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North america


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North america

  1. 1.  1. Title 3. Limits 4. Countries 5. Canada 6. United States 7. Mexico 8. North America 9. Climate 10. Fauna 11. Fauna 12. Fauna 13. Flora 14. Flora 15. Vegetation 16. Agriculture 17. Majority Agriculture 18. Fishing 19. Fishing 20. Ranching 21. Economy 22. Tourism 23. Tourism
  2. 2. North America is a subcontinentthat is part of AmericaLimits the north by Artic Ocean east by Atlantic Ocean southeast by the Caribbean Sea South and weast by the Pacific Ocean It is connected to South America bythe narrow land bridge whichrepresents Central America.
  3. 3. Area: 9.984.670 km²Population: 33.311.389 RoomCapital: OttawaLenguage: English and FrenchCurrency: Canadian dollarStates:
  4. 4. Area: 9.372.614 km²Population: 304.059.725 RoomCapital: WashingtonLenguage: EnglishCurrency: United States DollarStates:
  5. 5. Area: 1.958.201 km²Population: 106.700.000 RoomCapital: Mexico CityLanguage: SpanishCurrency: Mexican PesoStates:
  6. 6. AREA21.315.485 Km²4,8 % total area of planet16,5 % of the land areaCURRENCIESUnited States dollarCanadian dollarMexican pesoPOPULATIONis estimated at over 480million residentsLANGUAGESEnglishFrenchSpanishGreenlandic
  7. 7. • North America hasmots of the world’sclimates.• Mostly the weatheris warmwet andrainy
  8. 8. The faunaof NorthAmerica isrich in largeand smallmammals, birds andreptiles
  9. 9. CAYMANGUACAMAYOPIRANHA BEARANTHILLTAPIRHabitats and nativespecies have been greatlyreduced due to the human
  11. 11. • In the Rocky Mountains theforest of TAIGA of BOREALFORESTS predominateformed basically byconiferous, like: picearsfirspiceas firstsugas larchesThe TROPICAL FORESTS ofmexico are characterized by itsgreat variety of species: Tropicals :huayacan, mahogany andcedar Coniferas: firs, white cedarand oyamel Forests mixed: ash-tree, walnut and oakhuayacanmahogany
  12. 12. BIGGEST tree of the world SMALLEST tree of the worldIn California, the SECUOYA of redwood and the giant secuoya they reachan enormous size, 112m of heightDwarf WILLOW: It is theshortest tree of theworld, whith 1-6cm of height
  13. 13. VEGETATION• Desert or Subdesert Bushes and steppe• Meadow and steppe• Forest and Mediterranean bushes• Subtropical forest everlasting leaf• Modarate forest leaf expires• Moderate mixed forest tropical• Forest of leaf expires and semi expired• Equatorial forest• Boreal forest of coniferous• Tundra and vegetation of high mountain
  14. 14. In the three countries ofnorth america there areall kinds of agriculturaland industrial products.Its terrirory allows allthe tipes of cropsRaw materials ofoptimum quality areobtained
  15. 15. •Maize•Soy•Wheat•Alfalfa•Cotton•Hay•Tobacco•Rice•Sorghum•Barley•
  16. 16. • Canada , theunited states andmexico possesswaters both inthe pacific oceanand in the atlanicocean ,thus thediversty ofspecies ofcommercialinterest is highEurope 8,9%NorthAmerica andCentralAmerica 4,5%Afica 1,0%SouthAmerica0,6%Oceania 0,2%Fish distribution by continents covered
  17. 17. The united states has a fleet withthe main advances in thetechnology, that they go from thechambers of refrigeration and theradar (of great usefulness to locatethe schools of fish, up to thesystems of electrical fishing andpelagic draggingIn the rich shorcs of mexico thereisn´t a fishing industry with a manyadvaces however you obtain importantquantities of products from thesea, among stand out:tuna,shrimps,tent,smooth, mere, typeof brean, oyster, sardine, saw ,sharkand dogfish.The fishing industry ofcanada was destined forthe exportation. The mainespecies were:cod, herring, salmon, plaice, lobster, pilgrim’sscallop, crab and sea bass
  18. 18. BeefCalfPigsPultryMeat ofsheepGame meatPRINCIPAL CATTLE INDUSTRIES OF NORTH AMERICA(Percentage of the world production)
  19. 19. USA is the mostdevolped country of thiscontinet and of the world.Its is economy is orientedin industrial production.CANADA isfinancial system isorientated to high standarsof life.It possesses big warehousesof natural gas.MÉXICO is the second major economyin the subcontinent.It is a country recently industrialized withintensive industrial development. Mexico is oneof the major producers of oil in the world.
  20. 20. USALas Vegas (Nevada)San Francisco (California)Orlando (Florida)AlaskaNew YorkHawaiiStatue of LibertyLos AngelesNew Orleans (California)Grand Canyon of ColoradoNiagara FallsCANADAThe Rocky Mountains (Alberta)The Stampede (I make a detour inCalgary).The Calgary Stampede (country enAlberta)Niagara FallsFundy’s BayThe Spotted LakeNorthern lights (northern lights)MÉXICOIt occupies the eighth place worldwide ofinternationalSun and Beach Tourism: Beaches Cancun, Beachof Carmen, The Ends, Acapulco.Archaelogical tourism
  21. 21. Niagara FallsCaribbean BeachPolar LightsNorthern lights BrooklynBridge Empire State BuildingStatue of Liberty Spotted Lake