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Npi pesentation to laurentian board of governors december 2013 v23x


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Npi pesentation to laurentian board of governors december 2013 v23x

  1. 1. Northern Policy Institute Institut des politiques du Nord Presentation to Laurentian University Board of Governors 13 December 2013
  2. 2. A QUICK (recent) History of NPI • • • • Common Voice Northwest submitted 148 recommendations for Northern Growth Plan, a key one being creation of NPI Oct 2009: Proposed Growth Plan for Northern Ontario includes establishment of a Northern Research & Policy Institute March 2011: Release of Growth Plan for Northern Ontario, 2011 included NPI August 2012 MNDM Announcement of NPI
  3. 3. NPI Status • • • • • • • • NOHFC approved $5 million funding – August 2012 NPI Incorporated – December 2012 Founding board chosen and appointed – February 2013 CEO Search complete – appointed June 2013 Contract with NOHFC signed – July 2013 First funds received – August 2013 Offices opened - September 2013 First staffing and project commissioning – Sept/Oct 2013
  4. 4. NPI Members Lakehead University Laurentian University • Dr. Brian Stevenson, President •Lakehead University, Thunder Bay • Mr. Cameron Clark, Chair •Lakehead University Board of Governors • • Mr. Dominic Giroux, President •Laurentian University, Sudbury Mr. Michael Atkins, Chair •Laurentian University Board of Governors
  5. 5. NPI Board of Directors • • • • • • • • • • Ms. Florence Bailey, Consultant Municipality of Sioux Lookout • Dr. Harley d’Entremont Nipissing University, North Bay • Mr. Hal J. McGonigal Retired, Sault Ste. Marie • Mr. Doug Murray, CEDC Thunder Bay, Ontario. R. Martin Bayer, Partner Weaver Simmons LLP, Sudbury • • • • • • • Mr. Dominic Giroux, President Laurentian University, Sudbury Dr. George Macey, Dentist Marathon Ms. Madge Richardson, ED NSWPB, Thunder Bay Dr. Brian Stevenson, President Lakehead University, Thunder Bay Ms. Thérèse Bergeron-Hopson Timmins and District Hospital
  6. 6. NPI Letters Patent • Proactive, evidence-based and purpose driven policy options that: • • • Research and analysis of • • • Existing and emerging policies relevant to northern Ontario Economic, technological and social trends affecting northern Ontario Formulation and advocacy of policies that: • • Deepen the understanding of the unique challenges facing Northern Ontario Ensure the sustainable development and long term economic prosperity of Northern Ontario benefit northern Ontario and first nations communities Other complementary purposes not inconsistent with these objectives
  7. 7. What is a “think tank” anyway? “It ain't what you don't know that gets you into trouble. It's what you know for sure that just ain't so.” - Mark Twain “Politics is the art of the possible.” - Winston Churchill “If you want to change the world, forget politics, win the war of ideas.” - Friedrich Hayek
  8. 8. How do think-tanks succeed? - Ultimate success for a policy think tank is marshalling the evidence, forming a recommendation from what the evidence tells you, and having that advice followed. - If you say a policy should be changed, killed or created, success is having that policy changed, killed or created.
  9. 9. MANY roads to that success • Parade Marshall • • Cheerleader • • Where is EVERYONE ELSE going What do we BELIEVE Permission Giver • What does the EVIDENCE say
  10. 10. Permission giving = LONG game • • • Short term: • Are people listening? • Are people debating your ideas? Medium Term: • Are people sharing your ideas? • Are people advocating for your ideas? • Are people ASKING for your ideas? Long Term: • Are people implementing your ideas?
  11. 11. Three Key Goals for NPI Enhance Measurement, and the availability of those measures to all stakeholders Building SUSTAINABLE community capacity: skills, knowledge, private capital. Enhancing self-sufficiency 1. 2. 3. 1. Of individuals, communities, sub-regions and the region as a whole
  12. 12. NPI Projects Commissioned • • • • • • • Review of federal aboriginal education act Northern data bank – NOHFC, MNDM, Fednor, NODN, Norcat have ALL agreed to work with NPI to release as much data as possible (now working with Statscan and other local data holders) Land use planning driven locally and oriented to growth vs driven centrally and oriented towards control Anti-poverty efforts – GAI vs the min wage A better way to “set” minimum wage – average industrial wage vs GDP Income splitting for parents with children under 18 – a(n) (Northern?) Ontario mirror to the federal 2015 plan Potential for Port/Airport Authority model to fund, build and manage Ring of Fire infrastructure
  13. 13. RFPs in development • • • • • • Online community consultation tool Shared Internships to build local policy capacity in small rural, remote and First Nations communities NPI website – “evidence portal” Demographic trends – and policy directions Lessons in local control and entrepreneurship • Membertou model • Westbank First Nation – Medical Tourism • Sudsidiarity in the EU – lessons for NO Wealth transfer and “balance of payments” (update and analyze trends and any potential policy responses)
  14. 14. Projects under discussion • • • • • Northern performance measures – community level Looking at the cost of smaller class sizes – sizes in line with the literature on 15 or fewer in early grades Looking at potential applicability and cost for Netherlands approach to community based elder care Potential framework for community development or benefits negotiations/agreements with proponents IN their community or IMPACTING their communities MANTARIO series – we can’t be a province BUT can we be: free trade zone, special economic zone, special tax zone, signatory to New West Partnership
  15. 15. Projects under consideration • • • • Defining selection criteria for setting infrastructure priorities, then applying them to the ring of fire specifically, and the northern inter-modal plans more broadly Analyzing best practices for funding infrastructure and applying those to the ring of fire and the multi-modal plan Looking at the potential applicability and cost of having our children “sleep in boxes” like the Finns The recent PISA results and what that says for how our kids should learn math (and other previous lessons ignored from PISA)
  16. 16. Synergies with University Partners • Students: • • • • • Faculty: • • • Access to NPI – lectures, research, mentoring – Lakehead Economics Publication opportunities – Laurentian Health Policy students Co-ops and Internships – First applications for Jan 2014 Employment – Comms Manager is a Laurentian Grad Access to NPI – lectures, research, mentoring Research and publication opportunities Programs: • • Northern Development, Economics, Political Science, Health Policy, Administration, Management, etc. Build demand for training and expertise and provide supply of jobs and opportunities to use those skills
  17. 17. Thank You, Merci, Miigwetch,