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Kathleen's PR Portfolio


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My PR portfolio includes writing samples from previous internships and class work. I have included news releases, feature stories, blogs, and more from a wide range of clients.

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Kathleen's PR Portfolio

  1. 1.          Writing  Portfolio     Kathleen  Tower  Villanova  University  
  2. 2. Client  List       Bank  of  America   Bank  of  America  has  a  long-­‐standing  tradition  of  investing  in  the   communities  it  serves.    Bank  of  America  approaches  investing   through  a  national  strategy  called  "neighborhood  excellence"   under  which  it  works  with  local  leaders  to  identify  and  meet  the   most  pressing  needs  of  individual  communities.       Breast  Cancer  Association   Breast Cancer The  Breast  Cancer  Association  of  Philadelphia  aims  to  promote   Association awareness  and  knowledge  of  breast  cancer  through  research,   programs,  and  campaigns.           Columbia  University   Founded  in  1754,  Columbia  University  is  the  oldest  institution  of   higher  learning  in  the  state  of  New  York.    Devoted  to  maintaining   diversity,  leadership,  and  equality  in  and  out  of  the  classroom,  the   university’s  mission  is  to  advance  knowledge  and  learning.     Liberty  Lake  Day  Camp   Located  on  60  beautiful, wooded acres in Mansfield Township, Liberty  Lake  Day  Camp  has  earned  a  reputation  as  the  premier   children’s  summer  camp  in  central  New  Jersey.      The  camp’s   mission  is  to  enrich  and  enhance  the  physical,  emotional,  social     and  intellectual  development  of  children,  teenagers  and  adults   within  a  warm,  caring  and  supportive  camp  community.   North  Central  Jersey  Association  of  REALTORS  (NCJAR)   The  North  Central  Jersey  Association  of  REALTORS®  is  the  largest   local  association  of  the  REALTORS®  with  6,500  members  serving   the  counties  of  Morris,  Essex,  Union,  Somerset,  and  Sussex.         Pennsylvania  Department  of  Transportation   The  Pennsylvania  Department  of  Transportation  (PennDOT)   oversees  programs  and  policies  affecting  highways,  urban  and   rural  public  transportation,  airports,  railroads,  ports,  and   waterways,  amounting  to  121,000  miles  of  state  and  local   highways  and  55,000  state  and  local  bridges  in  Pennsylvania.       Philadelphia  Firebirds   The  Philadelphia  Firebirds,  member  of  the  Independent  Women’s   Football  League,  aim  to  create  an  atmosphere  that  empowers   women  and  young  girls  to  follow  their  dreams  and  achieve  their   personal  best  both  on  and  off  the  field.   Seventeen  Magazine  focuses  on  fashion,  beauty,  and  lifestyle   advice  for  girls  ages  14  through  24.,  the   magazine’s  internet  platform,  provides  additional  activities   for  the  readers,  such  as  blog  posts,  giveaways,  quizzes,  and   advice  columns.  
  3. 3.   Theatre  Alliance  of  Greater  Philadelphia   The  Theatre  Alliance  of  Greater  Philadelphia  endeavors  to   promote  positive  awareness  and  serve  as  a  source  of  information   for  the  Philadelphia  area’s  diverse  theatre  community.       Venture  Products,  LLC   Established  in  2004,  Venture  Products,  LLC  manufactures  and   markets  an  extensive  lineup  of  mats  and  flooring  products,   including  fitness  mats  and  flooring,  anti-­‐fatigue  flooring,  and   children’s  play  mats,  along  with  a  range  of  peripheral  products.           The  Skin  Cancer  Foundation   The  Skin  Cancer  Foundation’s  mission  is  to  educate  the  public   about  skin  cancer,  its  prevention  by  means  of  sun  protection,  the   need  for  early  detection,  and  effective  treatment.    It  is  the  only   international  organization  solely  devoted  to  combating  skin   cancer.       Villanova  University   Founded  on  Augustinian  traditions,  Villanova  University  aims  to   foster  a  relationship  between  faith  and  understanding  through   academic  programs,  extracurricular  activities,  and  various  service   opportunities.       Washington  Sentinels  Football  Organization   Owned  by  Edward  O’Neil  and  coached  by  Jimmy  McGinty,  the   Washington  Sentinels  Football  team  prides  itself  on  hard  work   and  dedication  to  the  sport  of  football.    What  the  team  sometimes   lacks  in  coordination  and  skill,  they  make  up  for  in  miles  and  miles   of  heart.       Zoë  Damacela  Apparel   Specializing  in  custom-­‐made,  ready-­‐to-­‐wear  garments,  Zoë   Damacela  Apparel  strives  for  high  quality  and  customer   satisfaction.    The  company  began  when  Zoë’s  passion  and  talent   for  creating  garments  was  found  in  a  high  school  sewing  class.     Her  talents  have  helped  her  to  gain  clients  such  as  Tyra  Banks  and   Oprah  Winfrey.  
  4. 4.          Bank  of  America   Photo  Caption  
  5. 5. Contacts: Mike Cherenson Kurt Praschak 973.992-7800, x.104 973.992-7800, x.289 kpraschak@successcomgroup.comBank of America New Jersey President Honored at Boys and Girls Club’s 8th AnnualConcert For Kids – The Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey recently held its 8th Annual Concert forKids at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark. At the event, Chatham resident RobertH. Doherty, Bank of America New Jersey president, was presented with the Corporate HonoreeAward for his involvement with the Boys & Girls Clubs in NJ. Since 2002, Bank of America hasprovided more than $825,000 to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America’s CareerLaunch trainingprogram.The 2010 Concert For Kids, which featured a performance by Grammy Award-winning artistMichael Bolton, raised funds for at-risk youth to support after school programs, including tutoring,job training, technology and the arts. The event was presented by Citibank and Optimum andhosted by the volunteer spokesperson for Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey, Joe Piscopo, formerSaturday Night Live comedian and entertainer. -more-
  6. 6. Concert for Kids 2/2Note to Editor: A high-resolution, digital image from the event is available  Pictured (from left): Joe Piscopo, event MC; Rose Mary Carmona, 2010 Boys & Girls Clubs inNew Jersey Youth of the Year; and Robert H. Doherty, event honoree.    About the Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey:Boys & Girls Clubs in New Jersey are part of a national network of local Clubs and Boys & Girls Clubs ofAmerica. There are 24 Club organizations in more than 75 communities who work daily to assist youth fromall backgrounds achieve their full potential as productive adults and responsible citizens. Boys & Girls Clubsin New Jersey serve 120,000 children ages 6-18. More information about Boys & Girls Clubs is available of America Corporate PhilanthropyBuilding on a long-standing tradition of investing in the communities it serves, last year Bank of Americaembarked on a new, ten-year goal to donate $2 billion to nonprofit organizations engaged in improving thehealth and vitality of their neighborhoods. Bank of America approaches investing through a national strategycalled "neighborhood excellence" under which it works with local leaders to identify and meet the mostpressing needs of individual communities. Bank associate volunteers contributed more than 800,000 hoursin 2009 to enhance the quality of life in their communities nationwide. For more information about Bank ofAmerica Corporate Philanthropy, please visit ###
  7. 7.          Breast  Cancer  Association   News  Release   Tweet   Fact  Sheet   Backgrounder  
  8. 8. Breast Cancer AssociationFor Immediate Release Contact: Kathleen Tower (215) 555-5555 NEWEST BREAST CANCER RESEARCH LEADS TO FREE MAMMOGRAM PROGRAMPHILADELPHIA (Oct. 1, 2011) – The Breast Cancer Association announced the start ofa free mammogram program based on new research suggesting that women beginmammogram testing at age 30, as opposed to the previously accepted age of 40. Locatedon Market Street in Philadelphia, the Breast Cancer Association Center will open itsdoors to all women for free mammograms starting Oct. 3, 2011 in celebration of BreastCancer Awareness Month. “Breast cancer may not be preventable, but now we know that it’s treatable,” saysTanya Sinclair, executive director of the Breast Cancer Association. “On average, 40,000women die from breast cancer every year. This new research shows that we can helpsave those lives.” Drs. John and Rita Smith of Thomas Jefferson University Hospital found thatmammograms are more helpful for younger women, starting at age 30. These findingsare at odds with the American Cancer Society’s recommendation of women gettingyearly mammograms starting at age 40. Dr. Robert Samuels of the University of Pennsylvania found that breast cancer is -more-
  9. 9. Breast Cancer Research 2/2highly treatable if women detect the lumps early. If the cancer is discovered at an earlierstage of the disease, the cancer itself is less invasive and there are more treatment optionsavailable. “Mammograms are the most effective way of finding breast cancer as early aspossible,” said Samuels. Visit or call (215)-555-5000 for moreinformation about breast cancer or to schedule your free mammogram. ###
  10. 10.  
  11. 11.         Breast Cancer   Association     DID YOU KNOW? • Breast cancer is the second most common cancer in American women • About 40,000 women are expected to die from breast cancer each year • Today there are 2.5 million breast cancer survivors in America • Breast cancer is the second leading cause of cancer death in women • The disease is about 100 times more common in women than in men • Male breast cancer is usually detected between the ages of 60 and 70 • The risk of breast cancer increases as a woman grows older • Breast cancer forms in the ducts or lobules of the breast • Breast cancer recurrence is possible, even after a full mastectomy • The most common treatments are surgery, radiation, chemotherapy, and hormonal therapy Information courtesy of ### Contact: Kathleen Tower, PR Director, (215) 555-5555,
  12. 12. Breast Cancer Association Celebrating Breast Cancer Awareness Month October 2011 marks the 27th annual National Breast Cancer Awareness Month.Since its commencement in 1984, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Monthorganization has been dedicated to promoting awareness of breast cancer, educating thepublic on the disease, and offering greater access to preliminary screening services for allwomen. Throughout the month, individuals and corporations alike do what they can tospread awareness of the disease. This year, NFL will celebrate Breast Cancer Awareness Month and spreadawareness about breast cancer by sporting pink during their games. On Sunday andMonday nights, football stadiums will be filled with pink cleats, wristbands, towels,gloves, flags, whistles, and even pink goal posts as players, coaches, and staff bringattention to the cause. The NFL corporation has also pledged to promote awareness byintegrating pink into its website, graphics, and advertisements. Estée Lauder Companies has also promised to bring awareness to breast cancer byilluminating famous landmarks around the world in pink during the month of October.Constantine’s Arch in Rome, Niagara Falls in Canada, the French Affiliate Building inParis, and the Empire State Building in New York City, among many others around theglobe, will be lit up to call international attention to breast cancer. Although October has been dedicated as a month to spread knowledge of breastcancer, the National Breast Cancer Awareness Month organization continues to provideinformation to patients, survivors, caregivers, and the general public year-round throughtheir website at ### Contact: Kathleen Tower, PR Director, (215) 555-5555,
  13. 13.          Columbia  University   News  Release  
  14. 14. For Immediate Release Contact: Kathleen Tower (908) 400-1776 COLUMBIA UNIVERSITY TO CUT FATTY FOODS IN DINING HALLSNEW YORK (Feb. 14, 2011) – Columbia University has made the move to healthierdining halls. Beginning in the fall of 2011, only low-fat meals and snacks will be offeredthroughout the campus’s dining halls and convenience stores. Each food item sold willcontain no more than ten grams of total fat, two grams of saturated fat, and no trans fat. Columbia University has previously offered healthy options, such as gluten-free,organic, vegetarian, and vegan menus. Columbia Reaching Out With Nutrition(C.R.O.W.N.), an affiliate to Columbia’s dining services team, has found that manystudents are unaware of the healthy options that are currently available. “Many students find it difficult to eat right in college,” said director of DiningOperations Victoria Dunn. Amidst concerns that this change will lead to an increase inthe cost of food, Dunn explains, “We do not want our students living off of RamenNoodles and soda. We would like to do everything we can to help our students to stayhealthy at the lowest cost possible.” Many public health advocates, including the Public Health Association of NewYork City, are enthralled by Columbia’s decision to create healthier dining options, andhave suggested that other schools follow suit. -more-
  15. 15. Columbia University 2/2 For more information, visit or call (212) 854-8324.About Columbia University:Founded in 1754, Columbia University is the oldest institution of higher learning in thestate of New York. Today, Columbia University is a prestigious Ivy League universitylocated in the heart of New York City. With a student-to-faculty ratio of six-to-one,Columbia University prides itself on providing its students with the best educationpossible. Devoted to maintaining diversity, leadership, and equality both in and out ofthe classroom, Columbia University’s mission is to advance knowledge and learning atthe highest level. ###
  16. 16.          Liberty  Lake  Day  Camp   Media  Advisory  
  17. 17. **MEDIA ADVISORY**EXCEPTIONAL PHOTO / VIDEO OPAuthentic Cowboys rounding up horses and meeting campers/staff ofLiberty Lake Day Camp, during “Rodeo Week”!What: Liberty Lake Day Camp will host “Rodeo Week,” a five-day series of exciting events and activities. Highlights will include: • Genuine cowboys, complete with western garb … and horses, all week. • Mechanical bull rides, for even the littlest campers on Friday. • 2010 Gold Rush – The two-day event begins on Wednesday with campers hunting for gold pieces that are hidden across the entire 60-acre camp to add to their “bounty.” • Yacht or Not – On Tuesday, campers will be given a wardrobe box, duck tape and scissors to create a “boat” to float their counselor across the pool. First group to get their counselor across the pool wins the coveted trophy for this Liberty Lake Day Camp tradition.When: July 12-16, 2010 / Ongoing, beginning at 9:30 a.m. each dayWhere: Liberty Lake Day Camp 1195 Florence-Columbus Rd. / Bordentown, NJ 08505 (minutes off the NJ and PA turnpikes, Rt. 206, and Rt. 130; seconds from Rt. 295, exit 52A.)Additional information is available at or 1-888-864-8222.Media contact: Diana Westenberger / / (973) 992.7800 x171About Liberty Lake Day CampLocated on 60 beautiful, wooded acres in Mansfield Township, with a magnificent seven-acre lake as its centerpiece,Liberty Lake Day Camp is only minutes away from Rt. 295 (exit 52A), Rt. 130 (Florence-Columbus Road), Rt. 206(Columbus Market) and Rt. 537. Because of its convenient location, the camp easily transports campers fromthroughout Burlington County, as well as many areas in Mercer, Camden, Monmouth and Ocean counties. FromCherry Hill and Haddonfield, up to Mercer County, and from the Delaware River out to western Ocean County,Liberty Lake has earned a reputation as the premier childrens summer camp in central New Jersey. ###
  18. 18.          North  Central  Jersey  Association  of  REALTORS   News  Release  
  19. 19. CONACT: Diana Westenberger P: 973-992-7800X171 North Central Jersey Association of REALTORS® contributes three scholarships to Education Foundation $7,500 donated to assist students with educational costsMORRISTOWN, NJ (July 8, 2010) – The North Central Jersey Association of REALTORS®(NCJAR) recently contributed three $2,500 scholarships to the New Jersey Association ofREALTORS® Education Foundation. Recipients are selected based on academic achievements,financial needs, interest in real estate endeavors, and contributions to family, school andcommunity. The three NCJAR-donated scholarships, and their recipients, are: • Dean A Gallo Award - Carissa M. Bowen (Edison, NJ) • Michael A. Campbell Award - Brittany O’Keefe (Rutherford, NJ) • Edward A. Ward Award - Brenda R. Falk (Dayton, NJ)“Helping fund a student’s educational future is extremely important to us,” says Lorraine Hunt-Kopacz, NCJAR President. “We truly believe that young people who excel in academics, athletics,and extra curricular activities deserve to be recognized and rewarded. We couldn’t be happier toassist in the bright future they have ahead of them in both the classroom and in their careers.”Scholarships ranging from $1,000 to $2,500 were awarded by the foundation to 37 students, to usetoward furthering their educations. The scholarships, totaling $53,500, were presented to recipientsduring a recent event at The Pines Manor in Edison, N.J.Scholarships are available to high school seniors who will attend a four-year institution, studentsenrolled in four-year institutions, and students pursuing graduate studies in real estate or relatedfields. The Foundation provides scholarships to members of the New Jersey Association of -more-
  20. 20. NCJAR Scholarships 2/2REALTORS® (NJAR) or relatives of NJAR members living in New Jersey.  About the NCJARThe North Central Jersey Association of REALTORS® is the largest local association of the REALTORS®with 6,500 members serving the counties of Morris, Essex, Union, Somerset, and Sussex. REALTOR® is aregistered mark, which identifies a professional in real estate who, as a member of the National Associationof REALTORS®, subscribes to a strict Code of Ethics.About the NJAREFNJAREF is a non-profit organization that was established in 1969 to foster education, promote knowledge,conduct research, and assist in the education of students pursuing a college or university degree. In 1969,the Foundation received its first major gift of $10,000, followed by other large donations “in memoriam”throughout the years. Today, the scholarship program continues to grow because of the generous supportof NJAR® members, the local boards/associations of REALTORS®, and bequests received from the estatesof former NJAR® members. ###  Note to Editor: High-resolution, digital images and captions of the recipients are available at thefollowing links:Carissa M. Bowen – O’Keefe – R. Falk –
  21. 21.          Pennsylvania  Department  of  Transportation   News  Release   Tweet  
  22. 22. For Immediate Release Contact: Kathleen Tower 1 (800) 932-4600 PENNDOT PROPOSES DOUBLE-DECKER HIGHWAY TO EASE I-76 CONGESTIONHARRISBURG, Pa. (Sept. 19, 2011) – Pennsylvania Department of Transportationproposed the construction of a double-decker highway on I-76 that is planned to easecongestion and fuel emissions. The initiative would take five years and $300 million tocomplete. Construction would take place in the evening and overnight hours, to limit theimpact on commuters. “The long-term aim of this project is the benefit of Pennsylvania drivers,” saidDeputy Secretary for Highway Administration Scott Christie, P.E. “Creating new roadspace will reduce the traffic that has frequented I-76 for years.” PennDOT’s plan is modeled after of the George Washington Bridge, which addeda second level to accommodate traffic demands. A second level, to be built above partsof I-76 crossing through the Greater Philadelphia area, would increase road capacity byas much as 75 percent. The State of Pennsylvania will conduct a vote to approve the construction plan onOct. 25, 2011. For more information, visit or call 1 (800) 932-4600.About Pennsylvania Department of Transportation:In 1970, the former Department of Highways and the transportation-related functions -more-
  23. 23. PennDOT 2/2from the Departments of Revenue, Commerce, Community Affairs, and Military Affairsmerged to form the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT). PennDOToversees programs and policies affecting highways, urban and rural public transportation,airports, railroads, ports, and waterways, amounting to 121,000 miles of state and localhighways and 55,000 state and local bridges. ###
  24. 24.          Philadelphia  Firebirds   News  Release   Tweet   Fact  Sheet   Backgrounder  
  25. 25.      For Immediate Release Contact: Kathleen Tower (484) 682-4238 PHILADELPHIA FIREBIRDS READY TO RECLAIM WOMEN’S FOOTBALL DIVISION TITLEFOLCROFT, Pa. (Sept. 19, 2011) – The Philadelphia Firebirds women’s tackle footballteam is hosting three tryouts on Drexel University’s Buckley Turf as they prepare for thespring season. Tryouts will take place Sept. 25, Oct. 16, and Nov. 20, 2011, from 9:00a.m. to noon. A one-time tryout fee of $40 can be paid on their website or at the event. “The passion these women have for the game is extraordinary,” said GeneralManager Farah Dailey. “We look forward to continuing our success dominating theleague this season, with both new and returning players.” Football experience is not required to try out. “Playing the game has brought outtrue talent that many of these women never knew they had,” said Lorenzo O’Branty, headcoach of the Firebirds. “Amanda Congialdi, one of our newest players, was a softballplayer her whole life. It wasn’t until she tried out for the team that she realized heramazing throwing arm can be used for football." The Firebirds will play an eight-game regular season, including four games ontheir home turf at Benjamin Johnston Memorial Stadium. Competitors include the New -more-
  26. 26. Philadelphia Firebirds 2/2York Sharks, the DC Divas, and the Pittsburgh Passion, among others. Visit or call (484) 682-4238 for more informationor to sign up for tryouts.About Philadelphia Firebirds:Founded in 2003 as the former Philadelphia Phoenix, the Philadelphia Firebirds is amember of the Independent Women’s Football League, the largest and most successfulwomen’s football league in the world. The Firebirds aim to create an atmosphere thatempowers women and young girls to follow their dreams and achieve their personal bestboth on and off the field. ###
  27. 27.  
  28. 28. DID YOU KNOW? • The Philadelphia Firebirds are a women’s tackle football team • Founded in 2003, the Firebirds were originally known as the Philadelphia Phoenix • The Firebirds play in the Independent Women’s Football League (IWFL) • The IWFL was founded in 2000 and began play in 2001 • They are in the North Atlantic Division of the Eastern Conference • Bensalem High School Stadium is the Firebirds’ home turf • The team colors are red, white, blue and gold • Their mascot, according to Slavic Folklore, is a magical glowing bird known to bring doom to its captor • The team is comprised of engineers, social workers, police officers, and teachers • The Firebirds are the only professional women’s football team in Philadelphia ###Contact: Kathleen Tower, PR Director, (484) 682-4238,
  29. 29. Philadelphia Firebirds: A Touchdown for the Community Since their launch in 2003, the Philadelphia Firebirds have aimed to be more thanjust a successful women’s tackle football team. They strive to empower women andyoung girls to follow their dreams and achieve their personal best. Through internshipprograms and community outreach, the Firebirds hope to create opportunities for allwomen. In a recent visit to the Rizzo PAL Positive Images Program, the Firebirds metwith young girls ages 11-17 to talk about women’s sports. The team, comprised of socialworkers, teachers, police officers, and college students, spoke out against the stereotypeof girls not playing sports and stressed the opportunities available to women. Because of their dedication to service, the Firebirds were recently chosen as guestspeakers for Pop Warner Little Scholars, Inc., which honored a group of more than 400cheerleaders and football players who demonstrate excellence both on and off the playingfield. The Firebirds spoke about the history of their team and league, as well as theimportance of balancing success in sports with success in schoolwork. The mission of the Philadelphia Firebirds is to help women to reach their fullestpotential both on and off the field. They hope that their actions will continue to spreadencouragement and create new opportunities for many women and young girls. ###Contact: Kathleen Tower, PR Director, (484) 682-4238,  
  30. 30.    Blog:  Proactiv  Services  Blog:  Amber  Riley  Interview  
  31. 31. is here to help 24/7!By Seventeen MagazineThere are so many awesome thingsabout being a teen — from gettingyour drivers license to getting yourfirst kiss, going to prom or going offto college. But its probably safe toassume that the one thing that no onelikes about being a teen is acne.The problem with acne is thateveryone is different, and productsthat worked for your BFF may not work for you. Thankfully, Proactiv has realizedthis issue and found a way to address everyones unique needs bylaunching Proactiv 365 Care and Support, Every Minute, Every Day.This program will offer everyone a customized approach to acne by offeringunlimited access to skincare experts and community support. You can talk toProactivs expert Skincare Advisors 24/7 via phone, email, or an online chat tohelp figure out what products would work best with your skin. Proactiv 365 Careand Support also lets you ask those experts and your peers any questions youmay have about acne. You can even view and share your "before" and "after"photos with other Proactiv users! Possibly the best part about this onlinecommunity is that everyone gets a free, interactive online consultation with Drs.
  32. 32. Rodan and Fields, the founders of Proactiv. Who better to advise you on whatProactiv products work best for you than the people who invented it?While the idea that no one else has skin just like yours may be scary, there is noneed to worry anymore. With the co-developers of Proactiv, other expertSkincare Advisors, and all of your peers on your side, youll be taking on acne(and getting back to the fun of being a teen) in no time!Log on to for more information.
  33. 33. q&a with amber riley!By Seventeen MagazineYou probably all know AmberRiley as Mercedes Jones, thefashion-forward diva on Foxs hitshow Glee. Her style, her drive,and her amazing singing talentare just a few of the manyreasons why we love her, butwere going to give you another.Amber has teamed upwith Secret Deodorants MeanStinks campaign, which sets out to right the wrongs of girl-to-girl meanness.The Mean Stinks campaign provides an online platform for girls to openly saynice things about other girls, in an effort to stand up to bullying.Seventeen recently got the chance to talk to Amber to find out more about herinvolvement in the Mean Stinks campaign.17: Have you ever been a victim of girl-to-girl meanness?Amber Riley: I havent personally experienced bullying, but when I was in highschool, I had a best friend who became a bully. I took a stand and took it uponmyself to separate from her. I couldnt be associated with her because it wasnt
  34. 34. the type of person I wanted to be. I have always made a point to befriend thosesitting alone or being bullied because I believe everyone deserves to have afriend.17: What part do you play in the campaign?AR: Im partnering with Secrets Mean Stinks Program to give girls the strengthto break through the meanness and be nice. I want to encourage young womento stand up for each other and speak up when they see others in a toughsituation. As part of the campaign, Ill be chatting on the Mean Stinks Facebookpage, so continue to check for updates!17: Do you think the Internet makes it easier for girl-to-girl meanness tocontinue?AR: Absolutely! According to a recent study that Secret conducted, 94% ofyoung women agreed Facebook, YouTube, instant messaging, and texting makeit easier for girls to bully or torment one another. This is a huge issue, especiallywith young women spending so much time online. Thats why the Mean Stinksonline community is cool - it gives girls a way to take a stand in a forum thattheyre already engaged in.17: What effect do you think the Mean Stinks Facebook group will have oncyber bullying?AR: This campaign, above all, will help drive awareness and let young womenknow that they are not alone. Bullying is a tough subject and its nice to have asafe community to turn to that is encouraging and will offer support and advice.17: What goals do you have for the Mean Stinks campaign?
  35. 35. AR: Personally, I want to get my experience out there and help young girlssurround themselves with positive people. I want to advise young women to tellsomebody, to let someone know if they see bullying happening. I cant stressenough how every little bit counts - and if youre nice to someone or encouragesomeone else to be nice, it can really help.Whether youve hurt someone or someone has hurt you, its time to stop themeanness. Become a part of the Mean Stinks campaign and stand up againstgirl-to-girl meanness at
  36. 36.        Theatre  Alliance  of  Greater  Philadelphia Public  Service  Announcement Media  Alert   Pitch  Letter   Welcome  Speech   Sample  Talking  Points  
  37. 37. For Release: Nov. 1, 2011 Contact: Kathleen TowerKill Date: Feb. 28, 2012 215-413-7150 kath@theatrealliance.orgTheatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia Public Service AnnouncementAttend the Theatre: 10Neil Patrick Harris here. I get inspiration, adrenaline, and excitement from theatre. Whatdo you get? Meet me on the Philly Theatre Casting Couch. Info on the Theatre: 20Neil Patrick Harris here. The Philly Theatre Casting Couch is making rounds once again,stopping at various Theatre Alliance shows throughout the holidays, and we’re waiting tohear your story. I get inspiration, adrenaline, and excitement from theatre. What do youget? Meet me on the Philly Theatre Casting Couch. Visit for tickets.Attend the Theatre: 30Neil Patrick Harris here. The Philly Theatre Casting Couch is making rounds once again,stopping at various Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia shows throughout theholidays, and we’re waiting to hear your story. I want to know first hand what you loveabout theatre, through the laughter and the tears. I get inspiration, adrenaline, andexcitement from theatre. What do you get? Meet me on the Philly Theatre CastingCouch. Visit for tickets and more information. ###
  38. 38. For Immediate Release Contact: Kathleen Tower 215-413-7150 kath@theatrealliance.orgTheatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia Media AlertEmmy Award Winner Neil Patrick Harris to host Philly Casting Couch TourWHO: Two-time Emmy Award winner and two-time Tony Award host, Neil Patrick HarrisWHAT: Philly Casting Couch tour launch and press conferenceWHEN: Saturday, Nov. 19, 2011 5:00 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.WHERE: Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 1800 Philadelphia, PA 19103 215-413-7150WHY: In an effort to attract a younger generation to the theatre, Harris will be hostingPhilly Casting Couch’s holiday tour. During various shows throughout the holidayseason, Harris will be asking audience members onto the couch to share what they loveabout theatre.INTERVIEW OPPORTUNITIES: Harris will be available for interviews after thepress conference from 5:30 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. ###
  39. 39. 1616 Walnut Street, Suite 1800 Philadelphia, PA 19103 November 9, 2011Richard LewisQ102 WIOQ-FMClear Channel Radio111 Presidential Blvd., Suite 100Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004Dear Mr. Lewis:For centuries, theatre and performance have been the center of arts and society across theglobe. Theatre has inspired some of the greatest minds in history and has illustrated thetalents of many in our society.The Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia recognizes that you don’t have to beShakespeare to gain something from theatre. To honor Philadelphians’ personal theatreexperience, we will be hosting our Philly Theatre Casting Couch Holiday 2011-2012Tour. This tour will feature special guest host, two-time Emmy Award winner and star ofCBS’s hit sitcom How I Met Your Mother, Neil Patrick Harris.Enclosed please find live copy for use as Public Service Announcements promoting thePhilly Theatre Casting Couch Holiday Tour. We would greatly appreciate your stationairing these spots to help raise respect for the theatre once again.Videos from previous tours can be found on If you have any questions or need additional materials, please contact meat (215) 413-7150. Thank you in advance for your support of the Theatre Alliance ofGreater Philadelphia.Sincerely,Kathleen TowerPublic Relations DirectorEnc.
  40. 40. Good evening, and welcome to the launchof the Philly Casting Couch Holiday 2011-2012tour! My name is Kathleen Tower, and I am thepublic relations director for the Theatre Allianceof Greater Philadelphia. On behalf of our organization, I would like to extend our thanksto Neil Patrick Harris for his enthusiasm and willingness to partner with us on our latestCasting Couch tour. Mr. Harris’s passion for the theatre has been contagious, and withhis help, we hope to spread our love for the theatre to all generations. Through February 2012, Mr. Harris has agreed to serve as host for our PhillyCasting Couch Holiday Tour. Once a week at a Theatre Alliance production, Mr. Harrisand the Casting Couch will take the stage during intermission and after the show andinvite audience members onstage to tell everyone what they love about the theatre. Webelieve that Mr. Harris’s presence will inspire younger generations to come out and findtheir passion for the theatre as well. In addition to serving as our host, Mr. Harris will also be the spokesperson for theCasting Couch campaign. He will be featured in broadcast public serviceannouncements, posters, and billboards. These advertisements will serve to call attentionto our campaign and incite new audience members to attend a Theatre Allianceproduction. With the help of Mr. Harris, we believe that this campaign will reach a wideaudience range and will be successful. Once again, I would like to extend thanks to Mr. Harris for his shared passion forthe theatre and the Theatre Alliance of Greater Philadelphia. Together, we will bring thepassion for the theatre back to Philadelphia.
  41. 41. Sample Talking PointsConnection between Neil Patrick Harris and Theatre Alliance. • Neil Patrick Harris’s passion for theatre is visible through experience • Worked on Broadway in both musical and dramatic roles in “Sweeney Todd,” “Proof,” “Assassins,” “Evening Primrose,” “Cabaret,” and “Rent” • Hosted 63rd and 65th Annual Tony Awards • Directed a production of Rent at the Hollywood Bowl • Theatre Alliance aims to foster passion for the theatre through shows, events, and member benefitsPhilly Casting Couch Plan • Making appearances at various weekly shows throughout the holiday season (November to February) • Exact dates to be announced on Theatre Alliance website • Casting Couch comes on stage during intermission and after show for audience to share personal theatre experienceFocus of Casting Couch • Research conducted by the Theatre Alliance revealed that most people who attend plays on a regular basis are 40 and older and a good number are senior citizens • Want to bring younger generation’s attention to the theatre • Focusing on younger audiences because they are the future; if they lose interest in the theatre, it may not last
  42. 42.          The  Skin  Cancer  Foundation   Public  Service  Announcement   Newsletter  
  43. 43. For Release: May 1, 2012 Contact: Kathleen TowerKill Date: Aug. 31, 2012 610-555-5010 ktower@skincancer.orgSkin Cancer Foundation Public Service AnnouncementSunscreen vs. Vitamin D: 10Skipping sunscreen to get Vitamin D? Don’t risk skin cancer. A balanced diet providesVitamin D without harmful UV rays. Wear sunscreen, live healthy. Visit vs. Vitamin D: 20Skipping sunscreen to get Vitamin D? Vitamin D is essential for strong bones and ahealthy immune system, but don’t stop wearing sunscreen! Vitamin D can be absorbedfrom foods such as oily fish, fortified dairy products, and even some cereals. Wearsunscreen, live healthy. Visit for more information.Sunscreen vs. Vitamin D: 30Skipping sunscreen to take in extra Vitamin D? Vitamin D is essential for strong bonesand a healthy immune system, but nixing sunscreen to get your daily dose leaves youopen to the sun’s harmful rays and puts you at risk for skin cancer. Vitamin D can beabsorbed in other ways, like from foods such as oily fish, fortified dairy products, andeven some cereals. Wear sunscreen, live healthy. Visit for moreinformation. ###
  44. 44. December 2011 SUN SAVER The only newsletter dedicated to helping you help your skin, brought to you by the Skin Cancer Foundation. Simple Advice: About SUN S A V E R 10 Ways To Winterize Your Skin ! Since its founding in 1979, The Skin Cancer Foundation has set the 4 A broad-brimmed hat goes a long way toward preventing skin cancer in exposed areas like standard for educating the public the neck, ears, scalp, and face. Opt for a 3-4 and the medical profession about inch brim that extends all around the hat. skin cancer, its prevention by means ! of sun protection, the need for earlyh honoree detection, and prompt, effective 5 Protect your children and teach them sun safety at an early age. Skin damage treatment. It is the only accumulates over the course of a lifetime, so international organization devoted it’s never to early to teach sun safety. solely to combating the world’s most ! common cancer, now occurring at Many people think that because it’s no longer epidemic levels. hot outside, the sun can’t damage your skin. In 6 Never seek a tan. There is no such thing as a healthy tan. A tan is the skin’s response to reality, the sun’s harmful UV rays can do just as the sun’s damaging rays. Skin cancer is the most common much damage to your skin in the dead of winter. cancer in the world, with more than ! 13 million cases diagnosed annually. Here’s some helpful tips to make sure you’re 7 Wear a chapstick or lip balm with SPF in it protected year-round. One of every three cancers and apply it often. Many forget that your lips diagnosed is a skin cancer, and up to ! are skin and can be damaged by the sun’s 65,161 people die every year from rays. Try Burt’s Bees Sun Protecting Lip skin cancer. The incidence of 1 Find a body lotion with SPF in it and use it Balm SPF 8, $3.99 in drugstores. every morning. This will help to make sure melanoma continues to rise at a rate ! you’re covered (and moisturized) head to faster than that of any of the seven toe. We recommend Eucerin’s Dry Skin 8 Opt for your makeup brand’s SPF-infused most common cancers. foundations and powders. Therapy SPF 15 Everyday Protection Body However, the incidence of skin ! cancer can be dramatically reduced Lotion, only $7 at drugstores. 9 Wear tightly woven fabrics in darker colors, through education, behavior 2 If the sun is out, wear your sunglasses. Not such as deep blues, blacks, and bright only are the rays damaging to your eyes, colors, such as oranges and reds. These modification, and early detection. but squinting in the sunlight can lead to offer more protection, as UV rays can easily Skin cancer is primarily a lifestyle premature aging lines around your eyes. get through lighter clothing. disease, which is why The Skin No one wants that! !The biggest skin protection rule? Stay away Cancer Foundation emphasizes ! 10 public awareness and education 3 Seek the shade, but be aware that from the tanning beds! The UV radiation campaigns. sunlight bouncing off a reflective emitted by indoor tanning lamps is even surface, such as the snow or ice, can more intense than natural light. Fake Visit for more reach you even when the sun can’t. tanning can lead to premature aging of the information or to find a skin skin and an increased risk of cancer. physician near you. ! ! !
  45. 45. ."" SUN SAVER H The Truth About Skin Cancer A Recap and Announcement: 1 Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in The Road to Healthy Skin Tour the United States. " " 2 One in five Americans will Although skin cancer is the most common form to save lives. develop skin cancer in the of cancer, it is also the most preventable. The We are excited to announce the 2012 Road to course of a lifetime. " majority of skin cancers develop as a result of Healthy Skin Tour! A list of the upcoming tour lifestyle choices, and can be highly treatable if stops will be available on starting in January. You can also sign up for The D 3 One person dies of detected early. Skin Cancer Foundation’s monthly e-newsletter melanoma every hour. for Tour updates. At t To help people across the country detect their " skin cancer early enough, the Skin Cancer She 4 The vast majority of mar melanoma are caused by Foundation has hosted their fourth annual Road " ultraviolet radiation. to Healthy Skin Tour, sponsored by AVEENO and Tour Stats “I w Rite Aid. Each year, the Skin Cancer Foundation Sep " 5 Over the past 31 years, more travels the country and provides free, full-body On the 2011 Tour, we found the following my people have had skin cancer screenings for skin cancer and provides the latest suspicious markings: her than all other cancers skin care information to the public. She combined. Melanoma 40 som " This year, the tour made 81 stops in 25 different 6 Up to 90% of the visible states. Our dermatologists traveled 18,566 miles Actinic Keratosis 1017 The changes commonly attributed and screened 3,097 people. Over 1/3 of the to aging are caused by the Basal Cell Carcinoma 311 nod people screened were found to have precancer or Afte sun. cancer. Squamous Cell 103 Dian " Carcinoma 8 A person’s risk for melanoma We would like to thank the 139 dermatologists " 2 doubles if he or she has had from around the country who volunteered their more than five sunburns at time and expertise for the Skin Cancer Se any age. Foundation this year. Together, we have helped Per " ear 9 Survivors of melanoma are about nine times as likely as AS the general population to Gr develop a new melanoma. Skin " incr10 Indoor UV tanners are 74% cha more likely to develop sign melanoma than those who Che have never tanned indoors. may " tran blac "
  46. 46. Helping you help your skin.  d to our ourThe Diana’s Story Be Proactive: tter At the age of 27, Diana Smith felt invincible. There is no such thing as a healthy She had a steady job, a nice home, and just tan. The first signs of tanning are married the love of her life. signs of the damage that UV rays have done to your skin. If you’ve ever “I was diagnosed with Stage III melanoma in gotten a sunburn, you’ve already September of 2006, just a few months after made it a priority to go for regular skin increased your chances of getting skinwing my wedding.” She never realized the mole on checks and CT scans. cancer. her stomach could have been a melanoma. It has been four years since Diana was The survival rate for patients whose She had no family history, and never thought diagnosed, and she has had no signs of re- melanoma is detected early is 99%. If something like that could happen to her. occurrence. She encourages everyone to get7 The cancer quickly spread to her lymph the cancer advances, or the tumor checked at least once a year. penetrates the skin, the survival rate nodes, but Diana was not about to give up. “I thank God, my husband, and my falls to 15%. After 12 months of interferon treatment, dermatologist for saving my life.” In addition to preventative measures, Diana is cancer-free. She has since made such as wearing sunscreen and " staying in the shade, it is important to " do physical examinations. Self-Examination: What to Look For Performed regularly, self-examination can alert you to changes in your skin and aid in the Examine your skin head-to-toe every early detection of skin cancer. But what should you look for? month. See your physician every year for a professional skin exam. Physical A Skin A Mole or A Spot or An Open exams are the best way to ensure that Growth Birthmark Sore Sore you don’t become a statistic in the Skin growths that Know your body. If you have a spot or Always be mindful of battle against skin cancer. increase in size or Remember any moles, sore that continues to open sores, as they are an change shape may be a birthmarks, beauty itch, hurt, crust, scab, easy way for bacteria to sign of skin cancer. marks or brown spots erode, or bleed, there get into your body. If you Check for growths that you have. If they change may be something have an open sore that may appear pearly, color, increase in size or wrong. Always consult does not heal within translucent, tan, brown, thickness, they change your dermatologist and three weeks, show your black, or multicolored. texture or shape, or do your best to avoid dermatologist " appear later in life, show scratching. immediately. them to your doctor. " "
  47. 47. ! D 2 The 2011 Skin Sense Awards Gala ! This year’s Skin Sense Awards Gala has been attendance, the event helped to contribute more arguably one of the most successful to date. towards the cause than the past two years combined. The event, which annually honors exceptional achievement in skin health, including public Celebrity hosts for the evening, Katie Couric, Sam education about sun protection and skin cancer Champion, weather anchor of ABC’s Good prevention, was held on October 11, 2011 at The Morning America, and Jerry Penacoli, EXTRA Plaza Hotel in New York City. The honorees this correspondent, helped The Skin Cancer year included The Skin Cancer Foundation’s Foundation attract such a large audience. The Photobiology Committee, Elliott Sigal, MD, PhD, hosts each spoke about personal experiences with Chief Scientific Officer and President, Research skin cancer and announced the honorees. S and Development Bristol-Myers Squibb and C Also in attendance were Dianne Wiest, Julia Melisse Shaban, CEO of StriVectin. s Stiles, Daphne Oz, and many other celebrities. All proceeds from the evening are put towards We would like to thank everyone who came out to a The Skin Cancer Foundation’s public awareness the Skin Sense Awards Gala to show their support s programs. With more than 400 people in o for the cause. Host Katie Couric with honoree d Elliott Sigal, MD, PhD. t ! i s SUN S A V E R c The Skin Cancer Foundation e 149 Madison Avenue S Suite 901 c New York, NY 10016 1 O d 6 s m f m H c t m S d C p c V i p
  48. 48.          Venture  Products,  LLC   News  Release  
  49. 49. Contacts: Mike Cherenson Kurt Praschak 973.992-7800, x.104 973.992-7800, x.289 ENHANCE YOUR CAMPSITE WITH VENTURE PRODUCTS’ DURABLE, INTERLOCKING FLOORINGFloor mats with Microban® Technology add comfort and protection to any campsiteFAIRFIELD, NJ (Aug. 31, 2010) – Setting up a campsite is challenging, but with easy-to-useVenture interlocking floor mats, you can be the envy of the campground.Whether you are parking an RV next to a cement pad or are setting up a tent in the wilderness, youmay not always be completely comfortable. But, Venture Products LLC has an outstanding solution– its foam, interlocking floor mats, infused with Microban® antimicrobial product protection.Constructed of ultra-durable, EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) foam, Venture’s line of interlockingflooring mats provides cushioned support that allows campers to play and relax in comfort.“Whether you keep your camper in one place all season or travel across the country, Venture’sfloor mats are perfect for the campsite,” says camping enthusiast Kathleen Tower, of Union, NJ.“We cover the entire front of our site with them. Not only do they look better, but they are muchmore comfortable than the cement pads at our campground.”The flooring is infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection during manufacture, to help inhibitthe growth of mold, mildew, and stain- and odor-causing microbes – an important considerationoutdoors, where even the smallest spill could attract the wrong kind of guests. Microban®antimicrobial zinc technology is effective for the lifespan of the product – it cannot wear or bewashed off. -more-
  50. 50. Venture Flooring 2/2“Our foam flooring mats are a simple, cost-effective alternative to the patio mats and rugstraditionally used at campsites,” says Steve Fischer of Venture Products. “Because the mats comeapart, they store easily. And thanks to their antimicrobial protection, they don’t get moldy instorage during the off-season.”Lightweight and expandable, Venture Products’ foam flooring can be installed in minutes, at a newcampsite. In addition, the flooring is water resistant, and contains no lead, paint or latex.Venture’s foam flooring is available online at® is a registered trademark of Microban Products Company.About Venture Products, LLCEstablished in 2004, Venture Products, LLC manufactures and markets an extensive lineup of mats andflooring products, including fitness mats and flooring (ideal for use during yoga and Pilates training, or withvarious types of exercise equipment), anti-fatigue flooring (perfect for home workshops and garages), andchildren’s play mats, along with a range of peripheral products. Microban® antimicrobial technology isincorporated into many of the company’s on-floor solutions and related offerings, which are available underthe brands Best-Step™, Funplay™, Organized by Design™, Safety 1st® and Shock Athletic™.Headquartered in Fairfield, NJ, Venture Products also has business locations in California and Hong Kong.Additional information on the company and its products is available by contacting or by visiting ###
  51. 51.          Villanova  University  Student  Feature  Story  Alumni  Feature  Story  
  52. 52. Villanova Magazine Villanova University 10/19/11 Edition 1, Volume 1New Service Initiative for Philadelphia At a GlanceSenior helps to spread gift of communication to •••Philadelphia high school students Britta Winans, executive board member of Lambda PiStudents at Villanova graduation percentage of Eta, heads an initiative toUniversity are known for their 98%, the class population teach underprivileged highinvolvement both on and off typically decreases by about school students importantcampus. Thanks to a number half from freshman year to communication skills andof popular school-wide graduation due to students encourage collegeservice opportunities, such as dropping out. enrollment.the St. Thomas of VillanovaDay of Service and hosting the Britta Winans, seniorlargest student-run Special communication major andOlympics Festival in the editor-in-chief of LPH’s alumni newsletter, is “I really think that as a member of [Lambda Pi Eta], we have an obligation to help others enhance their communication skills.”country, the term “service” looking forward to the newhas become synonymous with initiative. “This is the first“Villanovan.” real time these students are realizing that college and aThis year, however, a new successful future aren’t outservice initiative has been of reach for them.”formed. Lambda Pi Eta (LPH), into account. “We thought ita national honor society for College recruiters will be was really important to teachstudents studying visiting Germantown High the students about how tocommunication, has created a School for the first time in conduct themselves in annew service program in which November, which will give interview.” She has split upits members travel to students the opportunity to the program into two parts:Germantown High School in interview directly with the resume building andWest Philadelphia and hold schools. Assigned with the interview skills in the firsteducational workshops for the task of devising a curriculum semester, to prepare for thestudents. While Germantown for the academic workshops, college recruiters, and publicHigh School boasts a Britta made sure to take this speaking in the second semester.
  53. 53. Britta has been involved on excellence within the think that as a member ofVillanova’s campus since she communication field, they LPH, we have an obligation totransferred to the school in the also have dedicated help others enhance theirfall semester of 2009. She is themselves to service in the communication skills,” saidalso a member of the Public community. This past year, Britta. LPH’s missionRelations Student Society of Lambda Pi Eta has statement aims to promoteAmerica (PRSSA), Villanova participated in a number of and encourage professionalAmbassadors, the Blue Key service opportunities development inclub, and a writer for the including Philabundance, a communication. By providingVillanovan. hunger relief organization the current students with the serving the Delaware Valley; vision of an academic future,Because of her strong interest Back on My Feet, a nonprofit Britta hopes to encouragein the communication field, organization promoting self- future classes at Germantownshe decided to become a sufficiency of those High School to continue theirmember of Lambda Pi Eta. experiencing homelessness; education as well.Since joining LPH, her passion and Food for Friends, anhas driven her to become organization donating food to Story by Kathleen Towermore involved. In Spring homeless shelters. Photos provided by Britta Winans2011, Britta was inducted asthe editor-in-chief of LPH’s As a member of the executivealumni newsletter, the VCAN board, Britta is not required toConnect. attend the workshops, but she remains passionate about theWhile LPH is an organization cause and chooses todedicated to academic participate anyway. “I reallyLambda Pi Eta executive board, from left to right: Christopher Spina, Kristen Barrow, ThomasMcHugh, Kate Colasurdo, Lauren Willis, Britta Winans, and Dr. Billie Murray, LPH faculty advisor.
  54. 54. VCAN CONNECT Spring 2011 page 3Alumni Spotlight: Derek Fiorenza ’08,Philanthropist, Food For FriendsBy Kathleen Tower, Junior Communication MajorA s a student at VillanovaUniversity, Derek Fiorenza ’08 was volunteer project if he would be interested in donating food to homeless shelters. The caterer agreed, ignitingincredibly involved on campus. Not his Food for Friends campaign.only was he a member of Lambda PiEta, the National Society of Collegiate Food for Friends is a program in whichScholars and the Villanova football professional caterers and restaurantsteam, he also found time to dedicate prepare meals to be served in homeless shelters within the Philadelphia Derek Fiorenza ’08 began his ownto service and volunteer work. Being philanthropic organization shortlyactively involved in the community after graduating from Villanova.was something that Fiorenza truly umbrella of United Charitable colleges across the country to askvalued and loved; however, he never Programs, Food for Friends has been students to donate meals from theirimagined how great of an impact he an annual event since its inception – meal plans to his cause. This boldwould eventually be able to make after initiative will help Food for Friendsgraduating from Villanova. its second, 100 in its third and 2,000 at develop into a nationwide presence. its most recent event.Besides his active involvement in Dr. Bryan Crable, Chair of thecampus life, Fiorenza also achieved Fiorenza explains, “[Food for Friends] Department of Communication, recallsacademically and left a lasting is an initiative to give back, inspire Fiorenza as a student, saying, “I willimpression on the Department of and assist those in need. I see it as an always remember Derek as one ofCommunication faculty. Dr. Qi Wang, opportunity to unite the community as the most sincere and earnest studentsone of his professors, remembers, “He a whole. If we help one community and I’ve had the pleasure to meet. Withwas overloading [on courses], an athlete one shelter at a time, then we can make a everything that Derek has done toand commuting, but his coursework difference.” Food for Friends currently help his community, he deserves greatperformance was not compromised. I serves 16 shelters in nine Pennsylvania thanks.”remember when I asked how he could counties, serving communities fromlive such a busy life; he grinned and Philadelphia to Pittsburgh. Fiorenza, however, does not believesaid that he still had plenty of time to that he should get all of the credit.serve.” Fiorenza is currently working to He acknowledges the help of his expand Food for Friends. Shelters in family, friends and trust in God for hisDuring his senior year at Villanova, New Jersey, Maryland and Delaware accomplishments. “It is not a singularFiorenza regularly served breakfast will soon be added to the organization’s act, and I am thankful for everyone thatto underprivileged children in West donation list. Fiorenza, however, has has been supportive,” he says. ThroughChester, Pa. This experience later plans to reach neighborhoods beyond his commitment to service and stronginspired Fiorenza to create Fiorenza’s the immediate area. Adapting an idea faith, Fiorenza has been able to makeFood for Friends. He asked the caterer popular for fundraisers at Villanova, his charitable dreams a reality.involved with the West Chester Fiorenza plans to travel to different
  55. 55.       Washington  Sentinels  Football  Organization   Position  Paper   Email  Pitch    
  56. 56.    Position  Paper  Washington  Sentinels  Nov.  21,  2011    Washington  Sentinels  Tackle  Domestic  Violence  Executive  Summary  Domestic  violence  is  any  assault,  battery,  or  criminal  threat  from  one  member  of  a  household  against  another  member  of  the  same  household.    Domestic  violence  does  not  always  come  in  the  form  of  physical  abuse.    Psychological  abuse,  threats,  and  the  forcing  of  sexual  acts  are  also  all  considered  domestic  violence.    Although  emotional  and  psychological  abuses  are  not  considered  criminal  behavior,  they  can  open  the  door  to  physical  abuse.    There  is  no  “typical”  abuser  or  victim  of  domestic  violence  –  it  can  happen  to  anyone.    In  the  wake  of  a  number  of  professional  athletes  coming  forward  as  both  abusers  and  victims,  the  Washington  Sentinels  Football  Organization  believes  that  it  is  necessary  to  reinforce  its  no-­‐tolerance  policy  toward  domestic  violence.  Domestic  Violence  Within  Professional  Sports  From  L.A.  Laker  Kobe  Bryant  to  figure  skater  Tonya  Harding,  a  surprising  number  of  professional  athletes  have  been  convicted  of  domestic  violence.    While  the  number  of  professional  athletes  who  become  abusers  is  not  disproportionate  from  the  general  population,  a  larger  focus  is  placed  on  professional  athletes.    An  athlete’s  
  57. 57. career  places  his  or  her  life  in  the  public  eye.    As  such,  it  is  vital  that  an  athlete  understand  that  he  or  she  is  also  a  role  model  for  any  fans  of  his  or  her  team.    WWE  wrestler  “Stone  Cold”  Steve  Austin  assaulted  his  wife.    Football  player  Jim  Brown  threatened  to  kill  his  wife  and  vandalized  her  car.    Hockey  player  Sean  Burke  beat  his  wife.    Professional  athletes  must  realize  that,  whether  they  want  the  responsibility  or  not,  they  serve  as  role  models  for  future  generations.    Therefore,  it  is  crucial  that  they  set  a  positive  example.  Unfortunately,  even  in  the  public  eye,  professional  athletes  are  not  resistant  to  harmful  physical  domestic  abuse.    In  the  cases  of  football  player  O.J.  Simpson  and  WWE  wrestler  Chris  Benoit,  the  abuse  was  not  found  until  the  victim’s  death  came  as  a  result  of  the  domestic  violence.    The  most  infamous  cases  of  domestic  abuse  became  such  because  of  extreme  violence  such  as  this.  Threatened  and  actual  physical  violence  is  illegal.    Many  people  who  abuse  their  loved  ones  do  not  believe  that  some  of  their  actions  are  abusive  because  they  are  not  criminal  acts.    While  domestic  violence  is  most  often  thought  of  as  physical  abuse,  it  can  take  many  other  forms.    Verbal  threats,  forced  sexual  acts,  put-­‐downs,  and  even  social  restrictions  are  all  forms  of  abuse.    Although  non-­‐violent  acts  of  abuse  may  not  leave  physical  scars,  they  are  still  harmful  to  the  victim.    Both  violent  and  non-­‐violent  acts  of  abuse  can  damage  the  victim  emotionally,  mentally,  and  psychologically.  Domestic  Violence  Myths  Domestic  violence  is  very  commonly  misinterpreted.    There  are  many  myths  existing  in  our  society  regarding  domestic  violence,  its  abusers,  and  its  victims.    It  is