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They                   Mapping Out the Cultural and Social Aspects of Control in Post-Modern Organisations                ...
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Wow complex pbog - they 2008


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Security systems, SIA stuff, complex but simple

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Wow complex pbog - they 2008

  1. 1. They Mapping Out the Cultural and Social Aspects of Control in Post-Modern Organisations CONTROL in the WORKPLACEShareholderVision Subjective CONSCIENCE… PLAN The Definition of the Situation CONTROL of INFORMATION "It is the way we do things here." KEY AUDIT Authority Body Corporate Employee at all levels AIR Committee Intervention Money Supervision TIME PRIME 5 CONTROL Corrective Action VALUES & BELIEFS Together INTENTIONS ATTITUDE Experience, Skills, Knowledge Objectives & Arrangements Implementation EXPECTATIONS Process The watchers always watching, ask them what they think? The listeners always listening waiting for the link Objective Feedback Loop PATTERNS COST of Analysis PLAN HARM CONSULTATION BEHAVIOUR A Rules, Regulations, Policies Abc ABC BENEFIT & Procedures (TRENDS) AB Reasonably Practicable Appraisal Review APTITUDE HS (G) 65 CONTRACT CONTROL ABC 1 COMMUNICATION MEASURES GOAL SETTING At all levels MOTIVATION 3 Information 4 Regulate Conformity…or Banking and Insurance Roles and op Instruction Norm Errors, Mistakes CONTROL of FINANCE CONTROL of PEOPLE Non-Conscious Awareness Abc Self-Regulating Violations Impact Pattern CONTROL of RISKS Commitment rol nt Co on ati er Co Responsibilities Maintenance Risk Control System OR MP s CO TE AN CE W LI M K A Investigations & Inspections titi Co Co nd on on pe iti m ABC CONDUCT INCLUSIONMEANS Force Deviant... Training Observations Maintain Focus… Science and Technology and PROCESS GUIDANCE GOAL PEOPLE Absolute Liability RISK Practicable ERGONOMICS Monitoring Approved Codes of Practice Abc PLANT and SUBSTANCES A GUIDELINES Competence RATIONAL Assessment ORGANISATION Appeal HAZARD Abc THE LAW Common, Civil, MANAGEMENT ‘We want you to do ABC ABC Criminal Statute this, using these to Corrective Action produce that’ ABC-Abc-Abc ENFORCEMENT Coordination Supervision HS (G) 48 ‘Duty of Care’ Estimate THE ENGINE REGULATIONS 2 1 PREMISES Evaluate 4 Measuring Performance WORKPLACE ENVIRONMENT Eliminate GOVERNMENT 1 Sanctions Social Control Strategy ExecuteSTATE CONTROL of OPERATIONS LAND WATER Empower Belief System Conditions of Existence Ownership and Property Flexible Security - Fit for Work Clive Burgess ©2008