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L Marangoni Skills CV

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L Marangoni Eng+Prof Skills Col Inv

  1. 1. knowledge structure BOARD EDUCATION ENTREPRENEUR CONSULTANT GOVERNMENT PUBLIC RETAIL RETAIL STRATEGIC SECRETARY BID ENERGY MALLS STRATEGIC IT CORPORATE PLANING PUBLIC RETAIL BRANDING PLANNINGGOVERNANCE MEETING ACCOUNTING MARKETING FRANCHISING BUSINESS SERVICES PREPARATION NEGOTIATION FEASIBILITY INFRASTRUCTURE UNIVERSITY CONCEPT BSC STATEMENT MEETING REPORT UNESCO (ANS / HEALTH SWOT / PORTER / ITIL IBGC - COMIITTEES DATA ANVISA) SALES CHANNELS MERGER AND BCG PMO CERTIFICATION PDCA RELATIONSHIP START-UP ACQUISITON ADMINISTRAT. TECHNIQUES PROFIT SHARING RESPONSIBIL. PROGRAMS CO. MANAGEMENT VALUATION DUE-DILIGENCY Balanced Scorecard Operations FINANCE (BSC) LEGAL Business Assumptions CASH FLOW Logistics Assumptions (BRENCO) Breakdown ACCOUNTING Contracts CORPORATE LAW TRANSFER-COST Inbound&Outbound -LEI DAS S.A. Worldwide supplier Area Coverage P&L equipment LEGAL ISSUES Low cost producer Distribution Low Cost ENVIRONMENT warranties BUSINESS Safety BUDGETING Routing raw materials inputs SG&A R&D CREATION Predictive and SLA UNIT-COST LICENSES maintenance OPERATIONS IT EBTIDA Materials for SHE PLANT % of SALES Sox CORPORATE training REGULATORY production NATIONALIZATION Priority Planing Sustainability ZBB Costing Modeling AFFAIRS Maintenance PEP (SP opex People LICENSES COSTING Budget control) Process - flow inventory structure SAP module UNESCO - MARKETING GOVERNMENT forecast contingency spare parts ABC Task force team inventory Safety SAP Activity based Knowledge maintainability PERFORMANCE & WHOLESALERS costing management Manual Control versus reliability MOTIVATION hazop SUPPLIERS SALES FORCE Pricing target CAMPAIGNS / Maintenance costs CAPEX & work permits LAUNCHING Inventory Pre Op. Control OPEX SHE management OUTSOURCING TRAINING COMPETITORS / Moodle (internet Training system PRIVATE LABEL EARNINGS BENCHMARK training) SOP PEP (SP opex Fermentation High HR Processes epi control) Contracts Budgeting Performance MARKETING MIX PCM analist job descriptions Logistics comittees by benefits Brenco university B2B SAP-erp Agri-Industrial management Industrial theater for training ADVERTISING timetable SERVICE Integration Group training organization chart TECHNICAL hiring meals POS / MARKET Critical BPP SERVICE follow-up hotel Plant Op. Center P.O.C simulator PROCESS AGRICULTURE CAPEX and OPEX by economic sectors PROFESSIONAL transportation SUPPLIERS PRICE Concepts Training LOGISTICS cost centers and research sotware Cost structure SUPPLY-CHAIN accounting bills job description development PRODUCT MARKET-SHARE headcount knowledge sourcing (omegatech) MARK-UP PMO overall expenses DAP OUTSOURCING AUTOMATION LIFE-CYCLE Grid / schedule MIX Laboratorio TAX Plant Layout Pedagogy IMPORTATION Training RETAIL Resources ITC FCAV LAW EPCM MEC BENCHMARK Allocation CAPEX & OPEX Teaching LABOR Optimization Phase II External course FINANCE STORES NEW CHANNELS CONSUMER CODE suppliers 3 level modules Production & SAP ARCHITECT / M.E.S Quality SALES FORCE Management by Process Fermentation and Articulate TRAINING CONSTRUCTOR Objectives SERVICES TREASURY Laboratory (teachers´classes SOFTWARE MALLS Phase I Automation & standtization) VISUAL from BSC SOP Industrial Laboratory DECISION CELLS RECEIVABLE QA electris Plant Operator & MERCHANDISING / TENANT breakdown Lab GATEC P.O.C. maintenance CRM PAYABLE CONTRACTS Maintanance BRANDING / POS bonus policy SAP iso9000 operator SOP CASHFLOW RELATONSHIP DataSheet equipment suppliers P.O.C Automation SOFTWARE Projects PCP - SAP / MRP SAP module CAPITAL OUTSOURCING reports Knowledge editing FRANCHISING Webformat and producing CONTROLER Commissioning and Projects Testing MRP I / II OWNER BPCS PRODUCTION Maintenance pedagocical profile MODELING Methodology CQ of the employees ACCOUNTING AT Plant START-UP writing/ editing COST REPORTS MV Plant JIT / KANBAN SOP MOBILE Opening / Closing ethanol for export printing and video Laboratories EMPOWERMENT manuals (AGRIBUSINESS) Training raw material production and CMS MANUFACT. CELL routing - SAP Control laboratory streaming BONUS OPTMIZIED sap modules Stat Proc Cont OPERATIONS corporate team
  2. 2. LADERLEI LUIZ MARANGONI R. Paiquerê 766 cj 38 CEP 13271-600 Valinhos / SP Phones.: (019) 38710314 / (019) 88400483 laderlei@mpc.com.brResume´s infograph view http://vizualize.me/laderleiHEAD OF OPERATIONSProfessional with experience, heading operations in large multinational companies, in the energy, chemical, retail,agribusiness and government sectors, accumulating a Systemic view, creative, with capacity to work on Projects,Strategic Planning, Finance, Sales and Retail/Consumer. Graduated in Mechanical Engineering by UNICAMP(Energy and Production), with additional specialization courses at FGV (Finance and Marketing), USP (Retail),IBGC (Corporate Governance& Adm.Counselor) and IICS (M&A and Corporate Law).PROFESSIONAL QUALIFICATIONS Operations & ManufacturingIndustrial Operations General Manager- BRENCO• Reported directly to the Industrial Vice President, performing a director role;• Broke down business premises into industrial targets, with individual projects / objectives for collaborators and managers, supporting the bonus program which was achieved 2 years consecutively;• Structured the Green Field start-up industrial operation with investments of R$ 300 million per unit and initial forecasted invoicing of R$162 million/year (Electrical Energy and Anhydrous Alcohol), with a staff 30% smaller than the market average ( plants of 3,6 million tons of sugar cane/year) and alcohol litre costs 8% less than the market average;• Designed, developed and implemented industrial training (480 technical hours/pupil) for 225 collaborators per plant in the interior of the Brazilian Midwest region ( 4 units initially);• Managed PCP (SAP BPP & Go-Live), Quality (Technical Data Sheets, Lab Certification), Costs (Activity Based Costing), Budget (R$250 million in the second year - Industrial Opex&Capex), Safety and SOP;• Set up the Maintenance Program based on Reliability and Maintainability in the PCM-SAP module;• Led the PMO performance with a PMI certified engineer, controlling all resources (400 collaborators) available, in the corporation as well as in sites, disseminating both project and sites benchmarking culture;• Designed, with the HR, and later on with the plant management, all positions, remuneration, career plan, as well as retention and benefit plans for the new staff and operating collaborators;Manufacturing Manager – 3M• Managed P&D, Processes, PCP, Production, Quality (Assurance&Control), in the production of health care specialties, consumer, stationery, imaging products for an American multinational company;• Supervised 250 collaborators, implementing Performance Evaluation programs, Career Plan (Dual Ladder), social inclusion programs (APAE’s children working directly in the assembly line), recognition (Best), empowerment;• With a strong systemic view of all manufacturing stages and based on the best practices in the market, I reduced costs (processes revision, outsourcing, Raw Material replacement), I innovated in production lines (empowerment; lean-manufacturing, KanBan/JIT; manufacturing cells), being awarded with international prizes on Quality and Environmental actions; Supply chain (inbound & outbound);• Created impact on margins, leading to Marketing actions, increasing market-share, strengthening the distribution network and subsidizing new launchings;• Responsible for the Unit Costs of a business with annual sales of US$ 50 million.Processes Specialist -3M• Worked with a wide portfolio of products (consumer products, health care, imaging, printing, stationery products), in different production systems with requirements such as GMP, Sustainability etc...• Received strong training focused on continuous improvement and Optmized Operations, developing a systemic view, with creative solutions for processes and promoting Visual Management, preferably. This created the foundation for an intense experience in Quality Circle, Quality College (Demming). I was always aiming at optimizing Processes and Production (lay-out, new equipment, technology, process), O&M routines; lean manufacturing, raw material replacement program; unit costs reduction; training and development of collaborators; empowerment; For Profit and MTM programs development;• Brought in results with positive impact on the business margin(s);• Participated in projects that brought positive results (20% or more) regardless the product/process, besides developing a knowledge portfolio, including techniques and management tools as well as the how-to of different markets and segments; Planning, Processes, Projects & Start-Up, FinanceAdministrative & Finance Director – CAVITAS DENTAL• Start-up Health Care sector, dental prothesis based on Innovation Technology;• Strategic Planning, Business Plan, ROI, Venture Capital, control versus property (shareholders), debt & equity, banking relationship;• Accounting, production cells, Unit Cost and Margins, sales regions, Marketing Plans, Branding;• Suppliers, equipments, FINAME, budget and Sales Forecast;
  3. 3. • Team hiring, salaries and wages, training;• Cash Flow, Free Cash Flow, Valuation.Sales Forecast for 3rd year R$ 30 milions;Strategic Plan Consultant ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Provided direct consulting to the VP/MD and their teams at PURINA, MINASGÁS, HIDROGESP, CANOVA;• Adopted Porter Analysis, SWOT, Disruptive Technology, BCG, etc. as working tools, drawing the strategic map, in some cases with BSC, until reaching the Management by Targets at the tactical/operational level;• Brought, in the different projects, results for the exploration of a new sales/distribution channel and for breaking into a new market, increasing sales and/or final net profit.Budget and Industrial Costs Manager -------------------------------------------------------------------• Designed the industrial process for 4 plants, based on an engineering project (turnover of R$162 million/year), subdividing it into the necessary structure for the Activity Based Costs as well as for the OBZ budget and for meeting commercial targets (GPD); budget and costs running in the ERP system;• Implemented in the industry the SAP - MES – Automation layers, pari passu to the process documentation and the training of Local Budget Managers with alignments and establishment of Flows and Processes;• Initialized the PCP/PCM, resulting in ramp-up performance targets, considering that we already had previously established costs by process, quality parameters and control and pricing integration with the company’s Finance/Accounts areas;• Projected, shared responsibilities and implemented the participative budget linked with Targets and Results, developing a self managed team and meeting targets, for 2 consecutive years;• Assistant/Consultant to the Board of Directors, in the Finance Area in the TIC industry;• Participated in public notices, bids, and resources negotiations with Public Secretariats;• Issuing and presentation of the monthly book for Balance Council approval (Administrative and Financial) and Accounts;• Assisted the Board of Directors, the County Management Secretariat and Vice-Secretariat, coordinating Administrative Routines and Cash Flow, Budget and Investments control in both TIC and Education Sector;• Participated in the remodeling of the Administrative/Functional Staff, with 50 employees, with recycling programs and HR training in TIC industry;• Design, from the TIC business production chain, (Development, PMO and ITIL), a Products and Services Table, establishing new Sales prices and margins;• Participated in a business of R$ 140 million/year and, at the end of the second year, showing in the Balance a positive net result after 4 years of consecutive losses;• In the State Education system, purchased a distributed 5 million school supply student kits for 5400 schools, as part of a R$ 96 million project strongly based on logistics;• Managed an annual budget of R$ 12 billion, as a Finance Assessor of the State Education Secretary, reducing it by 30% in the first year and by 50% the non-invested payable dues, generating more works/actions for a body of 5 million students; Education, Training and Knowledge ManagementIndustrial Education Manager -----------------------------------------------------------------------------• Projected , implemented, established and maintained (future agribusiness unit) the Brenco Corporate University, with a course in Sugar and Alcohol sector education, in the Distance Learning format and with 6 employees and a budget of R$ 2 million; in compliance with pedagogical routines;• In a start up energy company, trained 450 employees in 2 bio-energetic units and created the basis for other 8 units; I create an educational DataBase in the Moodle environment;• Developed, as the final product for a graduate course, pedagogical parameters according to MEC ( in partnership with FCAV), with 3 content levels and 100% on the intranet; each hour teached costing 1/3 of the regular market cost;• Awarded a grade 9,2 overall grade (on a scale from 0 to 10) on the satisfaction survey carried out with the participants in the course. Entrepreneurship, Franchising, Government and Multinational ManagementGovernment Relationship and Jobs-----------------------------------------------------------------------• Responsible for the state budget of R$ 12 bilions with direct report to the State Secretary of Education;• Responsible for the Education Foundation (FDE) Finance reporting to the President;• Asessoring the São Paulo City IT Company´s (PRODAM) Finance and Administrative division´s Director;• Member o the ANS Health Pricing commitee;• Manager of the Generic Medicine launching program at São Paulo City in a partnership with PROCON reporting directly to ANVISA-DF;Business Unit Manager ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Managed a Business Unit with Sales (Retail, Wholesale and Professional) , Marketing, Planning, Importation and Production of Magnetic Products;• Met targets with profitable results, increasing sales from US$ 2 million to US$ 7MM/year, with 20 employees moving from a deficit to a surplus;• Responsible for the P&L of the Brazil/Argentina Magnetic Business Unit.Health Plan Operator Consultant --------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. 4. • Re-structured Processes, Cash Flow Management, IT and CRM, internal information flow remodeling, in this company with 2 hospitals, 3 clinics, affiliated network and 60.000 lives;• Generated variable costs gains up to 20% over an annual turnover of R$ 15 million with the greatest control in Cash Flow.Franchising Consultant ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Developed solution for a new channel based on Technical Assistance mobile franchise with sales assistance (in partnership with SURGE Inc. –US), including the pilot project, economic viability study and franchisibility (needed to increase coverage without equity investment);• Participated in the dairy agribusiness with the WESTFALIA LANDTECHNIK do BRASIL Ltd, during its re- structuring and sales increase challenge (breaking into the Retail business).Director/Professor at the UNICAMP Extension School --------------------------------------• Prepared the program, formatted, launched, sold, coordinated and taught an extension course in Retail at RMC via UNICAMP; Marketing teacher;• The course had a surplus for 4 years, bringing exposure and visibility to Retail at UNICAMPRetail Entrepreneur --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------• Followed all the steps to open a firm in Brazil, control taxes, comply with the Consumer Code etc;• Due to the master franchise bankruptcy, I reinvented my business in Malls, creating my own brand, a new mix , margins and suppliers under the Franchising format;• Created my own Retail Sales Training for the sales team, developed the counter/backup management software, renegotiated contract with Malls, etc;• After some years, with profitability and brand recognition, it was possible to sell the business to recover investment and increase equity.  PROFESSIONAL BACKGROUNDCAVITAS DENTAL Administrative & Finance Director interim Jun/2011BRENCO Industrial Operations Manager Mar/2008 to Jun/2010 Industrial Education Manager Nov/2007 to Mar/2008SP Education Secretariat Sector Planning Manager Jul/2007 to Oct/2007FDE Direct Assistant to the Finance Board / President Nov/2006 to Jul/2007PRODAM Direct Assistant to the Finance Board / President Feb/2005 to Nov/2006UNICAMP Extension School (Director)/ Retail Course (Teacher) Mar/2002 to Jul/2005DBCONTEUDO Retail and Strategic Plan Consultant May/2000 to Dec/2004• Assoc. Lojistas Campinas – Retail; ALSHOP – Shopping Centers – Malls; CANOVA – Real State; Hidrogesp – Water, BOT and Re-use; Master Saúde – Health Plans; MINASGÁS – Seeds; Pão de Açúcar – CDC – Supermarket; PURINA – Pet Food; WESTFALIA LANDTECHNIK – Dairy Cattle RaisingUNESCO Consultant in the Government Area – Health Jun/1999 to Dec/2004• ANVISA – launching of Generic Drugs and ANS – Health Plans PricesARTBROS - Entreperneur – Retail Jan/1995 to Sept/20023M DO BRASIL Business Unit Manager – Magnetic Products Aug/1993 to Dec/1994 Manufacturing Manager Jan/1991 to Jul/1993 Process Specilist ; Production Supervisor and Manager May/1983 to Dec/1991EDUCATIONAL BACKGROUND & LANGUAGES• IBGC – Board of Directors Certified 2011• FGV Prof – Accounting 2011• IICS – Mergers & Acquisitions 2011• IBGC – Corporate Governance 2010• FDC – Fundação Dom Cabral – Management 2005• UNICAMP – Intelligent Systems – Auditing Student in a Masters Program – 2002• FRANCHISING UNIVERSITY – Franchising 2000• USP – MBA - Retail - Post Graduation at the FIA/FEA-SP MBA Center - 1999• FGV-CEAG – Specialization in Administration for Graduates - Finance and Marketing - 1988-89• UNICAMP – Bachelor’s Degree in Mechanical Engineering – Manufacturing and Energy - 1978-82• Fluent English Good knowledge of French Basic German and Spanish