Making the most of your iTools


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Tips and Tricks for utilizing your iPhone and iPad for maximum efficiency and productivity.

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Making the most of your iTools

  1. 1. Making the Most of your iTools with Kristi Hargis, President Kinected Marketing
  2. 2. Apps to download for this session• Mingle• LiveShare• Looker
  3. 3. iPhone / iPadGeneral tips on how to use efficiently
  4. 4. MultitaskingDouble Click Home Button Select Which App To Switch To
  5. 5. Dry Out a Wet iPhone• If you drop your iPhone in the water or get it wet, towel dry it off (do NOT blow-dry), and submerge it in a bowl of uncooked white rice for 24 hours
  6. 6. Save PhotosIn Safari, touch andhold an image to saveit to your Camera Rollor copy it to paste intoan MMS or email.
  7. 7. Scrolling
  8. 8. Swipe to Delete Messages• To delete an unwanted email, text message or voicemail without opening them, just swipe across the message from right to left when you see it in list view and tap the red Delete button.
  9. 9. Talk-to-TextOpen a text message & select the Microphone icon Annunciate into the phone
  10. 10. Talk-to-TextThe pink dots mean it’s loading You’ll see your message appear
  11. 11. ScreenshotPress and hold theHome button, thenpress the Sleep/Wakebutton. Your screenflashes and the pictureappears in yourCamera Roll.
  12. 12. Organize your Apps by Folder• To organize your Apps by Folder, simply touch the app you want to move, wait for it to wiggle, and drag it on top of another app you want to group it with. Then, name your new folder.
  13. 13. Share Multiple Photos
  14. 14. Hold Your iPhone like a Camera• Instead of trying to hold your phone steady and take a photo, turn it sideways and use the volume button as the camera button.
  15. 15. Apps for BusinessApps that assist in day-to-day business and office work
  16. 16. Mingle Your next client, job, employee orcolleague could be next to you. Dont miss out.
  17. 17. Mingle
  18. 18. Mingle
  19. 19. Skype• As an app, integrates Texting, FaceTime, and Phone calls• FREE• As a business tool, useful for sharing large files, conference calling, and using Online Numbers (call from mobile or landline to Skype)
  20. 20. Dropbox• 2GB space free• Your files available 24/7 on• Apps for iPhone, Android, and Blackberry• Works even when offline. You always have your files, whether or not you have a connection.
  21. 21. DropboxOrganizes folders in ABC order Organizes files in ABC order
  22. 22. DropboxOpens files in seconds Able to share from the App
  23. 23. Apps for MarketingApps that assist with social media and general marketing practices
  24. 24. Blogging: Wordpress
  25. 25. Blogging: Blogger
  26. 26. FacebookFacebook Facebook Pages / Messager
  27. 27. Friend Requests Messages Notifications Facebook
  28. 28. LinkedIn• Find and connect with more than 161 million members worldwide.• Stay up-to-date with people in your network.• Sync your calendar to get LinkedIn profile information about the people youre meeting with.• View and save recommended jobs.• Read the latest industry news.• Keep up-to-date with your groups.• Share content with your network.
  29. 29. LinkedIn
  30. 30. LinkedIn
  31. 31. Twitter• Browse interests• Find & follow friends• Tweet & Retweet• Follow people or businesses• Exchange Direct messages with your followers• Share photos, videos and web pages• Search what’s trending on Twitter
  32. 32. Twitter
  33. 33. PinterestFeatures:• Browse pins from people and pinboards you follow.• Repin, like and comment on your favorite pins.• Pin with your camera!
  34. 34. Pinterest
  35. 35. Pinterest
  36. 36. Apps for Party Rental & Events Apps that can help you and your customers connect
  37. 37. Napkin Master - $1.99• Search designs• Receive step-by- step instructions on napkin folding
  38. 38. Napkin Master - $1.99
  39. 39. My Banquet for iPad - $3.99• Design and create multiple • Add contacts directly on your layouts and banquets iPad• Share your banquet designs • Synchronize RSVP with with others Facebook event• Create your own banquet • Report by invitees, by table, elements (tables, pools, etc.) confirmed, unconfirmed, not• Add your own backgrounds seated guests• Choose from three different • Import Guest List from canvas sizes previous banquets• Import your contacts from a • Create your own templates spreadsheet •• Import contacts from ch?v=p8exQN68TTA Facebook
  40. 40. Photos App for Slideshow - iPad• Tap the Photos Icon• Select Album (or category)• Instead of choosing a photo to enlarge, click the Slideshow link in the upper right corner.
  41. 41. Photos App for Slideshow - iPad Add Music Choose Your Transition
  42. 42. LiveShare
  43. 43. LiveShare
  44. 44. LiveShare
  45. 45. Interested in Creating an App for an Event? - FREE! Bestused for creating an App for a specificevent• Example: TRA Roundup!• Where are specific exhibitors booths?• What is the schedule of events?• Map of property• Bios of speakers and backgrounds• Basically a virtual, interactive brochure…• Make online, manage on the app
  46. 46. Bloodhound
  47. 47. Bloodhound
  48. 48. Useful Apps• Red Laser – Bar Code Scanner. Compare prices to items around various other retailers• LED Flashlight – Don’t underestimate the power of having a flashlight handy• Scanner Pro ($7.00) – Portable Scanner on the go – Better than taking a photo bc you can scan multiple documents including receipts – Make PDF’s from files – Protect documents with a password – Upload them to Dropbox, Google Docs, and other online storage – Good for viewing paper notes and making them into digital copies (like the notes you are taking right now, eh?) Don’t worry about losing that notebook!
  49. 49. Find Your Lost iPhone• As long as you sign up in advance, the free “Find My iPhone” App will help you locate your device on a map (on your computer or other iPhone or iPad). You can display a message or initiate a loud ring (in case its under the cushions), or remotely lock or wipe its data.
  50. 50. Cool Gadgets for iPhone
  51. 51. Intuit GoPayment or SquareIntuit GoPayment Square
  52. 52. Kogeto Dot• Looker App. Install and Register.• Take 360 degree video. Great for previewing an event or setup and uploading to FB.• en&NR=1&v=cftDmeNXfZY• Please tweet videos to @KinectedTweets• Email them to