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Knoda Fundraising Summer 2014


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Knoda is raising money. Here is our plan.

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Knoda Fundraising Summer 2014

  1. 1. KNODA Holding the world accountable. Kyle Rogers + James Flexman
  2. 2. Origin Story Origin In 1999, Kyle Rogers (Co-Founder) watched his beloved Kansas Jayhawks, with their stud Freshman class of Drew Gooden, Nick Collison and Kirk Hinrich, destroy an opponent in their first game. He boldly told his Mom, “Mom, when these guys are seniors in 2003, they are winning the National Championship!” Flash forward 4 years. Kansas is playing Syracuse for the Title. Kyle tells his Mom, “Remember when I predicted this?” Kyle’s Mom responds, “What are you talking about? No you didn’t.” And the idea for Knoda was born. All because his Mom didn’t remember his prediction? Pretty much.
  3. 3. Product ● iPhone App ● Android App ● Amazon App ● Website ( ● Embeddable Predictions Widget
  4. 4. Competition/Ego Go head-to-head with your friends.
  5. 5. Mission: Bring accountability to the world. Skip Bayless. Jim Cramer. Lee Corso. Stephen A. Smith. Are the “EXPERTS” actually any good? Are you better than they are?
  6. 6. The Plan ● $1,600,000 gives us an 18 month runway to focus on growth ● Focus on building a great product experience, substantial partnerships and solidifying our revenue opportunities ● Seize the market ● Protect our intellectual property with a patent (already secured preliminary patent on system for making, settling, rating predictions)
  7. 7. Marketing Plan 1 2 3 Strategic partnerships with large media companies. Build virality into the product. Embeddable predictions and widgets on websites and blogs. Recently launched embeddable predictions and have been featured on over 20+ blogs/sites in first two weeks. 4 Partner with large brands/sites on Contests Oscars, College Football, The Voice, etc. Create fun, unique contests.
  8. 8. Monthly Budget * Based off sample month at start of budget
  9. 9. Team Kyle Rogers CEO James Flexman COO Adam England CTO Davyeon Ross Advisor Thad Langford Advisor Founder of Digital Sports Ventures, successfully exited. ShotTracker co-founder. Former CEO of Zave Networks, which was bought by Google. 6+ years social media/marketing experience. Built social media team at Sporting Kansas City and AWG. 4+ years product strategy experience. 3 years sponsorships, 3 years marketing at Sporting Kansas City. 4 years product development experience at Sporting Innovations and BlackOps Development. 10+ years development experience at Carfax, Lexmark, LiveOn, Sporting Innovations. 6+ years management of development teams. Full-stack developer. Jeff Hanes Investor Angel investor. Former owner of Carter-Waters.
  10. 10. Business Model Advertising/Content ○ Sponsored Ads/Predictions targeted at user interests ○ Sponsored Contests ○ Repackage our content for unique experiences ala Twitter Data ○ Market research ○ Big data analytics
  11. 11. Exit Opportunities Media/Content: Data: Gaming/Entertainment:
  12. 12. Vision: Knoda Scores are mainstream and the de facto accountability/reputation metric. “Did you see Lee Corso is only a 20 at College Football. I’m an 88.” Knoda predictions are everywhere - The Bachelor, sports pre-game shows, Mad Money.
  13. 13. Appendix: Financials Budget, Financials, Plan, Past Investment, History, Competition, Data, Case Study
  14. 14. 18-Month Budget
  15. 15. Financial Projections
  16. 16. Product Plan ● Simplify the experience ● Contests ● Add social to the feed ● Rivals - experts/celebs/friends ● Scores - introduce accountability feature ● Personalization of the feed ○ Interests ○ Location ○ Trending ● Real-time notifications around events and news ● Enhance the conversation around predictions by providing relevant tweets, news and videos from our partners
  17. 17. Marketing Plan ● Embeddable Predictions/Widgets on websites/blogs ● Partner with major media/content companies ● Build growth into the product experience ● Additional: ○ Traditional PR - target the bigger dogs - Techcrunch, Recode, CNET, etc. ○ Earned media - continue building stories around predictions (so far includes Golden Tate, #esurancesave30 contest) ○ Content marketing - newsletter, blog, viral sites, videos ○ Guerilla marketing - Twitter, new social channels, other prediction sites
  18. 18. Investment Highlights ● $5,000 each from founding team (total of $10,000) ● SparkLabKC Accelerator - $18,000 for 4% ● Digital Sandbox KC - $16,000 grant ● Employee/Advisor Option Pool - 25% ● Seed Investment ○ 300K Convertible Note from single Angel Investor ■ 6% interest ■ 27.5% discount ■ No cap ○ 50K Convertible Note from University of Missouri Angel Group ○ 33K Network Kansas matching funds ■ Both have same interest, discount and lack of cap as above ● Total Funds to-date: $427,000
  19. 19. Company History ● Accepted into SparkLab KC Accelerator in May 2013 ● Registered as a Kansas LLC in July 2013 ● Received Digital Sandbox grant funds in July 2013 ● Began iOS and back-end development in July 2013 ● iPhone beta product completed September 2013, beta testing began ● Closed seed round November 1, 2013 ● Started phase 2 iOS/back-end development November 1, 2013 ● Released iPhone app to market November 30, 2013 ● Released Web in January 2014 ● Released Android app in March 2014 ● Released Group feature in April 2014 ● Released Embeddable Predictions in May 2014 ● Released Amazon app in June 2014 ● Launched partnership with Kansas City Star in July 2014
  20. 20. Competition KNODADESCRIPTION Social game. Wager points on sports + pop culture. Tracks “pundits” prediction performance. Real-time sports predictions (multiple choice). Set up bets with friends on anything. Contest to win $ by correctly predicting sports outcomes. No wagering of points. Anyone can participate. Not just “pundits.” Also, compete head-to-head vs. pundits. No multiple choice. Completely open to user. Not venturing into betting gray-area. More than just sports.
  21. 21. 53% Male 47% Female 74% 13-34 years old (35% 18-24 years old) Total Predictions: 8,200 Total Votes: 185,000 Avg. Votes/Prediction: 22.5 The Data
  22. 22. Strong Engagement Rates Daily Active Users: 10% Monthly Active Users: 40% Total accounts: 4,000 Avg Time/Session (Mobile): 1:20 Avg Sessions/Day for Daily Active Users (Mobile): 3.7 Avg Time/Session (Web): 6 minutes
  23. 23. Major Activity Spikes for Big Events On average, 10% of users are on each day. For big events: Super Bowl: 30% of users were active Grammys: 20% of users were active March Madness & World Cup: 20% of users were active on peak days
  24. 24. Variety of Predictions 67% Sports 12% Entertainment/Pop Culture 10% Personal/Social 6% Business/Stocks 5% Misc
  25. 25. Knoda & Media: MW370 1 2 3 4 CNN reports Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 has lost radar contact. FootyChronicles makes a MW370 prediction on Knoda. FootyChronicles shares their Knoda prediction on Twitter, starting a new conversation. CNN reports that the airline has still not been found. FootyChronicles loses their prediction. Check out my Malaysian Airlines prediction on @KNODAfuture
  26. 26. KNODA Kyle Rogers 913-568-2213