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Red bull gives you wings!


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Red bull gives you wings!

  1. 1. Red Bull Gives you Wings!<br />By Savannah Kelly<br />
  2. 2. Red Bull Fights Back!<br />Let’s Face it Red Bull has been a huge part of our society for the past couple of years. It speaks to the studying student, the worn out athlete, the exhausted parent or even the pedal to the medal executive trying to meet a deadline. But with all the competitors out there lately we need to find a way for Red Bull to really make it’s name as a leading energy drink. This is what we have planned!<br />
  3. 3. How we make some noise<br />Our strategy is to assure our consumers that we are the ONLY energy drink for them! We need to target our consumers so directly that they know we are here for their prosperity. <br />Recently we have been reaching out to our consumers by videos and commercials by the bundle, I propose we specify our reach even more.<br />
  4. 4. Challenges and Goals<br />CHALLENGES<br />Energy Shots<br />Power Bars<br />Caffeine Capsules<br />Diet Pills<br />Health Consciousness<br />Medical Issues<br />Cost<br />Packaging<br />GOALS<br />Marketing efficiency<br />Cost efficiency<br />Brand recognition<br />Promotion to the masses<br />Segmentation<br />Internet reach<br />Consumer Buzz<br />Social Media reach<br />Blog representation<br />
  5. 5. Challenges<br />We confront challenges everyday. New products come about everyday threatening our brand. The newest challenge I would say are energy shots. They propose an easy way to get energy without the muss and fuss of an entire drink. We need to find a way to appeal to these consumers and stick out from the rest. The biggest challenge coming from these competitors is that they are so accessible, sold at gas stations, grocery stores, street stands and even college convenience stores. Red Bull needs to overwhelm our competitors with our name and brand, the way our competitors are overwhelming them with the “new” product.<br />
  6. 6. How we achieve our goals<br />Internet is all the buzz in this day of age. Between Social Marketing, blogging, online publications, pop-up ads, search engines and online brand advertising the internet is almost an entire new world. I propose we start at the foundation of our success…the consumer. Reaching out to consumers on sites like Facebook, Myspace, and Twiiter will be a great beginning. Inspiring our consumer to get more involved with the brand personally can only ignite brand loyalty above all, then we have brand recognition which is a proven ally to consumption.<br />
  7. 7. Goals continued<br />Blogging is a new fad among the masses, it’s a new and honest way to promote brands, products and companies. If Red Bull invests their time and attention in bloggers I know that they can bring their already amazing brand recognition to new heights. Blogging can also kill two birds with one stone by introducing a new and more cost effective way to do our PR. So by introducing blogging to our ad campaign future we can effectively use our money saved from more expensive forms of advertising and PR.<br />
  8. 8. Targeting<br />Red Bull has always done a good job of targeting their consumers. With that said, we can do better. Sponsorship has always been a huge part of brand awareness and it will continue to be. We need to get more involved in college campuses and college websites to target our #1 consumers. <br />
  9. 9. Measuring our Success<br />By using tools like Google Adwords and SEO tools we can measure the reach of our online marketing strategies. Pay-per-click advertising is also a hugely cost effective way to measure our success. It’s also important that we stress certain kind of advertising at certain times more than others. Since Red Bull is an energy drink I propose we spend most of our advertising budget during times like tax season, college finals weeks, summer time and vacation season when stress is high among our consumers. This way they know that we are keeping them in mind during the hard times, and the fun times (like vacations…). By using bloggers to promote Red Bull we can also save money and insure the consumer that we are being honest about or product.<br />
  10. 10. Concluding<br />For years Red Bull has been a leading competitor for energy drinks, they have consumers all over the world and their name is familiar in almost every household. But in these hard economic times we need to insure success without burning a hole in our wallets. Technology is changing everyday and it is almost impossible to go online and not see an ad for something. Online resources have become a reliable and efficient way of marketing and advertising and the opportunities continue to grow. Measuring the success of your company is just a click away and so is creating a worldly recognized brand. <br />