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Your legal Rights: An Introduction may 2012


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These slides provide a tour of the Your Legal Rights website at Your Legal Rights is a website of free legal information for people in Ontario. A project of CLEO, Your Legal Rights is funded by the Law Foundation of Ontario.

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Your legal Rights: An Introduction may 2012

  1. 1. Your Legal Rights: An Introduction Presentation by Fiona MacCool Your Legal Rights Project Manager CLEO Community Legal Education Ontario / Éducation juridique communautaire OntarioUpdated May 2012
  2. 2. • For 40 years CLEO has provided free, reliableand accessible information to help peopleunderstand and exercise their legal rights.• On key legal issues in areas such as housing,employment, family law, social assistance,immigration, and more.• Available in English, French, and sixother languages.
  3. 3. What is Your Legal Rights?A project of CLEO, Your Legal Rights is a websiteof free legal information for people in Ontario.This site has free, practical, and easy-to-findlegal information produced by hundreds oforganizations across Ontario.
  4. 4. Site Features:• Resources - Legal information covering a wide range of legal topics, in a variety of formats, and available in dozens of languages• Common Questions - Questions and answers to everyday legal problems• Find Services - Interactive map of key legal and social services across Ontario• Training - Public legal education training webinars for service providers• News & Events - The latest headlines and community events about the law and access to justice
  5. 5. Subscribe to our daily Your LegalRights Email Bulletin or a weeklybulletin of legal information, acommon question of the week,and a weekly bulletin of ourlatest training webinars. Formore information or to subscribevisit: Email Bulletins.
  6. 6. Customized Updates from Every Section
  7. 7. Content FeedsFree and easy to add to your site, our content feedsprovide your web site with up to date content from YourLegal Rights.How our feeds look on other websites• Our Latest News - Campaigns and Law Reform feed onthe Income Security Advocacy Centre website.• Our Latest Common Questions - Human Rights feed onthe Community Advocacy and Legal Centre website• Our Latest News - Employment and Work feed on theInjured Workers Online website
  8. 8. Latest News & Events –Campaigns and LawReform on the IncomeSecurity Advocacy Centrewebsite
  9. 9. Common Questions feeds onvarious legal topic pages of theCALC website
  10. 10. Latest Resources feed onthe North Shore Legalwebsite home page
  11. 11. • Pilot project funded by the Law Foundation ofOntario to improve access to legal information andservices for people who don’t speak English or Frenchor who live in rural and remote communities• Community organizations can work with partners todevelop an innovative legal information trainingproject or join a province-wide community legaleducation network and learning exchange• Contact Vivien Green, Project Manager,
  12. 12. Keep in touch! Fiona MacCool Your Legal Rights Project Manager Tel: 416-408-4420 ext. 829 Email: Web site: http://www.yourlegalrights.on.caTwitter Feed: CLEONet Facebook Page: