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Twitter assigment

  1. 1. Marci Poe Twitter Assignment CI 350 Aviva Dunsiger: I really enjoyed following Aviva. Her tweets are very insightful and helpful in the world of education. She interacts with others on twitter that are active in the world of education. This allows her followers to see, not just her tweets, but tweets by others as well. She shows projects and activities that she has used and will help you find a creative and fun activity to do. She shares videos and websites about important subjects dealing with education. Aviva really wants to use twitter to help educators be the best they can be. Chris Wejr: Chris has been a teacher and a principal. He is zealous about assessment, motivation, leadership, and parent engagement. Chris was the most interesting for me to observe on twitter. He has many opinions and ideas about and for education. He wasn’t great change for education. He has conversations with educators in his community as well as around the world. I have seen many of his tweets that are about the encouragement of technology for student learning. He shares links in his tweets for the good and bad topics of education. I really like that Chris also posts about his career; his do’s, don’ts, and everything in between. He is an extremely avid tweeter, sharing such good reads, ideas, and thoughts for education.
  2. 2. Harold Blanco CI 350: The CI 350 class twitter is absolutely helpful for future and current educators as well as his students. Harold tweets about technology in the classroom. That seems to be his passion for tweeting. He wants to let educators know that our world is technology based and that technology is what we should be using in our classrooms. Teachers should be using technology every day. He graciously interacts with his students and helps them any way that he can. He also tweets about events happening on or around the Marshall University Campus as well as important updates for his students. Eric Sheninger: Eric is a high school principal. His tweets are extremely important for educators. He tweets about school safety, technology, leadership, blogs, and much more. He tells about conferences he attends as well. He strives for better professional development and education. He shares videos and
  3. 3. images of his students working at his high school. Eric is a great follow on twitter. He is all about teacher-student interaction. It is very informational and holds lots of insight and ideas for future education. I learned so much from his tweets and links provided with his tweets. I would recommend that every educator or future educator follow Eric. George Couros: George tweets about many topics and subjects, not just education. He is interesting to follow to see and read about all of the information he wants the world to know about. Many of his tweets are very inspirational and give hope to his followers. He is not only tweeting for better education but a better America. I also love that he is admitting that educators can also learn from students. PICTURES ON FOLLOWING PAGE