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PSG Brochure 2011


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Learn more about who we are and what we do.

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PSG Brochure 2011

  1. 1. Editorial ■ Art & Design ■ Production ■ Translation
  2. 2. Highlights and Accomplishments Inner City 100 Award Winner Selected from more than 5,000 nominations by the Initiative for a Competitive Inner City (ICIC) as one of the 100 fastest-growing inner-city companies in America. Woman-Owned Business Enterprise (WBE) Certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE) Certified by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts PSG READS Volunteer initiative with the William Blackstone Elementary School—a Boston Public School publishingsolutionsgroup SM SM Solutions is our middle name.400 W Cummings Park, Suite 2600, Woburn, MA 01801 Contact our Sales Ken Scherpelz(p) 617.274.9001 VP of Sales and Business Development(f ) 617.274.9029 614.760.8855Publishing Solutions Group and PSG are service marks of Publishing Solutions Group, Inc.
  3. 3. Who We Are     Since 2003, Publishing Solutions Group has helped more than 500businesses bring complex publishing projects to life—on time, onbudget and on spec. Whether your product is print, digital, audioor interactive, PSG has the resources, personnel and expertise todesign and craft the solution that’s most appropriate for you, yourbudget and your target audience.A seasoned, publishing services company, PSG provides editorial,production, translation, audio, and creative services to help ourclients develop content-driven products. Our success is built oncustomer service, attention to detail and finding the right solutionsfor each and every project. In addition, PSG is certified as both aWomen’s Business Enterprise (WBE) and a Disadvantaged BusinessEnterprise (DBE).What We Do     As a full-service publishing services company, ED ADPublishing Solutions Group provides you with print, digital, audioand interactive products that appropriately target youraudience’s needs. Our credentialed professional staff hasextensive experience in a variety of subject areas and markets.PSG’s services—always available à la carte—include: PR TR• Editorial • ePublishing• Art & Design • Adult Ed and Vocational Training• Production • Professional Development• Translation • Technical and Scientific Products• Audio Production • Social MediaWherever the audience, whatever the medium, PSG has theresources and experience to create the right solution for you. Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  4. 4. Where We Are      Publishing Solutions Group has a new home! After being in Boston for nearly 12 years, we are now conveniently located just north of Boston in Woburn, Massachusetts, one of New England’s oldest communities. The town is a mix of neighborhoods, offices and industrial parks, and conservation areas. The office was a crisp, white canvas when we moved in and we have brightened up the walls with vibrant colors which define PSG’s abundance of creative energy. The main area has two accent walls, one bright green and the other orange. Our conference rooms are accented with purple and dark green, and the kitchen is a sunny yellow. The open floor plan is ideal for collaboration and our editorial, project management, art, design, production and translation departments still work happily together under one roof. PSG Reads      PSG Reads is a volunteer initiative launched in 2008 to benefit the South End community and the Boston Public Schools. PSG’s extensive experience developing reading and language arts materials fueled the desire to advocate literacy in the local schools. PSG Reads promotes community involvement and encourages a lifelong love of reading. PSG staff members hope to enhance the reading experience of students in the local community by reading to them and listening to them read each week at William Blackstone Elementary School in the South End. PSG Reads recognizes that reading aloud benefits students of all grade levels by strengthening their fluency, expression, vocabulary and familiarity with language. SM
  5. 5. Educational Solutions     From pub plan to bound book, PSG offers high-quality projectmanagement, editorial, art & design, production, translation, digitaland audio publishing services. An established publishing servicescompany with extensive experience collaborating with preK–16 basal,supplemental, and trade publishers, as well as non-profits and othereducational organizations including zoos and museums, PSG will makesure that all of your materials are in tune with current educationalstandards, methodologies and strategies. Whether in print or digital,online or interactive, we’ve got you covered.Corporate Solutions     PSG’s staff of hard-working publishing professionals can offer solutionsfor all of your corporate publishing needs. We will advise, consult andcollaborate to help you to create accurate, brand-sensitive productsfor all your training, instructional and educational materials, as wellas your internal procedures and guidelines. We develop precise,comprehensive and user-friendly publications. Whether you need totranslate a brochure, localize a multilingual supporting instructionprogram, adapt a website, design online test prep content or recordvoice-over sound bites, PSG has the solutions to meet your budgetand goals.State & Government Solutions      PSG delivers the industry’s best in content and creative solutionsfor state and government agencies. Our goals are to providecomprehensive, creative solutions; deliver accurate, high-qualityproducts; and to always exceed your expectations. From training andservice policies manuals to handbooks and fact sheets, we have theresources to produce the solutions you need.PSG is a minority/woman-owned business and WBE and DBE certifiedby the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  6. 6. Services      Project Management Solutions Don’t go nuts! We’ll help you sort things out. PSG’s Project Managers are here to get you organized! Experts at scheduling, budgeting, and problem-solving, our Project Managers will keep you on track. We have been in publishing for a long time and pride ourselves on our professional and personal diversity, including backgrounds in print, production, technology, editorial and financial services. You won’t find a project type or scope we can’t handle! We’ve seen it all. Our Project Managers lead our experienced, creative teams to develop highly effective, visually appealing publishing products that are exactly what you want. Our Quality Control team will monitor throughout to ensure that we deliver exactly what you had in mind. • Scheduling, Planning and Organizing • Budget Monitoring • Workflow Engineering • Trafficking • Resource Allocation • Weekly Status Reporting SM
  7. 7.    Services  Editorial SolutionsRocky road? Why fudge it? We canhelp you smooth the rough copy.Our seasoned, editorial staff has the varied experience that you are seeking. We areformer teachers, trained copyeditors, translators and writers with backgrounds inmath, science, language arts, history, journalism, music, technology and more. Weeven boast more than a dozen Master’s and Ph.D.’s among us.We have the know-how, as well as a love of the written word, to make your worksparkle…and our Quality Control staff will make it shine.• Content Development • Manuscript Writing• Manuscript Prototypes • Copywriting• Permissions • Content Editing• Research and Fact Checking • Copyediting• State-Specific Correlations • Proofreading• Editorial and Project Guidelines • Indexing• Language Pre-flight and Brand Management • Quality Control Review Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  8. 8. Services      Art & Design Solutions We produce crisp, clear results. Lettuce show you what we can do for you! A picture is worth a thousand words. We will work with you to create precisely the image you have in mind. PSG’s Art & Design department has decades of experience and always produces first-class work. We will meet all of your design, illustration, photo and permissions needs. Our highly trained artists get the big picture—and the small ones too. • Design Prototypes and Development • Sample Pages and Templates • Page Layout • Animation • Illustration and Technical Art • Photo Research and Editing • Permissions Acquisition • Map Creation • Art Localization SM
  9. 9.    Services  Production SolutionsSquash the competition with fast,accurate, flawless files.Widows got you down? Orphans need a home? Let PSG address your needs. Weknow our kerning from our tracking, our points from our picas and when and whereto watch out for those bleeds.Our years of experience with layout, proofs and pre-flight come together to createperfect pages for your projects, and we’ve got the PDFs to prove it. We will followyour specifications to produce page layouts that are high-quality, cost-effective andmeet your deadlines!• Template Creation • Prepress• Design Adaptation • Quality Assurance• Composition • Scanning and Printing• Page Layout and Design • Content Conversion• Multilingual Production • Electronic Tagging Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  10. 10. Services      Translation Solutions It’s OK to put all your eggs in one basket. We’ll deliver them safely and soundly… regardless of destination or output. With extensive project experience from music and language arts adaptations to complete programs for state and national audiences, PSG provides you with a knowledgeable and resourceful partner accustomed to working within strict schedule and budget confines. Our linguists are the best in the business, qualified by language pair, subject and market. We specialize in adaptations from English into other languages, offering scalable solutions to tackle projects of varying scopes and sizes. Localizing content into one or multiple languages is our forte. We offer full-service development, design, adaptation, editorial and production services for print, digital, audio, interactive, web and eProducts alike. • Student and Teacher Editions • State Curriculum Standards • Supporting Instruction Materials • Technical Publications • School-to-Home Components • Catalogs and Manuals • Supplementals and Ancillaries • Brochures and Packaging • Children’s Trade Books • Web Content and Products • ELA Assessments and Interactives • Audio Recording and Dubbing SM
  11. 11.    Services  Adult Education andVocational Training SolutionsStewing over finding the right resources?PSG has a tried and true recipe for theperfect solution.In addition to developing traditional textbook materials, PSG has solid experiencecreating programs for adult learners.Our staff has developed and created multiple Pre-GED, GED, TABE and WorkKeys(Workforce Training) instructional and test prep programs. We take pride in our familiaritywith the structure and path of the National Career Readiness Certificate program.Whatever the goals of your learners, PSG can cook up the perfect solution. With a heavyemphasis on increasing mathematic, reading and writing skills, these products have similargoals, including:• Identifying Key Skills • Evaluation and Review• Skill Assessment • Motivation and Encouragement• Reinforcing Existing Knowledge • User-Friendly Materials• Guided and Self-Practice • Real-World Decision-Making• Enhancing Problem-Solving Skills and Skills Connections• Preparing for Standardized Tests Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  12. 12. Services      Professional Development Solutions Need help raisin’ the bar? PSG will keep your staff a competitive bunch! No matter how many years you have been in the business, keeping up with changing trends, tools and technologies requires constant re-education. Comprehensive, on-going, professional development should be a requirement of everyone’s job description. After all, your competitors face the same challenges that you do daily. Shouldn’t you look for ways to maintain that competitive edge? PSG‘s team of publishing experts can help you to create and produce the training and development materials that best suit your needs. Let your competitor hear through the grapevine how your staff continues to excel regardless of the challenge. PSG’s professional development experience includes: • Corporate Handbooks • Training Manuals • Guided and Self-Practice Exercises • Presentations • Vocational/Career Test Prep SM
  13. 13.    Services  Technical and ScientificSolutionsFishing for better resources?Don’t flounder any longer.PSG is an award-winning catch.Our team of writers and editors, translators and proofreaders understands thescience of publishing. We can synthesize the precise, accurate work you need. Ourstaff of qualified professionals offers a vast history of successful engagements fromyears of experience working in varied industries throughout the technical andscientific communities.Whether it’s applied or natural science, PSG is able to interpret and present scientificmatter suited to every audience. Adapting technical terms and jargon into accurate,readable and accessible material is our specialty.• Technical, Scientific and Interpretive Writing• Life, Earth and Physical Science; Environmental Science• Natural Resources and Resource Management• Pure and Applied Physical Sciences• Green Initiatives Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  14. 14. Services      Social Media Solutions Stuck in a tech jam? PSG will help you spread the right message. Facebook. Twitter. Streaming video. We’re there. Are you? Technology has changed the way we do business. It affects how we communicate with each other and how we get our message out. Just when you have mastered the latest craze, the world changes. PSG will help you to create and deliver effective content to broadcast your brand and message to an expanding global audience. Whether your business is instructional- or consumer-focused, B2B or B2C, goods or services, PSG’s experts will help you to craft the best message regardless of medium. We’ll have you tweeting in no time! Let PSG help you to create, organize and maintain: • Facebook • Flash Animation • Company e-Newsletter or Blog • Website Content • Email Advertising Campaign • Branded Technical Content SM
  15. 15.    Services  ePublishing SolutionsSpend your dough on tech products andwatch your profits rise. At PSG, we’re on a roll.We understand bugs, data and tags—these are issues you face and our team solvesevery day. By working closely with our Editorial, Art & Design, Production and Translationdepartments, we’re able to deliver to you tech-savvy, high-quality technology products.Our rich, in-house database helps us to keep track of every detail so that we can keep youinformed throughout.• eBooks • Online Resources• Interactive Lesson Plans • Software Development• Digital Learning Products • Virtual Online Courses• Riverdeep Learning Village • Media Development• Authoring Tools • Whiteboard Activities• ExamView • iPhone and Mobile apps• Item Banks • Voice-over and Audio Recording Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  16. 16. Talent and Staff      Resource Solutions In today’s rapidly changing business climate, being efficient and effective is a winning combination. PSG has resources at-the-ready— when you need them—to suit your project needs. We’re known for having the best resources, wherever they are. Our experienced in-house staff manages all of our resources, whether they are down the street or overseas. Whether you need to copyedit a brochure or create and manage a program with multiple components, Publishing Solutions Group will help you to meet your goals. When you need it done—and you need it done NOW!—call on Publishing Solutions Group. We’re here to help. Creative Staffing Solutions PSG’s executive staff averages more than 20+ years each in the publishing industry. Around this core staff, we assemble the most reliable resources in the industry to precisely fit your project needs. • As Your Needs Grow, So Does PSG—With a large cadre of highly skilled experts from all walks of life, PSG is ready to go to work for you. Ramping up is in our nature. We are constantly vetting new resources, so we are at the ready when your project is good to go. • Qualified Professionals—The talent paired to each project boasts a broad background of similar engagements within the required industry. Based on your feedback, as well as our own evaluations, we are constantly monitoring our successes. • Quality Assured—Our project teams always operate under the guidance of our core staff, so you can be assured all tasks and schedules are coordinated for maximum efficiency. SM
  17. 17.    Our   Sales TeamLori BeckerFounder and CEOAs the day-to-day executive leader for the company, Lori is known for herimpressive daily checklist, her “work hard, play hard” philosophy and herorganizational skills. A hands-on CEO, Lori is intimately involved in everyproject; her extensive background in the publishing services sector lends alevel of expertise to her staffs’ skill set of which most CEOs cannot boast.Well beyond project demands, as CEO, Lori has a wide range ofresponsibilities, including developing a growth plan, organizinginfrastructure needs, maintaining strong relationships with clients,keeping aware of market dynamics and industry issues and overseeingmanagement. Lori is also a vocal supporter of volunteerism encouragingher staff to become involved in local community service efforts. In 2008,she founded PSG Reads, a volunteer initiative to promote literacy in a localBoston Public School.Ken ScherpelzVP of Sales and Business DevelopmentKen knows the educational publishing industry inside and out. Since1979 he has worked at leading publishing companies, including ScottForesman, where he was an Acquisitions Manager; Zaner-Bloser, wherehe worked as Managing Editor; and, most recently, at SRA/McGraw-Hill,where he was the Editorial Director in charge of special education andintervention programs. A former PSG client, Ken also has experiencewith educational development companies, holding the position of VicePresident with two separate development and production houses. AtPSG, Ken has been instrumental in helping the staff to understand theexpectations of our clients. He can relate to the challenges our clientsface: reductions in staff, state standards, state adoptions and tighterbudgets affecting how and what they publish. When time allows, Kendiscusses current educational issues with his wife, an experiencedelementary school teacher and advocate for gifted children. Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  18. 18. Process Solutions     Our WorkflowPublishing Solutions Group has an established workflow process that has lead to the success of numerous projects.We are skilled, organized and detail-oriented. We always provide our clients with status reports, schedules and weeklyupdates. Our processes, outlined below, have been proven to be effective time and again. PROJECT AWARDED Internal Project Launch with Mid-Project Check-in Meeting: 1 Department Managers 6 Internal and with Client 2 Project Launch with Client 7 Final Project Delivery to Client Distribute Approved Project 3 Guidelines and Specs 8 Internal Project Wrap-up Meeting Working Sample: 4 Review and Approval 9 Client Project Wrap-up Perform Requested Services Internal Project 5 per Client Specifications 10 Reconciliation Meeting SM
  19. 19.    Organization   SolutionsOur Information Management SystemPSG’s IMS, also known as CORE, is an intricate Filemaker database that was designed and created by PSGFounder and CEO Lori Becker. It is a custom-built, proprietary system that allows our staff to capture,recall, manipulate and manage information. Lori recalls, “In order to help us manage projects and provideexceptional customer service, we needed to find a way to organize, analyze and communicate all projectinformation quickly and efficiently. Our own IMS was the perfect solution.”The content in our database management system includes text, photos, PDF files, audio files, and illustrations.It’s a great way for the staff to link and share data, answer questions, solve problems and view data in severaldifferent ways. What does it do? CORE contains all of PSG’s critical information. It houses our all of our internal administrative data, as well all information related to projects (contacts and resources, bids and budgets, project and reference materials) as well as art and photo libraries. We also use CORE for our calendars, schedules and project tracking. It truly is the core of our management system! CORE allows the PSG staff to: • Create bids and budgets • Build and monitor schedules • Track project workflow • Generate robust status reports • Track freelance specialties, availability and performance • Maintain the company’s staff calendar Training In addition to streamlining information and housing a variety of data, CORE is used for training new hires. CORE provides a blended learning solution for our staff by offering on-line, self-study, tutorials and mentoring. It allows our staff to create training activities that simulate actual project tasks. It is an intuitive system with a user-friendly interface that assures consistency of training and team performance. Publishing Solutions Group—Solutions is our middle name.SM
  20. 20. Editorial ■ Art & Design ■ Production ■ Translation