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Personal Branding: Women's Private Equity Forum Half Moon Bay, CA March 2017


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Personal branding is a requirement today. It’s not just about self-promotion. It’s about finding a signature image, a unique voice, and a recognizable standard that your friends, customers and others can grow to appreciate. It’s knowing what you are best at doing and not being afraid to put it out there. It’s having the confidence to project a persona and live in it.

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Personal Branding: Women's Private Equity Forum Half Moon Bay, CA March 2017

  2. 2. All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You. JEFF BEZOS CEO, AMAZON “ “ Me, Inc.
  3. 3. “Positive” “You don’t exist” “Cannot identify you” “Evil/bad image”
  4. 4. She’s just 18 months old, and she’s already on the front page of search results for her name.
  5. 5. Building Your Brand Determine Your Why Google Yourself Identify Your “Genuine Self” Communicate About You
  6. 6. Social Media Channels Strategies for Social Media Clarify your goals for using the medium Observe and engage Create a “social media time budget” Tailor your brand across channels
  7. 7. What’s Key on LinkedIn 467M People on LinkedIn today 47% Of LinkedIn are senior members of industries 87M Millennials on LinkedIn ➔ Put up professional photo ➔ Ask for introductions ➔ Ask for recommendations ➔ Join in discussions/Post in groups Ages 33% 30–49 24% 50–46 20% 65+
  8. 8. What’s Key on Facebook ➔ Decide on positioning for yourself/strictly personal or personal/business ➔ Put up appropriate personal photo(s) ➔ Choose friends carefully ➔ Fill in professional details ➔ Use Facebook events to your advantage ➔ Link Facebook to LinkedIn, Twitter and other social brands 1.86B Monthly active users 1.15B Mobile daily active users 1.23B People log on daily Age 25–34 Make up 29.7% of users
  9. 9. What’s Key on Twitter ➔ Stay focused on your personal brand ➔ Do a lot of retweeting ➔ Retweeting strategies to get noticed ➔ Check your links you retweet ➔ Make original tweets short to allow for easy retweeting ➔ Thank people who retweet you—even if you’re not the tweet originator ➔ Include your own brief supportive comment with a retweet that’s especially good—”Great advice!” ➔ Don’t change the wording of the original tweet, except to abbreviate for space ➔ Retweet using the retweet button 320M Users 79% Of users live outside the U.S. 35 Languages supported 85% Of Twitter users are mobile users Ages 27% 18–29 16% 30–40 10% 41–60
  10. 10. What’s Key on Instagram ➔ Make sure your profile is public ➔ Create a real biography ➔ Promote your brand with creative professional photos 500M Monthly active users 40B Photos shared to date 80% Users come from outside the U.S. 67% Of users are female Ages 22% 18–24 26% 25–34 18% 35–50 17% 51–60 8% 61–65+
  11. 11. 100M Monthly active users 10B Videos watched daily 350% Increase since 2015 54% Of users log in daily Ages 12–24 Most used by, but gaining adoption among all age groups including 60+ What’s Key on Snapchat ➔ Not just for teenagers—growing its audience and influence ➔ Powerful storytelling platform ➔ Short and snappy videos ➔ Register, observe, then participate
  12. 12. Questions? Jennifer Jones CEO, Jennifer Jones & Partners @jenniferjones jenjones528 Jenny Saling Director of Marketing, Menlo Ventures @jennysaling jennysaling