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  1. 1. The Issue• Federal Communications Commission wishes to regulate internet access and set prices for ISPs• Court ruling against FCC’s claim and opportunity in Congress• Current advocacy and media campaign for “non competition‐enabling” “firm‐restricting” ‘net neutrality’.
  2. 2. VisionPeople’s ability to provide and accessunregulated internet content flow andconnectivity speed in the U.S. and the rest ofthe world.
  3. 3. MissionMaintain free and unregulated internet accessfor content flow and connectivity speed byinfluencing the current policy debate on ‘netneutrality’.
  4. 4. Target Image• International non‐partisan grassroots campaign• Launched by concerned citizens from 6 countries• Our agenda is to stop the government from taking over the internet
  5. 5. Goal• Stop ‘Net Neutrality’ movement by creating awareness amongst American internet users on the negative effects of this proposal• Influence the policy debate to make FCC, Congress, and social media consider ‘net neutrality’ as NET BRUTALITY.• Bring all supporters of our cause together under one common banner.• Petition the FCC and the Government
  6. 6. Target Groups• Libertarian like minded internet users and video gamers• Fiscal and Social Conservative Activists, Campaigners and Think Tanks• Internet Service Providers and Communications companies• Policy makers (Legislators, Regulators, Public officials)
  7. 7. Key Messages• Net Neutrality = Net BRUTALITY!• Government regulated internet is inefficient• Internet regulation will lead to content censorship and excessive taxation• The Internet is not immune from economic principles and forces
  8. 8. Our Strategy• Online Media Campaign – Webpage – Social Media: • Facebook Group • Chinese Blog • Twitter Messaging• Advocacy Efforts – ATR Wednesday Meeting – Informational and Take Action Pamphlet
  9. 9. Our Products and Activities• ATR Wednesday Meeting
  10. 10.
  11. 11. Americans For Tax Reform (Wednesday Meetings)Pamphlet
  12. 12. Facebook Group
  13. 13. Blog in Chinese
  14. 14. Twitter
  15. 15. Our Outcome• Webpage Traffic: 200 Visitors in 3 days• Facebook Figures: About 200 supporters in two days• Twitter Figures: Following 293 people, 22 follower, 1 list• Organizational Support:ATRCATOAmong others