2008 Editorial Calendar                                         Deadline Dates                                     MACS   ...
ACTION Distribution                                                                      98%                          Due ...
Ad Sizing RequirementsStandard Ad Sizes                      Width (inches)             Depth (inches)    Publication Trim...
2007 Advertising Rates                                              Black and White                            1X         ...
MACS ACTION Contact Information                Editorial                               Advertising Sales                  ...
Guidelines for Materials                    NOTE: All of the following MUST be strictly followed when submitting ads.Bleed...
MACS Worldwide    ounded in 1981, the Mobile Air               countries around the world, and is affiliated     education...
2008 Mediakit Action
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2008 Mediakit Action


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ACtion Press Kit 2008

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2008 Mediakit Action

  1. 1. 2008 Editorial Calendar Deadline Dates MACS Publishes Seven Issues Annually Issue Insertion Order Ad Deadline Deadline January/February 11/26/07 12/3/07 Education and Training March/April 1/25/08 2/4/08 2008 Convention and Trade Show Review May 3/24/08 4/1/08 Refrigerants June 4/28/08 5/1/08 Electronics, Diagnostics and Testing July/August 5/26/08 6/1/08 Heavy Duty and Off Road September/October 7/28/08 8/1/08 Engine Cooling and Heat Exchange November/December 9/22/08 10/1/08 Essential Tools /Product Showcase/ Convention Preview Per issue distribution 13,000 Seven issue total distribution 79,0002 AC T I O N • 2008 Editorial Calendar
  2. 2. ACTION Distribution 98% Due to MACS membership and our role as 87% a Section 609 certification provider, MACS has a large and valuable database of well 60% over 100,000 qualified mobile air condition- 54% ing and engine cooling system profession- als. To leverage that valuable resource, 50% MACS rotates its ACTION magazine mailing database to provide 11,000 new readers for 13,000 total distribution each issue. I 98% Male Each issue of MACS ACTION magazine is I 87% List Their Position as “Owner” or “Manager” mailed to 13,000 readers. This is more I 60% List Their Business as an Independent Repair Shop than any other mobile air conditioning and I 54% List at Least 40% of Their Business as Mobile A/C Repair engine cooling industry publication. I 50% Employ at Least 3 Technicians MACS ACTION sends 2000 copies consis- *All data compiled from 2006 ACtion Advertiser Reader Responses tently to MACS members and subscribers and then rotates through our database to send 11,000 copies to different readers with each issue resulting in an annual dis- tribution of 79,000 qualified A/C profession- als. A seven-issue buy in ACTION offers you a huge competitive advantage over any other mobile A/C and heat transfer publica- tion. FEATURES DEPARTMENTSACTION magazine is much more than a trade association news mag- editorial includes regular departments:azine for the Mobile Air Conditioning Society (MACS) Worldwide.ACTION is the journal of record for the professional in the growing Member Shop Profile Around the Industryglobal mobile A/C industry and changing heat transfer and enginecooling system marketplace. Association News ClassifiedThe winner of twenty-three editorial awards for excellence, and an People on the Move New Products &ASBPE design award, ACTION has access to the design, service and Servicesrepair experts in automotive, heavy-duty, off-road, and bus mobile Legislative &A/C, heat transfer and engine cooling industries. Regulatory Safety Check SHIP AD MATERIALS TO: On the Cover: “My Point is....” by Will Enns.Will is a self-taught watercolorist MACS Worldwide who creates illustrations, theme art, portraiture, cartoons and sketches. His accurate eye, wry wit and masterful command of light can charge Attn: Laina Casey his work with realism, humor or touching emotion. His artistic view is unusual, too: “I dont want to be taken seriously. 225 South Broad Street, The art world is too constipated already.” Will claims to only know enough about cars to break them, and Lansdale, PA 19446 once made a poorly-running car stop working altogether. He and his wife Dolly live in Summerland, British Columbia.Will’s art was (215) 631-7020 x 302 chosen for the cover of ACTION’s January, 2007 Convention issue. To see more of Wills work, visit www.willenns.com. AC T I O N • 2008 Editorial Calendar 3
  3. 3. Ad Sizing RequirementsStandard Ad Sizes Width (inches) Depth (inches) Publication Trim Size 8-3/8 10-7/8 Full Page (live area) 7-7/8 10-3/8 Full Page Bleed 8-5/8 11-1/8 2/3 Page Vertical 4-3/8 9-7/8 1/2 Page Island 4-7/8 7-3/8 1/2 Page Horizontal 7-3/8 4-7/8 Full Page: 1/2 Page Vertical 3-5/8 9-7/8 7-7/8” x 10-3/8” 1/3 Page Vertical 2-1/2 9-7/8 Trim Size: 1/3 Page Square 4-7/8 4-7/8 8-3/8” x 10-7/8” 1/4 Page 3-1/2 4-7/8 Full Page 1/6 Page Vertical 2-3/8 4-7/8 with Bleed: 8-5/8” x 11-1/8” 1/6 Page Horizontal 4-7/8 2-3/8 1/12 Page Square 2-3/8 2-3/8Two Page Spread Width (inches) Depth (inches) Trim Size 16-3/4 10-7/8 Two Page Spread Trim Size: 16-3/4” X 10-7/8” Bleed Size 17 11-1/8 Bleed Size: 17” X 11-1/8” Live Area 16-1/4 10-3/8 Live Area: 16-1/4” X 10-3/8”Bleed: Conversion Chart:If your ad includes a bleed, please Inches Decimalsallow at least a 1/8 inch bleed on all 1/8 .125sides intended to bleed off the edge 3/8 .375 2/3 Page 1/2 Pageof the page. 5/8 .625 Vertical Vertical 4-3/8” 3-5/8” 7/8 .875 x xLive Matter: 1/2 .5 9-7/8” 9-7/8”Please keep all live matter at least 1/4 .251/4 inch away from the trim. 3/4 .75 1/2 Page Island 1/2 Page 4-7/8” Horizontal x 7-3/8” x 4-7/8” 7-3/8” 1/12 Page 1/3 Page Square Vertical 2-3/8” x 2-3/8” 2-1/2” x 9-7/8” 1/6 Horizontal 4-7/8” x 2-3/8” 1/6V 1/4 Page 1/3 Page 2-3/8” 3-1/2” Square x x 4-7/8” x 4-7/8” 4-7/8” 4-7/8”4 AC T I O N • 2008 Editorial Calendar
  4. 4. 2007 Advertising Rates Black and White 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X2 page spread $3,255 $3,178 $3,086 $2,995 $2,944 $2,893 $2,865Full Page $1,480 $1,435 $1,398 $1,361 $1,333 $1,317 $1,3022/3 Vertical Page $989 $948 $927 $906 $889 $879 $8701/2 Page $817 $785 $769 $752 $742 $732 $7161/3 Page Square $536 $526 $511 $491 $487 $482 $4721/4 Page $407 $398 $384 $374 $366 $359 $3551/6 Page $272 $267 $251 $245 $241 $239 $2361/12 Page Square $135 $131 $128 $123 $121 $118 $116 Color 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X2 page spread $4,224 $4,173 $4,122 $3,964 $3,912 $3,861 $3,834Full Page $2,448 $2,396 $2,391 $2,330 $2,299 $2,289 $2,2702/3 Vertical Page $1,958 $1,927 $1,896 $1,875 $1,864 $1,845 $1,8391/2 Page $1,786 $1,753 $1,732 $1,721 $1,709 $1,697 $1,6851/3 Page Square $1,505 $1,484 $1,474 $1,460 $1,453 $1,445 $1,4401/4 Page $1,376 $1,368 $1,358 $1,343 $1,333 $1,327 $1,3231/6 Page $1,240 $1,229 $1,218 $1,214 $1,212 $1,210 $1,2071/12 Page Square $1,104 $1,102 $1,097 $1,091 $1,089 $1,087 $1,084 Single insertion into January 2007 MACS Convention issue: add 25% to published ratesPreferred Positions:*2nd Cover-Page 4-color rate plus 15%3rd Cover-Page 4-color rate plus15%4th Cover-Page 4-color rate plus 15%*Covers to contract advertisers only. Must be 4-color process (CMYK) Can not be canceled. Spot Color 1X 2X 3X 4X 5X 6X 7X2 page spread $3,740 $3,676 $3,604 $3,479 $3,428 $3,366 $3,349Full Page $1,964 $1,916 $1,894 $1,845 $1,815 $1,803 $1,7862/3 Vertical Page $1,473 $1,437 $1,411 $1,390 $1,377 $1,362 $1,3541/2 Page $1,301 $1,269 $1,251 $1,235 $1,225 $1,215 $1,2001/3 Page Square $1,020 $1,005 $992 $975 $970 $964 $9551/4 Page $891 $883 $871 $858 $849 $843 $8381/6 Page $755 $747 $734 $729 $726 $723 $716 AC T I O N • 2008 Editorial Calendar 5
  5. 5. MACS ACTION Contact Information Editorial Advertising Sales Production Jim Taylor Marion J. Posen Laina Casey Editor VP Sales and Marketing Design and Graphics Mgr. 225 S. Broad St. 225 S. Broad St. 225 S. Broad St. Lansdale, PA 19446 Lansdale, PA 19446 Lansdale, PA 19446 jt@macsw.org marion@macsw.org mcasey@macsw.org (215) 631-7020 x 315 (215) 631-7020 x 304 (215) 631-7020 x 302 Creative Advertising in ACTIONMACS offers additional Outside the Page The cost to glue in the CD and distribute it ACTION Reader Responseadvertising opportunities for visibility in through ACTION magazine is $3200 gross for When you advertise in ACTION , readerACTION an insertion ready CD. If necessary, MACS response information will be e-mailed directly can aid in the CD production process. The to you from interested readers. Visit MACS’ACTION Poster Option production cost will depend on the materials homepage at www.macsw.org to try out theHave MACS or your creative team create an incorporated into the disc and number of discs automated electronic reader response sys-engine cooling or mobile A/C component or created. tem. The reader reply card can be sponsored;product poster to be inserted into the maga- the cost is $2500 gross and must be a seven-zine for use in repair shops and to educate ACTION Postcard Reader Reply issue commitment.technicians and consumers. Do you want to build your customer lead data- base? Consider a tear-out postcard with read- MACS Direct MailThe poster measures 17” x 22” (larger sizes er reply information to request a catalog or Several member companies look to MACS toavailable). When the poster is folded down to enter a contest. The postcard should be deliv- run a managed mail campaign to distribute81/2”x11” it creates space for four full page ered to MACS production and postage ready. catalogs and product information. Determinecolor ads. Cost $10,000 gross for exclusive The cost to distribute the postcard through the the number of recipients of your collateralsponsorship, plus printing. magazine is $900 gross. material and MACS will work with a fulfillment house to mail the material using the MACSAdditional posters can be printed in quantities ACTION Product Insert database. MACS has over 80,000 qualifiedfor sales reps to distribute to customers for a An 11” x 17” two-sided insert of product-spe- technician leads worldwide. The weight of thequantity-based fee. cific photos can give customers an instanta- material determines the postage and fulfill- neous snapshot of your product line and part ment cost.ACTION CD Tip-in numbers. MACS’ printer can print the insertConsider putting your entire product catalog and attach it into the magazine. The grosson a CD and gluing it into ACTION magazine. cost is $5500.6 AC T I O N • 2008 Editorial Calendar
  6. 6. Guidelines for Materials NOTE: All of the following MUST be strictly followed when submitting ads.Bleeds • QuarkXpress 6.5 • Zip 100Bleed size is 8-5/8 by 11-1/8 inches (8 3/8” x • Illustrator 11 EPS • 3-1/2-inch floppy disk10 7/8” plus 1/8” bleed all four sides). For ads • Photoshop 8, layers flattened, • E-mail (to mcasey@macsw.org)which bleed, keep live matter 3/8-inch from 300 dpi or higher at • Files may also be uploaded totop, bottom and both sides of trim edge. For 100% for digital images. the ACTION FTP site upon request.ads not intended to bleed, allow 1/4 inch safe- Save all files as CMYK. Convert all RGB or Call for details. (215) 631-7029ty margin on all sides for live matter. Pantone® colors to CMYK. Include all fonts used, both printer and screen fonts, Adobe Film Type 1. No TrueType fonts. ACTION is printed direct-to-plate. ConversionColorAll logos, scans and other color elements of mechanicals or other work will be billed.must be CMYK (process) for 4-color output. Call the MACS office for details and pricing. Please IncludePrinting • All linked filesPaper stock: 50# gloss text. • Matchprint proof (color) or laserBinding: Saddle-stitched. proof (for black and white ads)Proofing: A complete proof must be furnished • A print-out of the disc contentsfor all ads. In addition, one complete set of • A signed insertion ordercolor calibrated proofs or color match prints • Contact name in case ofmust be furnished with 4-color material. The missing elements or corrupt files.publisher assumes no liability on color repro- Application Guidelines:duction if color calibrated proofs are not fur- The following formats cannot be accepted:nished with supplied material. Microsoft Publisher, Web graphics, Corel Draw, Word, GIF, Compuserve, BMP,Ad Makeup and Alterations Layered Photoshop PSD or AOL.Art.We want to help make your ad look its best.ACTION can create custom ads with 30 daysnotice in advance of the Ad Materials dead-line. Contact us for estimated prep costs.Necessary ad alterations will be charged.Electronic Media CompressionUse only .ZIP compression for PC files and.SIT (Stuffitt) compression for Macintosh files.File TypesMac files preferred.We will accept only the following formats: Adobe .PDF files Ads supplied as .PDFs cannot be guaranteed to be reproduced in high quality. If you must sub- mit a full page ad in .PDF format, please contact the MACS office for a ACTION-specific Distiller Job Option file. Press Optimized or PDF-X file format or higher is required. Please include 1/8” bleed in file if used. Media All files should be submitted on one of the fol- lowing media: • DVD-ROM • CD-ROM AC T I O N • 2008 Editorial Calendar 7
  7. 7. MACS Worldwide ounded in 1981, the Mobile Air countries around the world, and is affiliated educational materials, leader-led trainingF Conditioning Society (MACS) is the leading non-profit trade association forthe mobile air conditioning, heating and with the Vehicle Air Conditioning Specialists of Australia (VASA). MACS also provides information and services to more than clinics, advocacy and other member services. Since 1991, MACS has assisted more than 600,000 technicians to complyengine cooling system segment of the 60,000 industry shops, suppliers and with 1990 Clean Air Act requirements forautomotive aftermarket. MACS represents technicians. The Society serves the industry certification in refrigerant recovery and1600 members in North America and 47 through informational tools, self-paced recycling to protect the environment.Return of Materials to the contrary on any order, the advertiser and subject matter of the ad or insertion. TheAdvertising materials will be returned only and the agency are jointly and separately publisher shall not be responsible for anyupon request. Inactive materials left in the responsible for payment of the advertising claims made in or by advertisements. Thepublisher’s possession will be discarded 12 space that is ordered. Credit shall be advertiser/agency is responsible for all admonths from date of first issue. The extended at the discretion of the publisher. material and publisher shall have no liabilitypublisher will exercise reasonable The publisher reserves the right to require for any wrong material supplied, errors,precautions to protect all submitted material prepayment. Credit terms are net thirty days additions, omissions or defects to an ad whenbut will not be liable for loss or damage. from the invoice date, with interest accruing it is supplied as camera ready. The publisher thereafter at the rate of 1.5% per month. also reserves the right to decline anAgency Commission Interest is non-commissionable. If legal action advertisement and to reject any revisions to15% of gross billing to agencies on space, is brought for recovery of any sum due the an ad received after the publisher’s deadline.color and position provided the account is publisher, it shall be entitled to all costs Publisher shall not be responsible for anypaid in full within 30 days of invoice date. incurred in connection with such action, errors made in changes if approval of the including a reasonable attorney’s fee. change cannot be obtained for any reason.Earned Rates & Short Rates Exclusive jurisdiction and venue shall be in The publisher reserves the right to mark asAn earned rate will be determined by the the federal and state courts of the “advertisement” any advertisement simulatingspace used within a twelve month period Commonwealth of Pennsylvania for any an editorial. By placing an ad, the advertiserbased on number of insertions, counting action relating to a claim arising out of or in agrees to defend, indemnify and holdeach individual advertisement and each connection with an order or ad. harmless the publisher from any liabilitypage or fractional page of multiple resulting from or relating to the advertisement,advertisements or inserts as one insertion. Rate Changes including reasonable attorney’s fees andWhile the size of the ad may vary, an The publisher will make every effort to notify litigation costs. Cancellations will not beinsertion order must be issued in advance in advertisers of rate changes. However, the accepted after the publisher’s closing date(s).order to receive frequency rates. On publisher reserves the right to change rates Publisher shall not be liable for any failure toconsecutive contracts for insertions, the and terms at any time without notice. print, publish, or circulate, all or any portion ofprevious ad will be repeated in time for any issue, in which an advertisementpublication unless advertiser notifies ACTION Simulated Editorial Advertising accepted by publisher is contained, if suchof new materials. Such orders cannot be Advertising appearing similar to ACTION’s failure is due to acts of God, strikes,canceled. Advertisers will be short-rated if editorial content must prominently carry the accidents, or other circumstances.contracted frequency rate is not met within a word “Advertisement” at the top. All company names, products and producttwelve month period. In that event, the names, emblems, logos, images, trademarks,advertiser/agency will be billed the Reprints service marks and trade dress appearing indifference of the contracted rate and the rate Reprints can be printed for use as promotional this publication are the property of theiractually completed. and/or informational hand-outs. Please contact respective owners and are protected under the publisher for rates at (215) 631-7029. federal laws of the United States andPayment Terms Contract Conditions international agreements. Unauthorized use isAll payments must be made in currency of the Advertiser/Agency represents to ACTION that it prohibited. The ACtion logo and MACS globeUnited States. Notwithstanding any statement is authorized to publish the entire contents emblem are property of MACS Worldwide. ©copyright MACS Worldwide 2007