Brand New Direction Case-studies


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A selection of case studies from my time at Ltd, a Reading based brand and marketing consultancy. The six examples show many aspects of the work we chose to focus on in 2008.

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Brand New Direction Case-studies

  1. 1. We offer sparkling design & intelligent branding that enables small businesses to compete in an increasingly sophisticated market place.
  2. 2. promotional mailer targetted mailer website Situation: eatorganic is a small company near Henley-on-Thames. Solution: Designation created the eatorganic brand and developed a Owners Francesca Perino and Diana May approached Designation after unique online shop enabling them to sell organic produce directly to the acquiring the non-web based business Ellis Organics, to help them re- public. The concept was to dismiss the notion that organic food is boring launch it as an Internet brand. with a bold and fun new brand. Designation supported the launch with imaginative direct mail material. © Brand New Direction & Designation 2009 Designation ® is a registered trademark of Ltd
  3. 3. “We love our brand. It’s totally us! And it’s helped us develop our reputation as a fun business.” Diana May, eatorganic website homepage
  4. 4. business cards letterheads brochure Situation: When Emma Gamble and Shalina Alabaksh started Solution: We conceived the name Reflexxion, and developed the their business in 2007, they knew they wanted a brand that truly concept to include quotes from Lewis Carroll’s quirky book ‘Through represented their unique close working relationship. All they the Looking-Glass’. We then designed their stationery and website had so far was a company name and they weren’t even happy and branded it to complete the transformation. with that. © Brand New Direction & Designation 2009 Designation ® is a registered trademark of Ltd
  5. 5. “We would be honoured to be one of your case studies after the brilliant job that your team has done for us with Emma Gamble, Reflexxion website
  6. 6. pu enabling you to bring your big ideas to life “We needed a creative partner to help us make the right impression, matching our global aspirations. Designation has been brilliant!” website David Ross, Managing Director homepage
  7. 7. website newsletter key services sheets Situation: PU provides high value senior management Solution: Designation has now developed a superb brand presence coaching using NLP methodology. Its global aspirations were for PU, and with the help of our own website management system not matched by the quality of its communication materials. Eddie®, their plans to set up satellite offices around the world are PU needed a creative partner that would work alongside it to well under way. We’ve worked very closely with PU on a number of develop its image. projects to help develop cohesive and consistent communications at every touchpoint. © Brand New Direction & Designation 2009 Designation ® is a registered trademark of Ltd
  8. 8. “Our brand identity is very important to us, and we trust Designation completely to deliver against it.” Tom Abram, Director, Management Consultants, Atkins Recruitment brochure
  9. 9. Christmas newsletter website ‘STAR’ presentation item Situation: Atkins is Europe’s largest multi-disciplinary consulting Solution: Designation redesigned the Management Consultancy firm, helping clients achieve genuine benefits from their investment website and all associated marketing collateral to exploit the new and change programmes. Recently the company has adopted branding in imaginative yet compliant ways. Designation continues exciting new branding that reflects their dynamic approach to to manage the website and delivery printed materials. change. The non-prescriptive guidelines provide lots of scope to communicate creatively, but big risks if implemented badly. © Brand New Direction & Designation 2009 Designation ® is a registered trademark of Ltd
  10. 10. “Designation helped us develop a much clearer brand proposition that will support our future growth.” Graham Stowell, Managing Director, Bronzeoak brand guidelines
  11. 11. key images website selection electronic presentations Situation: Bronzeoak is a company established more than Solution: Through a number of workshops we helped Bronzeoak 25 years ago when renewable energy was a fringe activity. Today refine its marketing message to ‘realising responsible energy’ they find themselves very much in the mainstream and wanted and developed guidelines on how to deliver consistently across a brand that they could build future growth on, with their new all touchpoints. We also helped with the internal alignment of global partners. Bronzeoak’s new brand. © Brand New Direction & Designation 2009 Designation ® is a registered trademark of Ltd
  12. 12. “Designation was key in the successful launch of our unique TV channel for modern British Asians.” Nilam Panchal, Vice President International Business, MAX launch Sony Entertainment Television Asia Integrated campaign
  13. 13. Press campaign for Fear Factor Door hanger Bus superside for Indian Idol direct mailers PLEASE DO NOT DISTURB I AM WATCHING MAX THE PREMIUM MOVIE & EVENTS CHANN EL ENTER MAX ADY FOR ROOM RE Brand identity Billboard campaign for Big Brother for Sony Sports Awards Situation: Sony Entertainment Television Asia needed an Solution: Designation created an integrated campaign with press advertising campaign for the launch of its 24 hour Bollywood adverts in all the major Asian press outside India, plus bus sides, movie channel MAX. banner adverts, posters, direct mailers, stationery and stands. Designation has now been appointed as the sole creative agency outside India for the channel, which is now available throughout the world. © Brand New Direction & Designation 2009 Designation ® is a registered trademark of Ltd