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Social Media Tools


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Social Media Tools

  1. 1. Presented By Katie Harbath Director, DCI Digital Social Networking Twitter: @katieharbath Tools Twitter Search Search whatʼs being said on Twitter  by keyword Facebook Advertising advertising/ TwitScoop See what the trending topics are on Facebook Applications  htttp:// Facebook Pages TweetDeck Desktop app to keep track of your Twitter account - Facebook Connect Mr. Tweet Get a suggested list of people you should follow LinkedIn Advertising Twitter Grader See the list of top Twitter users TweetCongress Find the Twitter handles of elected officials 50 YouTube Tips http://tinyurl/50youtube Newspapers that Twitter Photo sharing Web site that allows  users to upload and share images Social bookmarking Web site to  Flickr Tools save favorite sites, web pages, etc Feed Readers Get updated as your favorite sites do Social media aggregator to bring  together updates from all other  Google Reader Blog Lines social media sites reader/ Public Affairs Management for Clients Worldwide