. Voters downed the utors and held on-site throughout the idea by an approximate 18 percent U.S. and Canada, will focus on topic- margin, 59–41. related service, diagnosis and repair Buried deep with the many pages of procedures for today’s domestic and AB32’s requirements for reducing Asian vehicles. greenhouse gasses are specific require- Each of the three seminars— “AdvancedThe Hotrod & Restoration Trade Show ments for low-GWP vehicle refriger- Electrical Systems Diagnostics,” ‘ Networkand the Petersen Automotive Museum ants and various restrictions on manu- Systems Diagnostics” and “Advancedwill award the 2011 Robert E. Petersen facture and sale of small cans of Oscilloscope Diagnostics”— will incor-Lifetime Achievement award to long- replacement refrigerant. Had the porate case studies and real-world shoptime MACS member and Vintage Air proposition passed, the state’s refriger- experience to help technicians use the labfounder Jack Chisenhall on March ant mandates would have been put on scopes and scan tools that they have avail-18th. The award will be presented dur- hold along with the larger and more able. More information is on the Technicaling the show’s opening ceremonies in visible industrial controls. Training page at Supporters of Prop 23 had argued that compliance with many of AB32’s pro- Bosch buys RTIChisenhall is credited with creating a visions to reduce industrial and trans- Expands in automotive air conditioningwhole new market sector and being a portation emissions would place an service marketfounding member of the Street Rod unfair burden on business and industry In early December, the Bosch Group’sManufacturers Association (SRMA), and result in more lost jobs as business- Automotive Aftermarket businessnow a SEMA council. He started his es left the state to avoid the costs of announced it has acquired RTIbusiness, Vintage Air, in 1976. compliance. Technologies Co., Ltd. based in York,After finding that there were very few Much of the funding for the proposi- Pennsylvania. RTI develops and dis-parts available that could be used to air tion came from large national and tributes automotive maintenancecondition hotrods and specialty vehi- international transportation, energy equipment including air conditioningcles, he worked with his brother production, and petroleum companies service, recovery and rechargeGordon and friend Milton Jones to with operations in the state. There was machines. Terms of the sale were notproduce some basic but custom air big money on both sides of the battle, disclosed but Bosch said it will retainconditioning products. and in this case the opponents raised all of RTI’s 36 employees.He took the original products to the and spent nearly three times the cash of Robert Bosch GmbH noted that “the1976 Street Rod Nationals, where they the supporters. business is uniquely positioned to pro-met great reviews from custom car Opponents of the proposition (and vide access to the technology for newowners. Chisenhall soon bought out therefore supporters of AB32) see air conditioning service machines tohis partners and expanded his business. implementation as the first step in a deliver the new refrigerant R-1234yf,Today, Vintage Air is housed in a large20 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  21. 21. which will be introduced into the market beginning in 2011 test center in Seattle to include dedicated facilities for conduct-in Europe.” ing vibration, acoustics, electromagnetic and radio frequency interference (EMI/RFI), and blower-lifecycle validation tests.International enforcement The new labs will allow Red Dots mobile HVAC engineers toNets large haul of ozone depleting substances accommodate the increasingly sophisticated performance andA joint global customs enforcement operation initiated by reliability requirements demanded by their commercial and mil-the World Customs Organization and the United Nations itary customers, including NVH (noise, vibration, and harshness)Environment Programme (UNEP) led to the confiscation of and EMI/RFI emissions.more than 7,500 cylinders of CFCs, HCFCs, and other The company said having these capabilities in-house will reduceozone depleting substances (ODS). the time and cost involved with validating Red Dot products andA number of seizures were reported from Europe, Africa and components from outside suppliers. The vibration, acoustic, andCentral Asia, but the majority took place in the Asia/Pacific blower test cells are operational now, with the EMI/RFI testregion, notably in China, Thailand, Hong Kong, and India. capabilities available starting in early 2011.Royal Thai Customs netted 1,200 cylinders of ODS, and The new facilities are part of the company’s H.G. RunningsFrench Customs successfully stopped the illegal export of 44 Technical Center, which includes a full-vehicle environmentaltons of HCFCs in two incidents. chamber, advanced thermal imaging, and a dual-chamber HVACCustoms administrations were actively supported by each system’s National Ozone Unit – the government entityresponsible for managing national compliance strategies Industry Briefsunder the Montreal Protocol. • During the Aftermarket Industry Week last November, the Car Care Council Women’s Board announced Katie Noga’s selection as the group’s 2010 “Aftermarket Woman of theRed Dot Expands Test Facilities Year.” Ms. Noga has held her current position as SKF’s man-In December, Red Dot expanded its advanced engineering and ager of communications and motorsports marketing since Red Angel A/C Stop Leak & Conditioner has the remarkable ability to repair and seal leaks in condensers, evaporators, connection hoses, gaskets & o-rings. It contains no solid or particulate matter that will clog your A/C system or harm the recovery unit. Red Angel forms a chemical weld sealing leaks in both R-12 or R-134a systems. It’s safe and easy to use and best of all — it’s a permanent seal. For more information, please call 888.863.0426 or visit us at Visit USA Sealants at Booth #109 during 2011 MACS show. Free samples and information available. Reader Reply No. 7 AC T I O N • January/February 2011 21
  22. 22. NEWS & UPDATES 1992. She is responsible for supporting the North American automotive, NAPA and heavy-duty distribu- tion/OES markets as well as overseeing the company’s media relations, sales promotions, websites and the SKF NASCAR Sprint Cup program. • In November, SPX Corp. re-affirmed its long-term commitment to China with a ground-breaking cere- mony marking the construction start of the company’s new 53-acre China manufacturing campus. The project represents a three-year, $40 million investment to sup- port the SPX’s expansion in the Asia-Pacific region, and completion of the first phase is scheduled for the end of 2011. SPX has been in China since 1994. • Maxzone Auto Parts Corp., the U.S. subsidiary of DEPO Group, recently moved and expanded its distri- bution hub in Norcross County, Georgia. The new facility is more than twice the size of the previous one. The company held a grand opening celebration and ribbon cutting ceremony on October 29, 2010. Noting that the Georgia hub is a critical transportation center, DEPO/Maxone said it will bring better service and high quality parts to local distributors. • The Car Care Council Women’s Board recently elect- ed Ruth A. Ehlinger as its new president for a three year term. Ms. Ehlinger has been a Women’s Board member since 2001 and is AAA’s manager of Auto Repair Network Programs and Services. She is active with several organizations including Junior Achievement, the American Red Cross and the American Cancer Society.A Reader Reply No. 1322 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  23. 23. Phoenix forum 2010: Emissions and measurements Reader Reply No. 113
  24. 24. ow was last year for you and what’s ahead? Depending on cles after their machine shop customers men-H what you read or hear, the answers will vary from horren- tioned that they couldn’t find anyone to repair their mining and quarry equipment on dous to spectacular. Is the stock market up or down; the site. economy expanding or contracting; is our industry healthy again or still in malaise? You can always find someone to Was your shop successful this year, and howsay yes or no, and usually with statistics to support their argument. do you measure your success? Andy Fiffick: We were successful. We An entire industry is hard to represent on a chart, andreports from the front lines are often much more valuable. So have three rock-MACS contacted members in each of our main types— solid guidelines:Service/Installers, Distributors, and Manufacturers. We asked we must fix theeach the same questions about their business, their vision for car right the first2011, and where they see opportunities for success. time, we make The responses to most questions were spirited, interest- sure our customersing and quite varied, but all agreed on one point: business are satisfied andwas up across the board, and 2009 was so bad that the suc- happy when theycessful 2010 season was a welcome relief. MACS extends our leave, and wethanks to all who took time to provide their insights. charge a fair price for our work. In Andy Fiffick Service and Installers 2010 sales were For this group we talked to three people on the front up, we have a shop comeback rate of 0.3 percent, and sever-lines of retail service: Andy Fiffick, R.C Schirmer, and Don al of those comebacks were actually a parts warranty matter,Weaver. Andy, of course is the elected Chairman and CEO not workmanship or diagnosis.of MACS, but he also operates Rad Air Complete Car Care, R.C Schirmer: It was not the worst year, but certain-an expanding chain of eight retail shops in Cleveland, Ohio. ly better than last. Our car count is up. We have a varied cus-R.C. runs Glen-Ray Rad and CDS, a specialty heating and tomer base that includes light vehicles, heavy duty and agri-cooling shop in Wassau, Wisconsin, and Don Weaver is a cultural vehicles.working technician at Rutt’s Machine in Elizabethtown, Don Weaver: This year was very good—we’re pleasedPennsylvania. Rutt’s began repairing A/C on off-road vehi- and business was up.24 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  25. 25. Opportunities for success Weaver: Most of our work is in places likes mines andWhat changes did you make from previous years to make this quarries, and many operators have their own technicians. Weyear successful? don’t even get a chance. There’s lots of potential there, but Fiffick: We went back to TV advertising and it yielded there’s a lot of competition, too.a banner sales year. We didn’t do any in 2008 or 09...It’s veryexpensive. But in our area, the economy may have begun to Where are your new opportunities for growth and success?get a bit better and we gambled on the ads. We ended up Fiffick: Opportunity comes from change, and comeswith a 7 percent increase in gross sales. with maintaining technical knowledge and productivity. A Schirmer: We didn’t have to change anything. We have large percentage of our customers’ cars are 8-12 years old,good word of mouth, and we only do minimal local adver- and we’re learning the details of those model years but wetising. We’re a specialty shop and the only one in our area. have the newer cars for routine mainte- Weaver: We continued doing what we do, but incorpo- nance, too, so we have to stay up torated many of the tricks and tips we get at the MACS date there as well.Convention and show. In general, we maintained an even Schirmer: We’re moving intokeel but we’re always trying to find new customers. clean diesel service, and have added the CDS to our shop name. The new dieselWhat held you back this year or what could you have done particulate filters will need interval ser-more of? vice and cleaning. Other places rou- Fiffick: I always like to do more advertising; we see it tinely just use high pressure air to cleanas an investment not an expense. But it requires doing a cost- them, but since we already have a kiln,benefit analysis and figuring out what works. we can bake them first and accomplish Schirmer: Nothing! We’re doing exactly what we much better cleaning. On big diesels, R.C Schirmerwant, and it’s working. some of the filters can cost more than Reader Reply No. 153 AC T I O N • January/February 2011 25
  26. 26. Opportunities for success$4,000, so service is much cheaper than replacement. We’re also continuing with our line of reproductionMopar radiators, and licensed to us by Chrysler. We do goodbusiness at Mopar meets with owners and restorers. Weaver: We have to crack that “private market” at a lotof sites and get more customers. It’s what we do; we don’teven work on over-the-road trucks unless we’re specificallyasked to by a customer.Overall, where do you see new opportunities for shops and theindustry in general? What’s the next big thing? Fiffick: Sometimes I get scared for our industry. Theaftermarket faces a lot of competition from the dealers whoare making more effort to keep their customers. But the usedcar market remains huge, and second owners are fair gamefor us. Our industry needs to be perceived as at least equalto dealerships in terms of convenience, knowledge, equip-ment, accuracy and courtesy. A happy customer will comeback to your shop. Schirmer: We want more old cars! The owners are will-ing to spend the money and the car is usually straightforwardto work on. I don’t know about the next big thing; it’s tooearly to tell. Keep up your training, stay current and watchthe industry...we may be dealing with different refrigerantsin coming years. [He did note that fewer shops are still an easy path to follow.working with R-12.] We talked to Fritz Slagle, of Aaron Air Distributors in Don Weaver was all over this one—the vehicles in his Miami Florida, a large regional distributor, and Jeff Shie,market are starting to appear with more computer controls regional sales manager for RadPro Distribution, a consor-and digital dashes. The lack of diagnostic info, even wiring tium of WDs with markets in the U.S and Canada.diagrams, drives him crazy. “We can get into some real jams,”he said. “We compete with the dealer, so where do we get Was your business successful this year, and how do you mea-the training to fix this stuff? Each manufacturer uses their sure your success?own proprietary diagnostic tool, so we need all of them to Slagle: This business is “exceptionally weird.” 2010 wasfix any of them. I’m not seeing any industry standards here. better than ’09—we’re in business 40 years next year, andWe need training!” 2009 was the hardest year in our expe- rience. We’re doing a little bit betterWhat’s your advice to somebody just starting out in this busi- and just happy to still be in business. Weness? must be doing something right, because Fiffick: Hire the best technicians you can find and don’t a lot of others have left. I think thosebe afraid to pay them. Advertise like hell and know your that left simply didn’t plan ahead andcompetition. prepare for poorer times.” Schirmer: Be conscientious and keep your nose to the Shie: It was a recovery year forgrindstone, but also keep an open mind because this business most, and certainly better than the pre-always changes. Always learn the basics of heat exchange. Be vious years. The summer heat gave us awilling to invest in good tools and quality parts; you’ll always welcome boost. I look at our sales, ourget your investment back quickly. gross profits and the number of invoic- Fritz Slagle Weaver: “If he’s close by, nothing!” he said with a laugh. es written.“But otherwise, learn everything you can and learn fromothers. I’ll help anybody if he’s not a competitor, and a lot of What changes did you make from previous years to make thispeople have helped me.” year successful? Slagle: We’re listening to our customers more, and reacting to their needs instead of our business needs. Distributors We’re changing with the times and paying attention to Members in this category get squeezed from both sides; the quality of our parts as well as tightening the belt; everythey have to deal with suppliers and manufacturers caught by penny counts and the small stuff adds up. We saved somea tight economy and still provide affordable and reliable money simply by reducing the size of our trash dumpster.components to their downstream customers. It’s not always Shie: We understood where we needed to be. We did26 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  27. 27. DYING TO FIND A/C LEAKS? The new Nano 5™ UV light finds leaks others miss. Nano 5 High Output UV LED LightWe found many shops use poor quality dyes withineffective blue lights. That’s when we challenged our PN: 413025Engineers to create the ultimate leak detection solution –the Nano 5. Competitor’s “Best” UV Light UView’s NEW Nano 5 UV Light Leading Competitor’s Dye UView Dye Leading Competitor’s Dye UView Dye *ACTUAL PHOTO *ACTUAL PHOTOWe compared the Nano 5 UV light against a leading competitors “Best” UV light using two popular A/C dyes.The Nano 5 fluoresces the dyes brighter, plus the UView dye is virtually impossible to miss.FEATURES: Compact design Adjustable focus Rechargeable lithium-ion battery High Output UV LED Durable aluminum construction Which light do you want in your toolbox? Optimized UV wavelength fluoresces dyes brighter than blue LED lights Reader Reply No. 39
  28. 28. Reader Reply No. 55
  29. 29. Opportunities for successsome “in your face” marketing through both our outside tunities. Banning consumer purchase of refrigerants in smallsales force and our direct marketing program. cans will help too. Shie: There are opportunities, and we’ll react to indus-What held you back this year or what could you have done try demand. Providing what the industry needs is standardmore of? business practice. We don’t know enough yet about what Slagle: We can’t stock as much inventory as we’d like, hybrids or electric vehicles will need in the futureand we can’t predict what will move. But we can’t be stuckwith what doesn’t move. What’s your advice to somebody just starting out in this busi- Shie: We do have to be fiscally responsible; if there was ness?anything else we could have done, we would have done it! Slagle: Buy your parts right, and hire or train knowl-But everybody had inventory problems this year – previous edgeable employees. Always have a back-up plan and putyears were so soft that when it took off, nobody could keep money in the bank. You can’t run a business on a shoestringup. any more. Shie: Keep your nose to the grindstone—those boxesWhere are your new opportunities for growth and success? won’t sell themselves. You need a strong industry sales force Slagle: The Internet is astounding, and a customer can and a direct marketing program. There’s a lot of competitionfind anything there at almost any price. It’s blurring the tra- out there!ditional distribution lines, and we have to fight to keep ourcustomers. We have a website and we’re improving it. We also still stock and sell stand-alone, add on A/C Manufacturersunits to be fitted into cars without A/C. Many of our cus- We spoke with Peter Coll, Refrigerant Analysis Divisiontomers tell us they plan to ship the unit to Cuba for instal- Product Mgr, for Neutronics, Inc., the maker of refrigerantlation on their fleet of older cars. I’m not sure how the kits identifiers; David Jack, Manager, Aftermarket Planning forget there, but if trade with Cuba ever opens up, adding A/C Denso Sales California, a company with a large industryto those cars could be a big market. footprint for both its thermal and electrictronic products; Shie: We’re looking into more offerings and expanding and we received a prepared statement from Frank Ordoñez,our parts lines as well as developing new markets. president of Delphi Product & Service Solutions.Overall, where do you see new opportunities for the industry Was your business successful this year, and how do you mea-in general? What’s the next big thing? sure your success? Slagle: I’m hoping the next big thing is the new refrig- Coll: This year we met all ourerant. It will create new tools, machines and training oppor- goals, and business was up across all the company divisions. We judge our suc- cess by product volume and how well our distribution system expands. Jack: We exceeded both our dollar and units goals in our Thermal Products line. We modified many of our product offerings and introduced new ones. Ordoñez: Our rich OE heritage plays a critical role in our success in two Peter Coll key areas: providing quality parts with high standards, and providing techni- cians with diagnostic tools and training. What changes did you make from previous years to make this year successful? Coll: Many factors affected our year and some of them were outside our company. First, the general economy improved – particularly as the auto industry stabilized – and the freefall of a couple years ago seems to be stopping. That helped, but additionally, we expanded our focus on new world markets and used favorable exchange rates to allow our customers to buy at very good prices. Jack: We took a major step this year; we converted our compressor line from remanufactured to new product across about 95 percent of the line.30 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  30. 30. Reader Reply No. 150
  31. 31. Opportunities for success Jack: We will be acquiring new customers and offering more products. We are going to enhance our offerings and expand our aftermarket line to include more OEM items. Ordoñez: We are focused on expanding our product coverage, but every Delphi part must adhere to the compa- ny’s global technical standards for performance, noise and durability. Overall, where do you see new opportunities for the industry in general? What’s the next big thing? Coll: For the next few years, the big industry opportu- nities will be in all phases of the HFO–1234yf. It’s all new and we’ll have to gear up for it. Also, I think the next gen- eration of hybrids and all-electrics will present some oppor- tunities in terms of new or clever cooling systems, perhaps for batteries or drivelines and other newer HVAC technolo- gies. The present generation is again pretty well developed, but there’s a lot of new technology coming out. Jack: The new refrigerant will have a huge impact across the industry. It will be the biggest hurdle, too. Ordoñez: We have the benefit of foresight into OE technologies for 2015 models being worked on today. I have talked to the industry for several years about the Vehicle Electronics Revolution. This year I said it is now the Vehicle Electronics Reality.What held you back this year or what could you have done We believe training, education and awareness are threemore of? key elements to keeping up with the vehicle electronics real- Coll: Our division handles both stationary and mobile ity. Training is never ending. There will always be an ongo-HVAC markets, and some of our product development was ing influx of vehicles with new technologies entering theslower than we planned. This was partially due to the eco- aftermarket.nomic climate of previous years, and it was probably theright decision at the time, but the Any high-level advice to the industry at large, or somebodyreduced R&D meant slower develop- just starting out?ment. Coll: Don’t focus on a single refrigerant; the environ- Jack: We could have sold more if mental protection movement is big now and will get biggerwe had more inventory. We made sales and it will continue to affect our industry. Take a global view,predictions based on the previous year and view the concept of refrigerants — and their effects—as(which wasn’t the best), and ordered a whole.based on that. But the combination of Jack: Don’t just buy on price—provide quality productsa hot summer and the appearance of a customers can rely on. Stay current on developing technol-lot of delayed repairs was more than ogy and take advantage of the training many quality suppli-we expected. ers now make available. Treat your cus- David Jack tomers like family.Where are your new opportunities for Ordoñez: Quality parts. We believegrowth and success? it is our responsibility to apply our OE Coll: Our primary opportunity will be the release of engineering standards to all parts weHFO-1234yf, whenever and wherever it appears in the bring to the aftermarket. As an industry,world. Right now, nobody is sure who will be first on the if we don’t take this responsibility seri-street with it, and we’re not certain what the various over- ously, we can over time drive the con-sight groups will require. The R-134a market is fairly mature sumer away. Suppliers must make sureand stable, but the new refrigerant will bring new opportu- proper basic steps are being followed tonities for all the tool and equipment manufacturers. make sure the parts we put in the vehi- cle are of the proper chemistry— Frank Ordoñez We’ll also continue to expand our international market,but that will be limited somewhat by our resources. We only whether it be steel, aluminum, or plastichave so many people to put to the task. with the strength required to withstand a harsh vehicle envi- ronment. A32 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  32. 32. Reader Reply No. 33
  33. 33. Ford goes orange We mentioned this briefly in the last issue but thought the topic can be called by that name, and many chemical companies produce awas worth a longer look. qualifying product. Moreover, Ford acknowledges this right in their Ford refers to their recommended product as E-OAT, with the E Motorcraft parts catalog and other materials, noting:representing the fact that the product is already in use in Europe. TheOAT designates the familiar term "organic acid technology" and refers “Meets the requirements of WSS-M97B44-D, GM 6277M andto a product generally free of silicates, nitrates and borates in the chem- ASTM D 3306. Compatible with DEX-COOL® engine coolants.”istry. The industry in general, and GM in particular began to move to anew chemistry several years ago. But also, Ford is concerned that this specialty orange coolant not OAT coolants pose a good news-bad news situation for a manu- be used elsewhere.That 2-EHA additive is also a plasticizer – meaningfacturer. They can provide better lubrication and longer service life, but, its capable of making things soft or pliable.Thats not a good idea where gas-being an acid, they can also attack seals and gaskets not made to with- kets and seals are concerned, so the new Ford orange is being phased-in afterstand them. Thats why mixing coolants types (colors) isnt recom- each engine family has been revisited and updated to accommodate themended on most cars; you may introduce a problem into a system that fluid.cant handle it. Theres another effect to consider – the 2-EHA acts as a cleanser on The MSDS for Fords Motorcraft coolant reveals that it is mostly the internal metal of the system. No problem there, a clean system is a happyethylene glycol, with 2-5% 2-EHA (you may see that on the jugs label) system. But if the coolant level drops and air replaces the coolant in thoseadded. The extra chemical is a salt form of the organic compound 2- passages, the shiny clean surfaces begin to rust almost instantly.When (or if)ethylhexanoic acid and youll find almost that exact mixture in a Dex- the correct coolant level is restored, the rust gets washed off and generates aCool product, give or take a few minor variations. brown sludge in the system. Seen that before? So has Ford gone all GM-ish on us? Mostly not, because most peo- Dont mix coolants by type or color, particularly (now) on Fordple forget that “Dex-Cool” is actually a specification, not a distinct prod- engines. Use what the car was designed for, and if youre not sure look it up.uct. Any product produced for GM and meeting the performance spec34 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  35. 35. by Marion Posen, Vice President Sales and Marketing he Mobile Air Conditioning Industry Pioneer Award was one of his primary products.T originally established by IMACA –the International Mobile Dave joined Parker Hannifin in January, Air Conditioning Association – in 1988. In 2003, MACS 1979 and automotive mobile air condition- Worldwide assumed the role of continuing the tradition of ing markets became his primary job focus. In his 32 years at Parker he has held the titles recognizing individuals who have made outstanding career aftermarket sales manager, business unit man-contributions to the mobile A/C and heat transfer industry. ager, and he is currently the Global On Friday, January 28, 2011 the Mobile Air Automotive Business development manager.Conditioning Industry Pioneer Award will be presented to Dave has been involved with all channels of our indus-the following four individuals at the MACS Worldwide try from shop owners to the largest OEMs both here andDelphi Keynote Luncheon during the MACS 31st annual abroad. Some of his key accom-Convention and Trade Show. plishments include leading the development and promotion of the universal accumulator in the Dave Rudyk 70’s, a combination of aluminum Dave Rudyk has been a manufacturer member of the can and several tubes to coverMobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide since many part numbers and reduce1984. He is a native of Cleveland, Ohio and is a 1971 grad- aftermarket inventory. Dave wasuate of Miami University in Oxford, Ohio. After college, instrumental in the initial offer-Dave worked for Goodyear selling air conditioning hose as ing of a composite air condi- tioning hose that combined the low permeation levels of nylon with better moisture ingression properties of blended rubber compound. He also worked on the successful acquisition of the Uniroyal air conditioning hose business and Eaton’s expan- sion valve product lines.36 AC T I O N • January/February 2011
  36. 36. Reader Reply No. 10