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A presentation of, a crowdsourced digital platform and social initiative to monitor parliamentary politics and promote open public institutions in Greece.

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  2. 2. Familiar with these?
  3. 3. Who decides for whom? The markets? The Troika? The European Council? The Government? The citizens?
  4. 4. Democratic Malaise in Europe Vacuum of information (what ‘crisis?) Vacuum of representation (are elections enough?) Vacuum of satisfaction with democracy (75% in Greece, 57% in the EU) Vacuum of democratic legitimacy who decides, (new “sovereignty”, “TINA”)
  5. 5. Institutional & Social Recession in Greece* • Dissatisfaction with democracy • Extremist vote gains momentum • Political polarization causes financial vulnerability • Low capacity of central administration • Justice delivery delayed • Obscure & fast-track legislation-making • Critical social reforms delayed/impeded • Social rights unprotected • Freedom of press contested • Minorities protection problematic • Efforts to limit transparency • High levels of public sector corruption • Access to public data limited • Open government limited *Concluded by reports by Demos, World Bank, WEF, Transparency International, EU Commission
  6. 6. On the other hand.. • Government-driven reforms (“clarity” program, OpenGov, public consultations, StarUpGreece, social media) • Pressure from abroad to release data (Greek Statistics Authority) and design data-driven policy goals • Self-organized communities and digital activists • Social enterprises and knowledge communities • Open Government Partnership • EL/LAK - Open Source pioneers
  7. 7. The Big Challenge: Connect the real world with the digital world How to Educate Engage Empower Disrupt Reform Improve Things to Consider Show impact potential User friendly platforms Play by the rules Get Data Bring all stakeholders on the table Build partnerships Gain publicity Utilize legislation & knowledge Advocate and act!
  8. 8. March 2014: VOULIWATCH goes online!
  9. 9. The Idea • The concept was born in Germany and has travelled to Austria, Ireland, France, Luxembourg and Tunisia. • Adjustment to Greece‘s specificities (e.g. large digital divide, low internet penetration). • We inserted innovative crowdsourcing capabilities and open consultation apps
  10. 10. What is Vouliwatch? • A non profit initiative to disrupt old democratic politics • A movement to promote civic participation and transparency • An innovative digital platform to provide knowledge, familiarize the youth with legislative politics and engage them in a productive dialogue with the MPs • A knowledge and research aggregator • An agent of the international movement of open government and open parliamentary politics
  11. 11. 4 Basic Functions 1. Ask the MPs/MEPs 2. Crowdsource ideas 3. Monitor MP voting behavior 4. Evaluate and monitor party agendas
  12. 12. Vouliwatch goes social +6.364 likes +1.434 followers
  13. 13. Data & Impact • Members: 1.011 • Questions to MPs: 409 • MP Answers: 50 • Crowdsourced Ideas: 25 • Unique Visitors: 44.470 • Average visitor span: 02:31’
  14. 14. Publicity & Events
  15. 15. Our Partnerships.. Promote open government, parliamentary transparency, open public data and enhanced democratic participation in order to REFORM LEGISLATIVE POLITICS AND MAKE THEM MORE INCLUSIVE
  16. 16. How to Maximize impact? • Media partnerships • NGO partnerships • User-Friendly Mobile apps • Video Campaign • Legal activism (open data law) • More Events • University discussions • Live Broadcasting • Parliamentwatch conference in Athens
  17. 17. Areas of focus • Legislation Reports • Good Governance Principles • Party and MP Financing • Public Budget process • Open Government policies • Open Data Legislation • Public Consultations • Facilitate interest representation
  18. 18. JOIN US! • DONATE (Indiegogo Campaign) • Become a member • Ask your MP • Raise local or national issues • Become an internet volunteer • Organize an event/political lab • Become a scientific advisor • Join our advisory board Check our website & REGISTER TODAY!
  19. 19. Send us your feedback