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  1. 1. Twitter Reflections CI350 class: This twitter account was constantly posting about different tools that could help a student and keep up to date with current events and current hashtags. For example, the screenshot I have presented is a link that was posted to show different tools to help a web developer. It is a very informational account and as I said, it is up to date with technology and current events going on. WISEinWV: The twitter account was/is full of interesting information. It updates followers on everything that is happening in West Virginia. It is about updating people in current events and important things going on in our state. This twitter account tweets/shares facts and opinions on a bunch of topics and encourages getting educated on things going on in their surroundings. This screen shot is an example of it! Dwight Carter- This account is all for motivation  this man is a principal and I think that he is focused on keeping his students/followers motivated and interested in learning and school. Also, he posts about students in his current school and the school’s accomplishments and what is occurring. Dwight seems to have pride in his school which is a plus for me! The screenshot provided is a quote I found motivational. I think all teachers should post/tweet stuff like this for students and staff to see!
  2. 2. Katie Hellerman- This account wasn’t very helpful or interesting in my opinion. She did not post a lot and when she actually did, they were not helpful or informational tweets. However, her account does have plenty of photos. It shows followers what she does and where she travels. She will post pictures of beautiful places. This screen shot of Chicago, where I would like to visit one day! Eric Church- This twitter account is my personal favorite! He is an incredible artists and singer. I have seen him in concert and he is just as great as on the radio. He never disappoints. He tweets his fans thanking them for getting him as far as he is and is very aware that if it was not for us, his fans, he wouldn’t be living his dream. Eric Church is a talented musician who is just now getting the spotlight he deserves.