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  1. 1. On Fil-Am actor Germaine de Leon, L.A. screening of “Manila Skies,”and the passing of a dear colleague I’d like to give a heads up to our media friends inManila about Fil-Am actor Germaine de Leon, who is also in the movie “Here Comes the Boom,”(where Charice and another Fil-Am actor Reggie Lee stars opposite comedian Kevin James).“Here Comes the Boom” will hit Manila theaters come January 8. Germaine is one of the mostsuccessful Fil-Am actors in Hollywood onstage, tv and films. He is famous for his role in the hittv series “Dexter” and currently playing lead in the well-acclaimed comedy play “Kong: AGoddamn 30-Foot Gorilla” at the SkyPilot Theater in NoHo district. He happens to be a relativeof the big Padilla clan and close to the Ranillo’s (Suzette, Dandin, Matt, etc.). He is thegrandson of Jose Padilla, Jr. You can read my feature article about this talented guy in my nextcolumn.
  2. 2. In my last column, Imentioned about the lack of Filipino films we see in different film festivals around U.S. and I amhappy to share that a few weeks ago, I saw Raymond Red’s “Manila Skies” (sub-titled“Himpapawid”) starring Raul Arellano in one of its L.A. screening in a regular theater. The filmwas entered at the 2010 Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival but now was able to get a oneweek run in selected AMC theaters here in L.A. and in some parts of the U.S. The movie isinspired by a true news account of a desperate man who lost his faith in the society and decidedto hijack a plane. Arellano gave a strong performance, cinematography was great (I think Redmentioned that he used a red camera) but it was the storytelling and screenplay that had meengrossed watching the film. Red, the only Filipino director who won a Palme d’Or at Cannes(2000) also just finished a black and white feature entitled “Kamera Obskura,” which won theSpecial Jury Prize at the recent 2012 Cinemalaya Independent Film Festival held in Manila. The Philippine industry is mourning the demise ofveteran and acclaimed director, writer, and actor Celso Ad Castillo, who was succumbed todeath at the age of 69, by a heart attack. He was known of doing erratic films, sex-themed
  3. 3. movies as well as great period films that made a trend in the history of Filipino films. He directed62 feature films and wrote 44 movie screenplays which started from 1964 to 2010. Some of hisnotable films include “Burlesk Queen” (Vilma Santos), “Ang Alamat ni Julian Makabayan”(Christopher de Leon), “Ang Pinakamagandang Hayop Sa Balat Ng Lupa” (Gloria Diaz),“Asedillo” (FPJ), “Kung Bakit Dugo Ang Kulay Ng Gabi,” “Tag-Ulan Sa Tag-Araw,” “AngMadugong Daigdig ni Salvacion,” “Patayin Mo Sa Sindak si Barbara,” “Ihalik Mo Ako Sa Diyos,”” Daluyong at Habagat,” “Pagputi ng Uwak, Pag-Itim ng Tagak,” “Bakit May Pag-Ibig Pa,”“Maligno,” “Sa Dulo Ng Kris,” “Aliw-Iw,” “Uhaw Na Dagat,” among many memorable films. And here in L.A.,the Filipino entertainment media and Fil-Am community are very sad of the passing of a dearfriend and colleague — Jackie Regala-Katigbak, whom at the age of 51, lost her battle to breastcancer. Jackie, together with his husband Gerry Katigbak and son Mikko produced many showsin Los Angeles in the past two decades under their family banner KATZ Entertainment. Katz lastproduced concert was the Starmagic 20, the 20th anniversary of ABS-CBN where 19 stars fromsaid network performed at the Shrine Auditorium. Jackie R. Katigbak was a former editor ofManila Standard in Manila, Philippines (and also worked at Manila Bulletin as an assistanteditor) before migrating in Los Angeles. She has written and became entertainment editors forseveral L.A. publications including Asian Journal Publications, Weekend Balita, among others,and worked as a PRO for several brand (Goldilocks, Forex Cargo, etc.) before venturing intoproducing concerts and tour shows for Manila-based singers and artists. On a personal note,Jackie is one of the nicest and endearing person I’ve known for many years. She was alwayscool, steady, and has a lot of patience. We were supposed to have a meeting afterThanksgiving to talk about Mikko’s pending Hollywood career (the kid wowed the judges duringlast year’s IMTA competition held at the Bonaventure Hotel!) and since then I took in Michaelo(Mikko) under my wings and swore to keep my promise that I’ll forever guide and help him.Suddenly, I was shocked about the sad news on Tuesday. There is a funeral service at the
  4. 4. Forest Lawn in Cypress this weekend: Viewing on Saturday (10 – 9 p.m.), Sunday visitationfrom 5-7 p.m. and mass from 7-9 p.m.).