mlt medical laboratory technology introduction to ethics functions of bile nervous tissue epithelial tissue medical lab technology stem cells crispr ivf futureofmedicine bioethics geneticediting assistedreproductivetechnology icmrguidelines medicalresearch embryology national health care laboratory manual hematology disin microbial sterilization virus notes medical virology patient preventing infections hais hospital infections microbial life sterilization 1. flowcytometery : principles laboratory procedures blood analysis medical technology laboratory equipment differential count complete blood count (cbc) autoanalyzer h560 standard operating procedure haematology lab careers pso peo po co obe blooms action verbs obe assesment rubricks outcome based education enzyme histochemistry induction program report for m beryllium toxicity notes arsenic poisoining aptitude questions aluminium toxicity notes antimony freez immuno histo chemistry bacteriology notes vamsi mlt mlt assistant professor attuluri vamsi kumar assistant professor msc mlt mlt mlt job mlt resume medical lab technology resume mlt cv anticoagulants cyto megalo virus adeno virus gall bladder 9. to study stained slide preparatio pancreas experiment no experiment name 1. basic principles complete medical mycology hippocratic oath and confidentiality in medical et ethics in organ transplantation medico legal cases medical ethics medical records musculo skeletal system bones of human body notes respiratory physiology cell structure and function cells and tissues written notes epithelial tissue notes components and composition blood properties tissues notes bio sensors disaster preparedness and managment anti microbiol resistance infection control practices cross infection controll personal protective equipement bio medical waste managment bmw sterlization techniques emergency patient movement automated external defibrillator cardio pulmonary resuscitation cpr chockinf and ventilation including use of bvm basic emergency care and first aid and triage vital signs and primary assesment quality improvement tools concepts of quality of care inflammation a superorder within the arthropods. arbovirus is an informal name used to refer to any prevention by promoting breastfeeding and vitamin a supplemen convulsions) requires intravenous treatment in hos unconsciousness whereas severe pneumonia with danger signs (hypoth the integrated management of childhood illness gui and c-reactive protein can be obtained (fig. 1.3). serum procalcitonin chest x-ray and eosinophilia in parasitic infection. when avai a normal white cell count or leukopenia in viral i and necrotizing pneumonia. a blood count usually r lung abscess and currant-jelly or dark-red sputum suggests kleb “rusty” sputum is seen in pneumococcal pneumonia watery sputum is often noted in atypical pneumonia and odor. mucopurulent sputum is commonly found in consistency amount investigations and management sputum examination i horses and seals. antigenic characterization of in whales pigs chickens including ducks different types (a & b) and subtypes (influenza a) influenza a viruses can be broken down into sub-ty while flu viruses are around 80–120 nm. are around ten times larger at about 300 nanometer such as smallpox and vaccinia other viruses with diameters of about 30 nanometers. by comparis and c) include around 160 recognized types of huma b the temperatures found in the nose. rhinoviruses b and the latin vīrus) is the most common viral infe gen ῥινός rhinos "of the nose" the rhinovirus (from the greek ῥίς rhis "nose" pakistan and afghanistan. pregnant women are more polio is caused by the poliovirus. the vast majori embryonated egg culture ell culture viral cultivation morphology of virus pathogenesis of virus inteference test inclusion bodies cytopathic eeffects viral replication types of viruses clasification of virus subcutaneous mycoses. opportunistic fungi dermatophytes cândida superficial mycoses names of fungi & diseases caused by them classification & general characteristics of variou basic concepts about superficial and deep mycoses introduction to medical mycology nervous system physiology notes pregnancy tests & fertility control pregnancy infertility menopause ovulation menstrual cycle semen. female reproductive system: ovary prostate gland male reproductive system: seminal vesicles hypochromic: a descriptive term applied to a red b branches of hematology: generally these are of 3 t i. innate immunity a. types of innate immunity c. sputum staining cervical sputum smears preparation of wet film demonstratio collection & preparation of vaginal test results etc demonstration of working of spectrophotometer demo precipitation in agarose gel (ouchterlony) demonst immuno diffusion determination by immuno fluorescence (if) separation and preservation of serum widal test vd ethics of laboratory collection of blood sample by essential requirement of records uses and importance of records types of records in laboratory set up collecting documentation understand guidelines for documentation importance of documentation importance of verbal communication method of observation importance of patient observation consequences of of population explosion growth curvue population explosion factors controlling population population growth curvue population issues human population public awareness indian scenario in enforment enforcement of enviornmental legislation functions of l.i functional anatomy of l.i functional anatomy of s.i functional anatomy of small intestine composition of bile physiology properties of bile functions of liver functional anatomy of biliary system functional anatomy of liver world diabetes day awareness power point for depar composition of gastric juice and functions of gast properties of gastric juice gastric secretions notes for mlt students functions of stomach and glands of stomach gastric functional anatomy of stomach 1. lab ethics 2. lab safety 3. sample collectio necrosis apoptosis mitosis miosis cell cycle safety of lab staff immunization to lab personal vaccines managment of enviorment importance of envs definition of envs scope of enviormental sciences introduction to enviormental sceinces hyaline cartilage muscular tissues connective tisuues tissues cells connective tissue muscular tissue organ systems forbsc mlt students general physiology organ systems energy web food web ecology envioormental sciences lab safet for mlt students medical lab safety lab safety ethics for mlt students clinical lab ethics laboratory ethics gclp for mlt students good clinical lab practices body fluids examination thoracentesis percardiocentesis paracentesis examination of synovial fluid examination of peritonial fluid examination of pericardial fluid examination of pleural fluid semen examination for bsc mlt students semen cryopreservation immunological assay's of semen examination chemical examination of semen microscopic examination of semen gross examination of semen collection of semen sample conditions to examine semen pet scan ethics in biotechnology lab investigations common pathway extrinsic pathway intrinsic pathway bleeding disorders coagulation hemostasis separation techniques mechanism of immune system immune system compliment system mlt infrastructure of mlt lab clinical laboratory medical laboratory brain anatomy brain strom brain
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