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What we can learn from Red Bull


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What we can learn from Red Bull- the king of marketing . A company investing more than 1,2 Billion Euros in Marketing (1/3 of it’s turnover),
A brand which is known worldwide and has led his owner to one of the richest man on earth. Learn from this
presentation with extraordinary photos of the Red Bull World and compact statements. The learning will help
a one man business and a group in the same way.

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What we can learn from Red Bull

  1. What we can learn from Red Bull?
  2. When you are prepared to focus all energy on marketing , you are able to develop markets which have never existed before
  5. You are able to develop a worldwide group without ever having had a new, self-owned business idea
  6. The product-image is more important than the content
  7. For risks and side effects please ask your doctor or pharmacist
  8. The unswerving belief in your own product gives you wings
  9. Also the packing is more important than the content
  10. When marketing is the core competence almost everything can be sold
  11. Each product needs an emotional story another brand of Red Bull
  13. A high product image opens up chances for high profits
  15. You can generate billions of turnover without ever producing and delivering on your own
  16. Use your own staff in each market you aim to conquer
  17. Top employees deserve top salaries
  18. Aim to be different from all others in your entire company
  20. The most important investment of a company, is the investment in developing and implementing a marketing concept
  21. The most important virtue of a company is it‘s brand
  22. A great marketing-claim is able to give wings to any company
  23. „why to be worked up right away“ in advertising you can successfully adapt successful concepts
  24. Who invests the most in marketing will be way out in front : Red Bull 33% of it‘s turnover
  25. You can outsource anything except marketing, here you have to keep things firmly in hand
  26. Sports suits perfectly for emtionalizing a brand
  27. broad sports = broad target groups Das Thema Sport eignet sich ideal für die Emotionlisierung einer Marke
  28. consumer mainly want to witness
  29. they want to have fun
  30. in marketing attention comes frist
  31. noisy motors in marketing are like big drums
  32. originality grands free of charge public relations
  33. sponsoring produces brand ambassadors brand ambassadors give wings to the sponsor
  34. people love contests and awards because they satisfy their thirst for recognition
  35. The communication-quality improves when you produce and deliver the content on your own
  36. The communication-quality further improves when you control the medium
  37. How to fly on tv worldwide
  38. You should take care of the young customer generation at the earliest time
  39. It‘s all about passion
  40. Mr. Red Bull
  41. further impressionen
  42. only flying is better Red Bull X-Fighters
  43. Red Bull Joyride
  44. Red Bull Motorcycle Show
  45. Aerobatic Helicopter
  46. gives wings to the co-driver
  47. Wanted
  48. I‘am looking for: customers, partners, agencies who woud like to learn from Red Bull togehter with me and who would like to implement the learnings via marketing-projects:
  49. let‘s give wings
  50. Kontakt: Olaf Glaubitz
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  54. Impress: Olaf Glaubitz Zu den Diebsekuhlen 5 21224 Rosengarten Germany Tel. +49 4108 415833