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Different types of thrillers


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Different types of thrillers

  1. 1. Different Types of Thrillers
  2. 2. • Thrillers for example Memento usually appeal to adults or sometimes young adults. Thriller films are viewed by most audiences especially teenagers who enjoy the action, twists, suspense etc. Male and females are both able to enjoy the plot of a thriller and our thriller contains the element of suspense as the antagonists are anonyms. This will automatically interest both teenage girls and boys.
  3. 3. • However cross genres i.e. Horror thrillers such as Final Destination appeal more to young adults and teenagers. At first I thought thrillers were more catered to young adults rather than adults; however when I looked at all the thrillers I have watched in the past, they all have been cross genres; but actual thriller movies are more for older adults as it demands intellectual thinking and there is usually more violence, blood and sex.
  4. 4. Psychological Thrillers• The suspect does not use physical strength, but uses psychology to get to their victim.• The suspense created by psychological thrillers often comes from two or more characters battling against each others minds, either by playing deceptive games with the other or by merely trying to demolish the others mental state.• This type of thriller usually requires more intellectual thinking therefore 25+ year olds are more likely to watch these types of thrillers. An example of a psychological thriller is fatal attraction.
  5. 5. Crime Thrillers• Crime thrillers are thrillers that have a focus point of breaking the law• The police are shown in large amount in crime thrillers• In most crime thrillers the villains are normally criminals• A good example is Silence of the Lamb
  6. 6. Romantic Thrillers• The story is usually relationship based with an aspect of a thriller in it.• Not too many of these type of thrillers are made as it is hard to come up with the plot and may confuse the audience.• However; these types of thrillers are Female dominated. An example of this type of thriller is Obsession.
  7. 7. Supernatural Thrillers• Has a supernatural element to the thriller genre.• Usually involves a twists into the plot, often the hero/ main character has some kind of psychic ability.• This type of thriller is usually watched by female audience. An example of a supernatural thriller is The Exorcism.
  8. 8. Action Thrillers• All action thrillers have scenes of violence throughout the film weather if is hand to hand combats to guns and car chases• There are also more blood in scenes to show the dramatic effect to the violence