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What are the difference between thriller and horror movies? 
There are many differences between thriller movies and horror...
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Differences between thriller movies & horror movies


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Differences between thriller movies & horror movies

  1. 1. What are the difference between thriller and horror movies? There are many differences between thriller movies and horror movies that make the films diverse in many ways, although they may not physically look dissimilar they have many factors proving otherwise. The first factor that differentiates both themes of film is that a thriller is more psychological and requires more thought and explanation as to what happens within the film, whereas a horror has mainly blood and gore with careless actions of violence. An example of a thriller movie would be the 1999 award winning movie “Sixth Sense”, the sixth sense has a series of plot twists and is a great example of a psychological thriller as it gets the audience intrigued and enables them to think more about why certain things happen within the play. In contrast an example of a Horror film would be “Nightmare on Elm Street” this was recreated twice as it was a much loved and popular film, once in 1984 and again in 2010. Although this Horror movie is dominant it is simply about violence which later creates blood and gore, this leads the movie to have no logic or psychological connection. Nightmare on Elm Street cover The differences in promo covers are also physically different, as the thriller cover has a dark black background which could suggest the movie is mysterious. Having the deeper colour helps suggests that the movie has an unfathomable meaning behind it which will not be clearly shown The Sixth Sense Cover within the movie. Whereas the horror movie promo cover has a deep red background which suggests danger and immediately advocates that there is going to be some sort of violence within the movie. Both movies intend to scare you, however they aim to scare the audience in different ways for example a thriller psychologically scares you which means it makes the audience mentally question certain things. Whereas a horror makes you jump and is scarier in the moment, this can be influenced by scary masks, blood and the unexpected. Some horror and thriller movies can be merged together, an example would be the movie “Saw” that is psychologically binding however also includes blood and gore. A thriller is designed to hold your interest, adventure and suspense... both film techniques are similar in that way, but a horror is full of repulsive and horrible acts in an attempt to give the audience members nightmares. It also usually based on a very extreme murderous human or fictitious characters, whilst a thriller is more on realistic.