Email vs. Status Updates as presented at Social Connections VIII Event

CEO of B2B Whisperer at B2B Whisperer
Apr. 16, 2015

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Email vs. Status Updates as presented at Social Connections VIII Event

  1. 2 SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston We LOVE our Sponsors, Go Talk to Them AFTER my Session
  2. Keith Brooks Professional Services Manager @lotusevangelist WHO AM I?
  3. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston You can see that I received an email from "noreply" email address, therefore, I can't reply back to this email address. 4 SAY WHAT? Can you create an address which catches and truncate all received emails? We want this to prevent bounces and errors mails to the customer.
  4. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 5 SO WHAT? Blended Email Single Malt Status Updates Your Company?
  5. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 6 SO WHAT? Blended Email Single Malt Status Updates Your Company?
  6. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 90% of the whisky consumed over the world is blended whisky. 7 Really?
  7. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston Sysomos' Inside Twitter("Inside Twitter: An In-depth Look Inside the Twitter World". Sysomos. 2009-06-10) survey from 2009, based on more than 11 million users, shows that 10% of Twitter users account for 86% of all activity. – 8
  8. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston February 2015: Every 60 seconds on Facebook: 510 comments are posted, 293,000 statuses are updated… (Source: The Social Skinny) 9 HOW MANY? 421,920,000 Day 2,953,440,000 Week 11,813,760,000 Month 153,578,880,000 Year
  9. The findings of a study by Emily Pronin of Princeton University and Harvard University's Daniel Wegner …suggests a link between short bursts of activity and feelings of elation, power and creativity. - 10 WHY Am I ? SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston
  10. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston In 1972….you spent ZERO minutes on email! In 2012 McKinsey Global Institute says you spend 28% of your day in it! McKinsey’s report suggested that workers could improve their email productivity by 25-30% through better use of social collaboration platforms, buying back 7-8.5% of their work week.Folders vs. search…..Which is better? Debateable 11 WE DO WHAT!?
  11. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston In 2014, the business world accounts for over 108.7 billion emails per day! By 2018, business email will account for over 139.4 billion emails! Executive-Summary.pdf 12 How Many?!
  12. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston Consumers are sending and receiving fewer emails and opting instead for other forms of communication such as social networking sites, instant messaging, Mobile IM, and SMS/text messaging. 13
  13. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 14 WE DO WHAT!? The Society for Personality and Social Psychology (SPSP) showed how Facebook offers a dangerous medium for social comparison. People in that study with lots of Facebook friends had lower self- esteem, feeling worse about their place in life and their achievements….. People with just a few Facebook friends, viewing status updates wasn't a problem.
  14. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 15 Thank You! “If an organization has its processes run through their social network, it’s easy to see who is completing the work and when.“ “High achievers become much easier to spot and perpetual slackers will have a much more difficult time sliding under the radar.“ “This kind of accountability may not be extremely popular to begin with, but increased transparency in how processes are handled, and knowing exactly who does what, cannot be anything but positive.”
  15. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 16 Don’t Forget! Tequila is the only way to go There is no right answer WE make the world around us better Email serves a purpose No Reply is no way to go
  16. Resources for Labels, Stats and Board 1) gree=yes 2) 3) 4) gifts.php?keywords=personalized+whiskey+label+birthday+gift 5) whisky#step-one 6) 7) 70cl#personalise 8) 9) %28pers%29/spursbwisk 10)STATS for FB, LI, Twitter, etc.. from this site: the-numbers-17-amazing-facebook-stats/3 Corkboard graphic from SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 17
  17. SOCIALCONNECTIONS8April16-17,2015Boston 18 Thank You! Keith Brooks @lotusevangelist