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Story lab presentation2


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Published in: Education, Technology
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Story lab presentation2

  1. 1. STORY LAB Authoring your story as mission
  2. 2. A story is a character that wants something and overcomes conflict to get it. Elements of a good story
  3. 3. Darius Goes West
  4. 4. A character is what he does. Story brings about character transformation. There is a general rule that characters don’t like change. If a character doesn’t change, the story hasn’t happened yet. Elements of a good story
  5. 5. Object of desire - the thing that if you give it to your character the story would stop: “Object of Desire” is the “wants something” part of our definition of story. Elements of a good story
  6. 6. Write your story: Value + cause = controlling idea. The Controlling Idea for your story
  7. 7. Values are universal qualities of human existence that can change from positive to negative, or negative to positive, from one moment to the next.  Ex. Truth, freedom, justice... Controlling Idea (Value)
  8. 8. Cause is the way in which the value changes state, the 'Cause' that brings the change of value. Controlling Idea (Cause)
  9. 9. (Value) does what? Because when (Cause) occurs something happens to the value. My Controlling Idea: Transformation prevails because dreams that are realized have the power to change lives. Creating Your Controlling Idea
  10. 10. How is your conflict controlling your story, and In what way is your conflict transforming your character?   Writing Question:
  11. 11. STORY LAB Authoring your story as mission