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Montreal3 15 2011


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Montreal3 15 2011

  1. 1. MACS Worldwide’s Compressor Replacement Procedures MACS invites you to a low-cost, high-value local training clinic in Mobile Air Conditioning Montreal (Boucherville) Society Worldwide P.O. Box 88 Technical Training with NO SALES PITCHES Lansdale, PA 19446 from the Leader in A/C & Cooling System Information Only $65.00 (usd) per Person, $45.00 (usd) for MACS Members Wednesday, May 18, 2011 4:00 PM Optional Spectra Premium Plant Tour 5:30 - 6:00 PM: CHECK-IN —Refreshments 6:00 - 8:00 PM: MACS Compressor Replacement Procedures$5 off each subsequent registration from the same shop!Compressor Replacement Procedures To Avoid Comebacks.Attend this information-packed, fast-paced session to find out what you should (and shouldn’t) be Information You Need To Know . . .doing when bolting on a replacement compressor. Following the procedures covered in this class willhelp reduce or eliminate comebacks, increase customer satisfaction, and may help satisfy compressor Compressor Replacement Compressor Replacementsuppliers’ warranty requirements. Procedures Procedures ❑ Sign me up for the complimentary plant tour of Spectra Premium Clinic to Be Held At: can use right away! MACS Invites You To A Low-Cost, Highly Informative Local Auto A/C Please register by May 13, 2011. On-site registration will be $75.00. Seminar subject to cancellation if pre-registrations indicate possible low attendance. Spectra Premium Training Clinic in Please call MACS on day of seminar to be sure it is still scheduled. 1421 Ampere Street *NO REFUNDS AFTER May 17, 2011 Montreal (Boucherville) Boucherville,Company/Shop Phone Quebec, J4B 5Z5Address FaxCity State/Province Zip/Postal Code WednesdayEmail May 18th✔ Please mark appropriate boxes: ❑ Member MACS ❑ NonMember To Register for theName: $45.00 / $65.00* $ Montreal Clinic…Name: $40.00 / $60.00* $ Register at Fax: (215) 631-7017 orName: $40.00 / $60.00* $ Phone: (215) 631-7020 x0Name: $40.00 / $60.00* $ Or send a check or money (Funds - US Dollars) order with this form to:✔ Check One: ❑ Visa ❑ Mastercard MACS Worldwide ❑ American Express ❑ Discover Total $ P.O. Box 88 Lansdale, PA 19446Card Number Expires Contributions or gifts to MACS are not deductibleSignature Date Security Code as charitable contributions for federal income tax • $75 On-site registration payable by CHECK ONLY. purposes. Dues payments and registration fees may be deductible as an ordinary and necessary Please Make Checks Payable to MACS Worldwide •* Non-members who join MACS within 30 days of the clinic will have the difference between member and non-member business expense or for education. Check withregistration fees credited toward their first year’s dues. your tax advisor.Brought to you by:Mobile Air Conditioning Society Worldwide