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Internal Medicine Board Review - Infectious Disease Flashcards - by Knowmedge


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Internal Medicine Board Review Flashcards - This eBook contains 50 Infectious Disease Flashcards. The Flashcards are review questions and can be used to study for medical board exams including the USMLE Step Exams and the ABIM Internal Medicine Exam. More questions can be found at

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Internal Medicine Board Review - Infectious Disease Flashcards - by Knowmedge

  1. 1. Infectious Disease Includes 50 Flashcards for Board Exam prep INTERNAL MEDICINE BOARD REVIEW FLASHCARDS
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  4. 4. What is the causative organism of chancroid? Question 1 Haemophilus ducreyi Answer 1
  5. 5. What are treatment options for chancroid? Question 2 Azithromycin, Ceftriaxone, Ciprofloxacin, Erythromycin Answer 2
  6. 6. What is the most common causative organism of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP)? Question 3 The most common causative organism of SBP is E. coli which is seen in about 40- 60% of cases. Answer 3
  7. 7. The diagnosis of spontaneous bacterial peritonitis (SBP) is made when the ascitic fluid has a PMN count greater than _______ or a single organism on culture. Question 4 250/µL Answer 4
  8. 8. What type of vaginitis is described? The overgrowth of bacteria in the vagina leads to a "fishy" or foul-smelling discharge. Question 5 Bacterial (Gardnerella) vaginosis Answer 5
  9. 9. What kind of vaginitis is characterized by "cottage cheese" discharge and pseudohyphae on wet mount? Question 6 Candidiasis Answer 6
  10. 10. True or False: All age groups of women may be affected by vaginitis, but patients over the age of 60 are at greater risk. Question 7 False; Patients are at greater risk during their reproductive years. Answer 7
  11. 11. An arthrocentesis showing white blood cell (WBC) count greater than ______ will confirm the diagnosis of septic arthritis. Question 8 50,000/µL Answer 8
  12. 12. True or False: Nocardia can cause lung, brain and skin infections and does not manifest as an infection in the urine Question 9 True Answer 9
  13. 13. Patients who have intranuclear or intracytoplasmic inclusions on a urinalysis, increasing creatinine level, and are status-post transplant on tacrolimus likely have what condition? Question 10 Human polyomavirus nephropathy Answer 10
  14. 14. __________ is a bacterial infection that typically starts in the lungs and can affect the brain and skin as well. Question 11 Nocardiosis Answer 11
  15. 15. Nocardia is a (weakly or strongly?) acid fast organism. Question 12 Strongly Answer 12
  16. 16. True or False: Nocardia is a branching and filamentous Gram positive organism. Question 13 True Answer 13
  17. 17. ____________ is a foodborne illness and generally impacts patients at the extremes of age, pregnant women or those with weakened immune systems. Question 14 Listeriosis Answer 14
  18. 18. (Giardiasis or Toxoplasmosis?) is a parasitic disease that passes from animals like cats to humans. Question 15 Toxoplasmosis Answer 15
  19. 19. What condition results in acute testicular pain with overlying redness, warmth and tenderness of the scrotal sac? Question 16 Epididymitis Answer 16
  20. 20. True or False: Prehn’s test is not specific but can help differentiate between testicular torsion and epididymitis. Question 17 True Answer 17
  21. 21. If there is no relief of pain with elevation of the testicle, this is a (Positive or Negative?) Prehn’s test, indicative of (Testicular torsion or Epididymitis?) Question 18 Negative; Testicular torsion Answer 18
  22. 22. Which malignancy is treated with FOLFOX therapy? Question 19 Colon cancer Answer 19
  23. 23. What is the treatment for hepatitis C patients? Question 20 Ribavirin and interferon Answer 20
  24. 24. Which hepatitis is associated with porphyria cutanea tarda? Question 21 Hepatitis C Answer 21
  25. 25. What is the chronicity rate of hepatitis B? Question 22 Less than 10% Answer 22
  26. 26. Which hepatitis has the greatest chance of developing chronicity? Question 23 Hepatitis C, with a chronicity rate between 70 and 85% Answer 23
  27. 27. What is the goal central venous pressure in the treatment of a patient with sepsis? Question 24 8-12cm H2O Answer 24
  28. 28. What is the goal mean arterial pressure in the treatment of a patient with sepsis? Question 25 65mmHg Answer 25
  29. 29. True or False: Alcohol-based hand cleaners will not help prevent infections of C. diff since the alcohol can’t kill the spores of C diff. Question 26 True Answer 26
  30. 30. True or False: C. diff infection requires both contact and airborne precautions. Question 27 False; C. diff infection only requires contact precautions. Answer 27
  31. 31. True or False: Mycobacterium tuberculosis does not require airborne precaution - only contact precaution. Question 28 False; Mycobacterium tuberculosis requires airborne precautions. Answer 28
  32. 32. What is the most common cause of death in infective endocarditis? Question 29 Neurologic deficits secondary to embolic phenomena Answer 29
  33. 33. What is the most common skin finding in infective endocarditis? Question 30 Petechiae Answer 30
  34. 34. What group of organisms cause culture negative infective endocarditis? Question 31 HACEK group of organisms. H- Hemophillus, A- Actinobaciluus, C- Cardiobacterium, E- Eiknella, K- Kingella Answer 31
  35. 35. What is the most common infective organism in a patient with fever, new cardiac murmur and a history of IV drug abuse? Question 32 Staphylococcus aureus Answer 32
  36. 36. What is the next best step in a patient with endocarditis caused by Streptococcus bovis? Question 33 Colonoscopy to rule out colorectal infection Answer 33
  37. 37. Having chickenpox previously denotes immunity against what organism? Question 34 Varicella zoster virus Answer 34
  38. 38. True or False: E. Coli is not a common cause of catheter-associated infection Question 35 False; E. Coli is one of the major culprits of catheter-associated infections Answer 35
  39. 39. True or False: Candida in the blood should never be considered a contaminant and treatment should be initiated promptly. Question 36 True Answer 36
  40. 40. What agent is preferred for treating non- albicans Candida? Question 37 Echinocandins, like caspofungin, are preferred to treat non-albicans Candida Answer 37
  41. 41. True or False: Zoster vaccination is contraindicated in HIV patients. Question 38 True; Being a live vaccine, zoster vaccination is contraindicated in HIV patients. Answer 38
  42. 42. Herpes zoster vaccination is recommended in individuals who are immunocompetent and are older than ___ years of age. Question 39 60 Answer 39
  43. 43. For puncture wounds or dirty wounds, confirming that the patient is up to date with _____ or ______ vaccinations is very important. Question 40 Tetanus-diphtheria (Td) or tetanus- diphtheria-pertussis (Tdap) Answer 40
  44. 44. True or False: Live vaccinations administered to such patients can activate the immune system which could lead to further progression of HIV disease. Question 41 True Answer 41
  45. 45. Live vaccinations should generally be avoided in all HIV patients. Any HIV patient who has a CD4 count less than ___/µL should absolutely not be given live vaccinations. Question 42 200 Answer 42
  46. 46. What is the most common nosocomial infection? Question 43 Urinary Tract Infection Answer 43
  47. 47. What is the most common causative organism for community-acquired urinary tract infection? Question 44 Escherichia coli Answer 44
  48. 48. True or False: Any blood culture that reveals candida should never be considered a contaminant. Question 45 True Answer 45
  49. 49. True or False: Candidemia can progress to endocarditis Question 46 True Answer 46
  50. 50. True or False: Fluconazole is not an appropriate choice in non-neturopenic patients Question 47 False; Non-neutropenic patients usually benefit from fluconazole Answer 47
  51. 51. Of the most common Nosocomial infections, which one has the highest mortality rate? Question 48 Pneumonia Answer 48
  52. 52. With which eye condition is ulcerative colitis associated? Question 49 Anterior uveitis Answer 49
  53. 53. What is the eye condition that causes a lack of ipsilateral adduction to a contralateral gaze? Question 50 Internuclear ophthalmoplegia (INO) Answer 50
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