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Capabilities Kit


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What K.T.H.S.R ! Creative can do for your small buisness.

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Capabilities Kit

  1. 1. K .T.H.S.R ! c r e a t i v e B r i n g i n g L i f e T o I m a g i n at i o n Capabilities Kit
  2. 2. Ideology The purpose of advertising is to generate gross revenue. If you want to save money...put it in the bank! If you want to make money, communication is key. At K.T.H.S.R Creative we focus on how to make you the most money by following our Four Simple Steps to success. It is our basic guideline to building successful partnerships and creating overall success Allow us to join your marketing team or small business to aid in Bringing Life To Your Imagination. K.T.H.S.R ! Creative • 4329 Mammoth Creek Dr. • Las Vegas Nevada 89147 • PH: 702-810-3349 Cell: 702-574-0507 •
  3. 3. Strategic Communication T he nucleus of a creative, effective, and cost - efficient communication begins and ends with a sound strategy. Without one, your message becomes more of a hopeful wish than a dynamic communication that commands attention and moves emotions. That’s why we begin our partnership by developing the right strategy f or your specific issues. Each strategy is precise and unique. Your input, Ideas and inspiration are essential to a successful strategy. This primary strategic plan becomes the foundation for our relationship and media plans, as well as the pivot of a breakthrough campaign.
  4. 4. Effective Communication P rovided the Strategy is a thoughtful, informative, creative outline in which all parties consent, our creative will produce desirable results. Working with an accurate strategy is vital to producing effective communication. This ensures the creative campaign that we are on the right track with our clients individual taste. It is important to remember the most effective advertising is first on strategy, and second on innovative idea or concept. Cost - Efficient Communication W e all know how money flies. Also spending money does not always lead to great ideas or campaigns. Here at K.T.H.S.R Creative we thrive on building a creative communication. One which will save you on cost of creative time, revision cost, and most importantly, stronger, and cleaner communication.
  5. 5. Creative Communication To communicate effectively, it must first be noticed. S o how do you break through all the common When considering how to spend your clutter? What really makes communication creative? To marketing capitol consider this: A great marketing investment is say it briefly, it is the idea, or driving force of the message. effective strategic creative. Due to the fact it cost the Effective communication directly effects the target audience same to buy media for mediocre communication that’s for which it is intended. In other words it is THE BIG IDEA. ineffective, as it does for creative communication that is. At K.T.H.S.R. Creative we will assist you in Take A Look At Our Partial Portfolio developing an imaginative concept, that works K.T.H.S.R. Creative’s work demonstrates our vast synergistically with the strategy to produce results beyond knowledge in fields ranging from corporate identity brand- expectations. Remember safe and comfortable cre- ing, gaming, food/products, financial and educational institu- ative usually produces safe and unspectacular re- tions. sults. These are steps that have been proven to produce revenue, marketing, and overall success.
  6. 6. RETE RO NC A CO D D RECORDS Corporate Identity
  7. 7. Entertainment Apparel Food & Beverage
  8. 8. Gaming Signage
  9. 9. Gaming Tables
  10. 10. Gaming Tables
  11. 11. Gaming Tables & Chips
  12. 12. Gaming Tables
  13. 13. Gaming Glass
  14. 14. Gaming Glass
  15. 15. Gaming Glass
  16. 16. Billboards
  17. 17. Real Estate / investments
  18. 18. Karate Studio
  19. 19. Non-Profit Creative
  20. 20. Monumental Campaigns Campaigns
  21. 21. Educational / Fitness
  22. 22. Originally drawn by Tony Bennett; Illustration of Sonny King Before: After: Photo / illustration Retouch
  23. 23. K .T.H.S.R ! c r e a t i v e K.T.H.S.R ! Creative • 4329 Mammoth Creek Dr. • Las Vegas Nevada 89147 • PH: 702-810-3349 Cell: 702-574-0507 •