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Tbg social chat_apps_2014

  1. 1. A WAR OF WORDS Who’s winning the battle for chat app supremacy? © 2014 TBG
  2. 2. SOCIAL CHAT APPS  In April last year we reviewed the movers and shakers in social chat apps: WhatsApp, Kik, Snapchat and Path  See ‘Chat, sharing and the future of social media’ here  8 months on, we’ll take another look and see how the landscape has changed and if there are any opportunities for branded content  We’ll also see how the major social networks have responded © 2014 TBG
  3. 3. WHATSAPP WhatsApp is steadfastly a messaging app No extended platforms, games or advertising – and no place for brands © 2014 TBG
  4. 4. WHATSAPP 48 billion messages per day, up from 20 billion in April 16 billion sent and 32 billion received Source 1, © 2014 TBG Source 2
  5. 5. WHATSAPP © 2014 TBG
  6. 6. WHATSAPP MONETISATION $0.99 a year after a free trial period of one year but those who installed prior to the subscription payment model will not be charged If 50% of their 400 million active users are subscribers, then that’s $200 million a year revenue © 2014 TBG
  7. 7. KIK For brands, Kik is a more interesting prospect, as they are building a platform where shared content is viewed within the app This means more user time within the platform, and more opportunity for advertising and the distribution of branded content © 2014 TBG
  8. 8. KIK Kik has doubled in size from 50 million to 100 million users since April 640 million messages are sent per day Source © 2014 TBG
  9. 9. KIK Recently One Direction partnered with the platform to promote their latest album © 2014 TBG
  10. 10. KIK MONETISATION Kik’s founder said that he sees a future for monetising within Kik’s Cards via advertisements and mobile shopping, while he hopes to keep the core messaging service a “pure” experience © 2014 TBG Source
  11. 11. SNAPCHAT Snapchat, the self-destructive image sharing app is growing fast but it has some image problems Security leaks, hacks to save images and its ‘sexting’ reputation means it’s a no-go for most brands © 2014 TBG
  12. 12. SNAPCHAT Users share 400 million snaps per day, up from 150 million in April The app has around 60 million installs and 30 million monthly active users © 2014 TBG
  13. 13. SNAPCHAT Snapchat has unveiled Stories – a kind of news feed where users can post a snap that expires in 24 hours This opened up the platform for brands to broadcast messages to followers in a more traditional way (and the possibility for Snapchat to eventually charge brands for this) © 2014 TBG
  14. 14. SNAPCHAT MONETISATION Snapchat will struggle to attract the big advertisers because of its slightly dirty image. Brands that use the platform and are comfortable with this image (like Taco Bell and MTV’s Geordie Shore) could eventually pay to reach Snapchat’s niche demographic. © 2014 TBG Source
  15. 15. PATH Path isn’t a dedicated chat app, but it does have messaging features Tt also caters for users looking for a more private social sharing experience, limiting friends to 150 © 2014 TBG
  16. 16. PATH Doubling its registered users since April, Path now has 20 million users Path, like Whatsapp is resolutely ad- and brand-free © 2014 TBG
  17. 17. PATH They’ve recently added new features allowing users to create an ‘inner circle’ of friends © 2014 TBG
  18. 18. PATH MONETISATION Users can buy in-app items or sign up to the premium subscription service Users pay a hefty $14.99 a year to access the full suite of stickers for chat and filters for shared photos © 2014 TBG Source
  19. 19. SOCIAL CHAT APPS To see how Facebook, Twitter and Instagram have responded to the rise in chat apps and find out how Twitter is involved in developing a cross-platform native ad server visit Inside Social: inside-social.tumblr.com Get the insider’s view on all things social © 2014 TBG