Report of Gifts 06-07


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Report of Gifts 06-07

  1. 1. R E P O R T O F G I F T S 2 0 0 6 – 2 0 0 7 ##
  2. 2. A M E S S A G E F R O M The Vice President for Institutional Advancement Dear Alumni and Friends, Thanks to your generous support, the 2006-07 Albany Law School Fund was one for the record books. For the first time in our history, we reached, and then surpassed, the $1 million mark. We also saw the highest percentage of alumni giving—24 percent—10 percent higher than the national average for law schools. Overall fund raising at Albany Law School also reached a record high of $4.5 million. This past year will also be remembered for the incredible generosity of Sherry Gold and her children, Sari and Ben ’06, whose $1 million gift to endow the Barry Gold Health Law Clinic spoke volumes about the importance of our clinical program to both our students and the community. In addition, we received significant gifts from Seymour Fox ’49 and Stuart Doling ’63 and his wife, Ann, to fund scholarships for our students. It has been a great pleasure to witness such an outpouring of support for Albany Law School this past year. Your generosity has put the Law School on solid footing for future growth and your continued, wonderful support will help us to realize our ambitious goal of becoming an excellent New York law school with a national reputa- tion. For the first time Thank you again, in our history, we reached, and then Helen Adams-Keane Vice President for Institutional Advancement surpassed, the $1 million mark. ##
  3. 3. A M E S S A G E F R O M The National Chair of the Annual Fund Fellow Alumni and Friends of Albany Law School: It has been my pleasure to chair this year’s Albany Law School Fund. Thank you to all who supported this year’s efforts and to the count- less volunteers who gave not only their dollars, but also their time to ensure we reached and surpassed our $1 million goal. In recent years, Albany Law School has built a broader, more nation- al reputation by recruiting faculty who are legal experts in their fields and attracting bright students who are landing jobs at our country’s finest firms. These accomplishments enhance the reputation of our law school and add to the value of our Albany Law degree. This success is reflective of a firm vision for Albany Law School to become “smaller, smarter and more selective.” Your gifts help Albany Law School realize these goals. Support from alumni and friends means increased scholarships to deserving students, competitive fac- ulty salaries and enrichment opportunities, and a rigorous legal cur- riculum to prepare our graduates for careers in the global society. Thank you for investing in the students, the legal profession and the prominence of our alma mater in the law community. Support from Mary Ann McGinn ’83 alumni and National Chair of the Annual Fund Chair of the Development Committee friends means Vice-Chair, Board of Trustees increased scholarships to deserving students ... ##
  4. 4. REPORT OF GIFTS 2006–2007 Giving Levels THE BARRISTER SOCIETIES DEAN’S CABINET PLATINUM THE KATE STONEMAN 1898 THE AMOS DEAN CLUB The Barrister Societies recognizes CIRCLE - $50,000 AND ABOVE SOCIETY $1,000 - $2,499 $500 - $999 leadership gifts to Albany Law Katherine “Kate” Stoneman 1898 Amos Dean was a graduate of DEAN’S CABINET GOLD CIRCLE - School. It is those gifts that make a was the first female graduate of Union College and founding father $25,000 TO $49,999 great impact on the legal education Albany Law School and the first of Albany Law School. Dean was a provided to our students. The DEAN’S CABINET SILVER CIRCLE - female to be admitted into the New noted educator, appointed professor Barrister Society levels are named $10,000 TO $24,999 York State Bar. She was also a life- at Albany Law School and was after prominent members of the time educator and renowned chair of medical jurisprudence at Albany Law School family whose women’s rights suffragist. Donors to Albany Medical School. He later THE JUSTICE ROBERT H. history, service and philanthropy the Kate Stoneman 1898 Society became the first president of the JACKSON 1912 SOCIETY has shaped the institution Albany idealize the values of Kate University of Iowa. $5,000 - $9,999 Law is today. Stoneman as a pioneer in the field Widely considered as one of the THE IRA HARRIS CLUB The Barrister Societies consist of law and help provide students greatest Supreme Court Justices in $250 - $499 of five giving levels designed to rec- with the resources to do the same. history, Justice Jackson also served Ira Harris was a graduate of Union ognize gifts of $1,000 or more in a as U.S. Attorney General and chief GRADUATES OF THE LAST College and founding father of single fiscal year. Recent graduates prosecutor for the Nuremburg DECADE (G.O.L.D.) Albany Law School. He was also of the last 10 years have the oppor- World War II trials. Donors who Young alumni within 10 years of Justice of the New York State tunity to join the Barrister Society give to Albany Law School at this graduation may join the Kate Supreme Court and a U.S. Senator. at a reduced rate of giving. level recognize the need to perpetu- Stoneman 1898 Society at a Harris spent the last eight years of ate Justice Jackson’s legacy ensuring reduced rate: his life as a professor at Albany Law THE DEAN’S CABINET that today’s law students receive the lecturing on equity jurisprudence. $10,000 AND ABOVE best education possible. CLASSES OF 1997-2001 - $500+ Just as the position of Dean is the THE AMASA PARKER CLUB premier at Albany Law School, THE JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER CLASSES OF 2002-2006 - $250+ $100 - $249 members of the Dean’s Cabinet are 1858 SOCIETY - $2,500 - $4,999 Amasa Parker was a graduate of the premier donors to the institu- Just three years after graduating THE FOUNDERS CLUBS Union College and founding father tion in a given year. Each year, from Albany Law School, Justice The Founders Clubs recognize of Albany Law School. He had a Dean’s Cabinet members are listed Brewer began his distinguished alumni and friends who give to distinguished career in the New on a special plaque in the Board of career in public service. Serving for Albany Law School between $100 York State Assembly, United States Trustees conference room in the 20 years on the U.S. Supreme and $999. Named in memory of Congress and Justice of the New 2000 Building to honor their phi- Court as an Associate Justice, his Amos Dean, Ira Harris and Amasa York State Supreme Court. lanthropy to Albany Law School. cases illustrated a strong commit- Parker—the three individuals who The Dean’s Cabinet members are ment to the protection of individ- founded the Law School in 1851— subdivided into three philanthropic ual liberties as well as international these founding fathers understood levels: peace. Donors at the Brewer 1858 the need to provide a place to for- level also show their commitment mally study law in the Albany area. to supporting Albany Law School students in their legal endeavors. Albany Law School Fund Five-year Comparison THE 2006-3007 ANNUAL FUND ACHIEVED A RECORD-BREAKING $1,045,000. THE ANNUAL FUND’S GROWTH OVER THE LAST FOUR YEARS HAS OUT- PACED THAT OF MANY LAW SCHOOLS, REAFFIRMING OUR VISION OF BECOMING A GREAT LAW SCHOOL WITH A NATIONAL REPUTATION. ##
  5. 5. The Barrister Societies DEAN’S PLATINUM CIRCLE Thomas M. Santoro ’72 & Rosemarie Riddell Bogdan ’92 & Sean M. Doolan ’87 & M. Sherry Gold, Corinne Collins Edward A. Bogdan III ’92 Michele M. Doolan ’89 Benjamin D. Gold ’06 & Andrea M. Terrillion ’90 & Constance M. Boland ’86 James H. Doran ’43 Sari Gold Scott M. Terrillion ’90 Catherine L. Bonventre ’05 & Harold Dubroff Harry L. Robinson ’65 Stephen P. Younger ’82 & Vincent M. Bonventre Fred J. Emery ’57 David D. Siegel Prudence M. Younger ’82 Jeffrey H. Bowen ’80 Featherstonhaugh, Wiley, Clyne Thania F. Bradley ’85 & Cordo LLP DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER James G. Brennan ’52 David R. Ferris ’76 William A. Brewer III ’77 SOCIETY Brown, McMahon & Weinraub Alan B. Friedberg ’77 & Stuart P. Doling ’63 & Richard T. Aulisi ’69 Charlotte S. Buchanan ’80 Kristine Hamann ’77 Ann Doling Mei Y. Chow Frederic W. Burr ’79 Richard A. Frye ’58 Seymour Fox ’49 Jean K. Cleary ’70 & James B. Cantwell ’73 Stuart L. Ginsburg ’72 E. Stewart Jones Jr. ’66 Stephen M. Cleary ’70 Capital District Trial Alfred L. Goldberger ’57 The A. Lindsay & Olive B. Elaine M. & Myron J. Cohn Lawyers Association James C. Goodfellow ’70 O’Connor Foundation Foundation Anthony V. Cardona ’70 Diane A. Goodman ’75 * William F. Pendergast ’72 & William J. Curry ’87 John R. Casey ’70 Victoria A. Graffeo ’77 Judith Pendergast Charles A. Forma ’76 Kim M. Clark ’73 Jeffrey Gural Robert B. Stiles ’76 Daryl R. Forsythe Robert J. Coan ’58 James E. Hacker ’84 Edward P. Swyer James E. Frankel ’73 Paul T. Cohn ’81 Clifford T. Harrigan ’53 The Swyer Foundation Inc. Robert A. Gensburg ’67 Andrea L. Colby ’80 William M. Harris ’72 Dale M. Thuillez ’72 Samuel P. Gerace ’61 Constructive Copy LLC John J. Herbst ’96 & Paul J. Goldman ’85 Cool Insuring Agency Inc. Erin L. Herbst ’95 DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE John J. Halloran Jr. ’84 Barbara D. Cottrell ’84 Heslin Rothenberg Farley & M. Diane Bodman ’72 David M. Heim ’77 Coughlin & Gerhart L.L.P. Mesiti P.C. Bond, Schoeneck & King PLLC Sharon R. Kaplan ’82 & William C. Coyne Gary M. Hind ’80 Mei Yang Chow Richard A. Kaplan ’82 Patricia M. Crippen ’77 Hiscock & Barclay LLP James J. Clark ’79 Peter Keane ’97 & Harry J. D’Agostino ’55 Margaret F. Holbritter ’82 Robert V. Gianniny ’53 Helen Adams-Keane Donald D. DeAngelis ’60 Marvin I. Honig ’63 Thomas F. Guernsey & Michael S. Kelton ’77 Garrett E. DeGraff ’77 Chester D. Hooper ’70 Kathe Klare Ian G. MacDonald ’58 Andre R. Donikian ’69 David J. Hubbard ’97 Joseph K. Hage III ’78 William L. Nikas ’75 Andrew B. Donnellan Jr. ’77 Carol A. Hyde ’84 Harold C. Hanson ’66 Timothy D. O’Hara ’96 James E. Kelly ’83 Patterson, Belknap, Webb & Peter C. Kopff ’75 & Tyler LLP Dianne Kopff James T. Potter ’80 Bruce L. Martin ’66 William E. Redmond ’55 Mary Ann McGinn ’83 Robert C. Miller ’68 Thomas J. Mullin ’76 & Richard A. Reed ’81 Patricia E. Salkin ’88 & Michael H. Glor ’83 Howard Gross PRINCIPAL, GW & WADE, INC. Carol E. S. Mullin ’76 Edgar A. Sandman ’46 MEMBER, JUSTICE ROBERT H. JACKSON 1912 SOCIETY Georgia F. Nucci ’96 James J. Sandman & Richard D. Parsons ’71 Beth Mullin Frank H. Penski ’74 Mary Beth Sandman & Rory J. Radding ’75 Michael Glor ’83 is a principal and Paul W. Sandman Rhodes Memorial Fund Katherine M. Sheehan ’94 John L. Schmid ’77 founding member of GW & Wade, Michael P. Shanley Jr. ’71 Inc., a private wealth advisory firm E. M. Sneeringer Jr. ’79 Kenneth Veneziano ’90 Johnna G. Torsone ’75 in Wellesley, Mass., that manages Ronald J. Weiss ’80 Donna E. Wardlaw ’77 more than $2.7 billion in assets for Jack Withiam Jr. ’74 JUSTICE ROBERT H. over 1,700 clients. Glor is a generous KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY JACKSON SOCIETY Anonymous donor to Albany Law School at the Albany Law School Student Bar Lucretia M. Adymy ’86 Justice Robert H. Jackson 1912 Association Mary Ann D. Allen ’81 & Arnold Barnett & Society level. He says he supports John L. Allen ’76 Mary Jo Barnett Ruth Anderson Albany Law School at a leadership level because he wants to Cohoes Savings Bank Foundation Warren M. Anderson ’40* see the core values of earning a legal education endure at Brian C. Cuneo ’96 Frank L. Fernandez ’80 Peter G. Appelbaum ’65 Albany Law School. Aspen Publishers Inc. Inspired by great faculty, Glor had an exceptional law James Freeman & Robert A. Barker Lynn Freeman-Massey Timothy A. Barker ’82 school experience. In particular, Professor Anthony Baldwin, Michael H. Glor ’83 Mildred K. Barnett who he had for Constitutional Law, was a mentor and sound- Susan M. Halpern ’83 Martin J. Barrington ’80& Hinman, Howard & Katell LLP ing board for advice on his studies and career. Prof. Baldwin’s Mary P. Barrington ’80 no-nonsense approach taught Glor to no longer focus on fail- Ann Horowitz Robert C. Batson ’75 Erik E. Joh ’70 James N. Benedict ’74 ure as an obstacle, but as challenges to overcome. JP Morgan Chase Ronald M. Berman ’65 Glor lives in Wellesley with his wife Sara and sons Robert, Matthew H. ’58 Jerry Bilinski Lawrence I. & Blanche H. Rhodes Taylor and Harrison. Ira M. Bloom Memorial Fund David A. Blumberg ’98 ##
  6. 6. REPORT OF GIFTS 2006–2007 The Barrister Societies DEAN’S PLATINUM CIRCLE $50,000 and above Bruce E. Hunter ’73 MatLaw Systems Corporation New York Long-Term Care William T. Hutchens Jr. Connie M. Mayer Brokers Ltd. DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE Anthony R. Ianniello ’70 Mary Elizabeth McCaffrey ’91 Daniel P. Nolan ’78 $25,000–$49,999 Irad S. Ingraham ’60 David E. McCraw ’92 Christopher M. Nolland ’77 DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Robert H. Iseman ’73 Elizabeth J. McDonald ’78 Thomas G. O’Neil ’40 $10,000-$24,999 John A. Jackson ’90 & William P. McGovern III ’68 Lawrence W. O’Toole ’75 Juanita Jackson Michael T. McGrath ’80 James W. Orband ’84 JUSTICE ROBERT H. Jacquelyn L. Jerry ’76 McNamee, Lochner, Titus & J. Lawrence Paltrowitz ’74 JACKSON 1912 SOCIETY Margaret C. Jones ’91 Williams P.C. John C. Partigan ’85 $5,000–$9,999 Katheryn D. Katz ’70 Frederick J. Meagher Jr. ’71 Arnold C. Peer ’60 & Veronica G. Keegan ’86 Mary Eileen Mealey Kathleen N. Peer ’76 JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Thomas D. Keleher ’79 Robert T. Melillo Jr. ’92 Pitta, Bishop, Del Giorno and 1858 SOCIETY Deborah L. Kelly ’87 Ira Mendleson III ’69 Dreier LLP $2,500–$4,999 Stephen M. Kiernan ’62 David A. Merkel ’60 W. Hubert Plummer ’56 THE KATE STONEMAN 1898 James P. King ’59 Gregory M. Messer ’77 & Peter Preiser Carol D. Klein ’81 Elinor D. Molbegott ’77 Brian M. Prew ’70 SOCIETY Jason J. Legg ’96 Daniel Lincoln Miller ’56 John J. Puig ’81 $1,000–$2,499 Ruth E. Leistensnider ’88 Martha L. Miller ’83 Qualcomm Incorporated Erin L. Leitman Scott ’96 Richard J. Miller ’71 Victor E. Rauscher Levene, Gouldin & Joseph D. Mitchell ’84 & James T. Raymond ’93 Thompson LLP Carol Turner-Mitchell ’84 Joseph H. Reynolds ’76 LexisNexis Matthew Bender Dale L. Moore Francis T. Roach ’56 Roger B. Linden Jr. ’77 Morrison & Foerster LLP Jeffrey S. Rodner ’69 Harry J. Love ’52 Patricia A. Murphy ’89 James W. Roemer Jr. ’69 John L. Sampson ’91 Lyric Foundation Judith L. Needham ’78 Robert A. Russell ’74 Farnosh R. Sarraf William C. MacMillen Jr. ’37 Miriam M. Netter ’72 Thomas R. Ryan ’51 Paul E. Scanlan ’72 Barry W. Marr ’74 Stephen B. Salai ’74 Joel L. Schaller ’80 Twenty-First Centuty Society THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY SOCIETY RECOGNIZES INDIVIDUALS WHO SUPPORT ALBANY LAW SCHOOL THROUGH CHARITABLE GIFT PLAN- NING VEHICLES SUCH AS BEQUESTS, BEQUEST EXPECTANCIES, TRUSTS, GIFTS OF LIFE INSURANCE, GIFTS OF QUALIFIED RETIREMENT PLAN ASSETS AND GIFTS OF REAL PROPERTY. DONORS WHOSE TESTAMENTARY GIFTS ARE RECEIVED BY ALBANY LAW SCHOOL ARE RECOGNIZED POSTHUMOUSLY. INDIVIDUALS WHO PARTICIPATE IN ALBANY LAW SCHOOL’S CHARITABLE GIFT ANNUITY OR POOLED INCOME PROGRAMS THAT PROVIDE DONORS OR THEIR DESIGNATED BENEFICIARIES WITH A LIFE INCOME ARE ALSO CONSIDERED HONORED MEMBERS OF THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY SOCIETY. Anonymous Kevin G. Cowden ’83 Eleanor Lieberman* Helen M. Pratt ’28* Milton A. Abelove ’36* Donald L. Curran* Harry J. Love ’52 William W. Pulos ’80 John R. Aldrich ’76 A. Hazel Curry* John B. Lurie ’20 & Hubert A. Richter ’50 Hon. Warren M. Anderson ’40* Hon. Harry J. D’Agostino ’55 Ada B. Lurie* Harry L. Robinson ’65 Julie Aussicker* Edward S. Dermody ’37* Andrew J. Malatesta ’34* Carl S. Salmon Jr. ’47* & Timothy A. Barker ’82 Kathryn R. Dugan* Eileen Malone* Leila N. Salmon Gerald R. Barrett ’32* Elizabeth S. Ellard ’46* Matthew H. Mataraso ’58 Edgar A. Sandman ’46 & John S. Bartlett Jr. ’48 Albert Farone ’25* Gerald T. McDonald ’58 Margaret Sandman Hon. Robert W. Bascom ’33* Angela Farone* George W. McIsaac ’31* & Harry M. Schaffer ’21* Madalyn Bellinger-Bryant* Magdeline Farone* Harriet M. McIsaac* C. Fred Schwarz Jr. ’48* Hon. Francis Bergan ’23* Amelia Foell-Stern ’81 Hon. Duncan S. McNab ’38* Dorothea Setzer* John Breyo ’71 Hon. Merle N. Fogg Jr. ’45* Kelsie E. Mead ’20* Marcia P. Simon* Mary F. Brown* Marguerite Ford* LeRoy E. Middleworth Jr. ’48* Harold Slingerland ’26* Anne Browne ’91 Lillian S. Friedman ’58* Robert C. Miller ’68 Isobel I. Smith* Charlotte S. Buchanan ’80 & Dorothy H. Gabrielli* Joseph D. Mitchell ’84 Raymond G. Smith ’33* & Charles Buchanan Hon. Frank W. Getman ’58 Hon. Joseph A. Mogavero ’53* Ella F. Smith* Frederic W. Burr ’79 Robert V. Gianniny ’53 Delon F. Mousaw ’37* & Hon. Harold R. Soden* ’33 John A, Buyck ’48* Solomon M. Gilens ’26* Jean Mousaw* Charles W. Stiefel ’75 Jay S. Caplan ’46* & Raymond T. Gilman ’76 Robert E. Muehe ’51* Edward P. Stiefel ’71 Ruth Caplan* Donald C. Glenn ’43* & Paul E. Mura ’63 Bruce R. Sullivan ’38* Hon. D. Vincent Cerrito ’35 Jane D. Glenn* Miriam M. Netter ’72 Frank W. Tessitore ’80 H. Milton Chadderdon ’36* Diane Goodman Jane Russell Nile Dale M. Thuillez ’72 Margot J. Champagne Eugenia S. Gutekunst* Norbert L. Noel James C. Tomasi ’54 William F. Christiana ’33* Hon. Julian R. Hanley ’36 Daniel P. Nolan ’78 Alfred C. Turino ’36* Robert J. Coan ’58 Gerald T. Hennessy ’50* Georgia F. Nucci ’96 William M. Watkins* David A. Cohen ’22* Harold Henson Kim Oster ’76 Walter H. Wertime Jr. ’22* Myron J. Cohn ’36* & Gary M. Hind ’80 Richard D. Parsons ’71 Hon. Thomas M. Whalen III ’58* Elaine Cohn* Carol M. Hoffman ’76 Emil Peters ’32* David S. Williams ’42 William L. Cohn ’20* Stephanie Huested* Homer E. Peter ’31* Georgina Harris Williams* John J. Collins III ’80 John J. Kelliher William H. Phelps ’22* Lyman P. Williams ’32* John K. Conners ’78 Thomas B. LaRosa Charlotte Blandy Pitt Pauline E. Williman James E. Conway ’60* David A. Ladizki ’66 Margrethe R. Powers ’63* John J. Yanas ’53 ##
  7. 7. G.O.L.D. BARRISTER Classes of 1997-2001—$500 + Classes of 2002-2007—$250 + Frederick M. Fink ’06 1942 AMOS DEAN CLUB Kevin C. Harp ’00 & Richard W. Lent THE FOUNDERS CLUBS Heather D. Harp ’00 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY David S. Williams IRA HARRIS CLUB Amos Dean Club James B. Hettie ’04 $500–$999 John R. Higgitt ’01 Oreste Vincent Michelle Holmes Ladouceur ’99 IRA HARRIS CLUB Frank J. Williams Jr. Ira Harris Club Edgar Blumberg Robert F. Winne $250–$999 Patrick K. Jordan ’02 & Laura M. Jordan ’03 AMASA PARKER CLUB AMASA PARKER CLUB Amasa Parker Club Charles W. Judge II ’98 $100–$249 James T. Taaffe Jr. John W. Bergin Norman W. Kee ’04 Francis T. Longe Amy J. Kellogg ’02 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Edward J. Malone * Deceased Sungchurl Koh ’98 Francis J. Juracka ** Denotes a gift-in-kind Michael A. Perretta James W. Leary ’06 Augustus Nasmith Robert J. Sise In-kind contributions of goods and Randall S. Lewis ’98 services provide Albany Law School Donald A. Walsh Michael S. Pascazi ’05 1943 with many vital resources. Kimberly C. Petillo ’05 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Alexander Powhida ’99 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Nancy C. Roth Sandra D. Rivera ’02 James H. Doran Donald H. Sommers Dana L. Salazar ’05 AMASA PARKER CLUB Darius Shahinfar ’97 & 1950 Rollin L. Twining Noelle M. Kinsch ’96 George E. Whalen Claude W. Shelverton ’02 AMOS DEAN CLUB Matthew P. Side ’99 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Donald B. Frederick Jordan M. Smith ’05 George F. Frey John F. O’Malley Jr. Marc D. Schechter ’78 Larry P. Schiffer ’79 Shelly L. Stone ’97 IRA HARRIS CLUB Charles J. Scibetta ’95 Joshua S. Vinciguerra ’99 1946 Charles E. Littlefield Security Mutual Life Neil L. Wilcove’98 & Insurance Company Kelly C. Wilcove ’98 JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER AMASA PARKER CLUB Robert S. Segelbaum ’64 Diana Yang ’05 SOCIETY Nathan A. Bork Jeffrey M. Selchick ’75 Jianping Zhang ’05 Edgar A. Sandman Cranston H. Howe Laurie F. Shanks Philip D. O’Donnell 1925 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Barbara A. Sheehan ’84 Armand J. Rosenberg Sadye J. Zilin Louis Weisman* Marcia P. Simon* Henry F. Sobota ’77 AMOS DEAN CLUB J. Howard McIsaac* 1947 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Harold L. Solomon ’62 & Valerie Hubert A. Richter N. Solomon ’70 IRA HARRIS CLUB Victoria M. Stanton ’87 & 1935 B. Robert Rosenberg Harry M. Kammire Stephen T. Voit R. Matthew Sweeney IRA HARRIS CLUB Brian D. Starer ’72 D. Vincent Cerrito AMASA PARKER CLUB 1951 Robert S. Stockton ’72 Charles S. Collesano Leo T. Sawyko William C. Streets ’55 Earle N. Cooper KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY George E. Toomey James G. Talbot ’98 AMASA PARKER CLUB Thomas R. Ryan ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Thomas Thomas ’59 Robert E. Van Vranken ’74 Miller F. Moran AMOS DEAN CLUB Lester H. Rappaport Jorge I. Vidro ’90 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Howard D. Clayton 1948 Francis X. Wallace ’49 & John W. Tabner Joyce P. Wallace ’73 IRA HARRIS CLUB Charles S. Webb III ’58 1937 AMASA PARKER CLUB John F. Cenesky Charles A. Bohl Robert K. Weiler ’77 Leonard A. Weiss KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY John J. Darcy John C. Welsh ’55 William C. MacMillen Jr. Richard P. Harrison Denis Whalen AMASA PARKER CLUB Lisa A. Whitney ’71 1939 John P. Balio ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS David S. Williams ’42 John S. Bartlett Jr. Charles B. Grimes Jr. John A. Williamson Jr. ’71 Robert T. Booth William J. Crangle Jr. IRA HARRIS CLUB Pauline E. Williman Frederick S. Dennin Darwin R. Wales 1952 Peter S. Wilson Jr. ’83 Sol Greenberg Wilson, Elser, Moskowitz, Russell C. Marron Jr. KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Edelman & Dicker LLP 1940 Robert J. McKeegan James G. Brennan Paul L. Wollman ’70 Harry J. Love ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Warren M. Anderson* John J. Yanas ’53 & KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Eugenie E. Gillespie AMOS DEAN CLUB Thomas G. O’Neil Mary F. Yanas Kathleen A. Yohe ’97 Robert P. Heywood John T. Garry II Paul J. Zegger ’87 John E. Hunt IRA HARRIS CLUB Harry W. McDonald IRA HARRIS CLUB William F. Jones G.O.L.D. BARRISTER Allen H. Samuels James J. Cahill SOCIETY Eugene F. Frink Anonymous AMASA PARKER CLUB 1949 George B. Grow AMASA PARKER CLUB Pamela M. Babson ’02 C. Theodore Carlson David C. Bruffett Jr. ’02 DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE 1941 Seymour Fox Robert C. Kastensmith Keiki M. Cabanos ’97 Jay S. Campbell ’03 & AMASA PARKER CLUB KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Youngmin Oh Campbell ’03 F. Van D. Ladd Francis X. Wallace Gordon K. Garlick Douglas E. Coleman ’04 Margery C. Eddy ’00 ##
  8. 8. REPORT OF GIFTS 2006–2007 The Barrister Societies DEAN’S PLATINUM CIRCLE $50,000 and above 1953 1955 IRA HARRIS CLUB Wayne M. Davis DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Charles F. Little Jr. $25,000–$49,999 Robert V. Gianniny SOCIETY DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE AMASA PARKER CLUB William E. Redmond $10,000-$24,999 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Bert R. Dohl Clifford T. Harrigan KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY James E. Keable JUSTICE ROBERT H. John J. Yanas Harry J. D’Agostino Sondra D. Markowitz JACKSON 1912 SOCIETY William C. Streets John L. McMahon IRA HARRIS CLUB $5,000–$9,999 John C. Welsh Thomas F. Burke ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER AMOS DEAN CLUB Eugene H. Berkun AMASA PARKER CLUB Francis E. Dorsey Jr. 1858 SOCIETY Walter R. Gelles William D. Brinnier Frank G. Leo $2,500–$4,999 Adelaide I. Cartwright IRA HARRIS CLUB Edward J. McMahon THE KATE STONEMAN 1898 Frank A. Decker Richard E. Clark Paul L. Ryan Robert L. Dorfman SOCIETY Henry J. Gelles Lawrence Wayne Anthony J. Kelvasa Jr. Kenneth S. MacAffer Jr. $1,000–$2,499 Edward F. Layden James J. Murray 1957 Alfred C. Saunders ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS William A. Toomey Jr. KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Clarence F. Giles Jr. Fred J. Emery Daniel D. Mead AMASA PARKER CLUB Alfred L. Goldberger Herbert Rothenberg John B. Cosgrove Leo M. Lynett Jr. AMOS DEAN CLUB Frank N. Parisi 1954 J. Edward Murray James W. Clyne Gloria L. Seiler L. Eugene Williams Charles R. Welch AMOS DEAN CLUB Arthur Shapiro Curtis W. Barker ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS IRA HARRIS CLUB Joseph C. Shapiro Robert P. Best Lewis E. Grotke Gene L. Catena Morton D. Shulman George P. McAloon John G. Connor Paul J. Spielberg Winifred R. Widmer 1956 Robert L. Ramsey ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Theodore L. Reinhard IRA HARRIS CLUB KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Benjamin P. Roosa Jr. Joseph R. Donovan Daniel Lincoln Miller AMASA PARKER CLUB John D. Stenard James C. Tomasi W. Hubert Plummer Willard W. Cass Jr. Donald G. Walls Francis T. Roach Robert F. Doran 1958 Scott G. Eissner AMASA PARKER CLUB AMOS DEAN CLUB JUSTICE ROBERT H. Vincent A. Lamb David H. Brind James F. Donohue Conrad H. Lang Jr. JACKSON SOCIETY John Q. Driscoll Herbert B. Gordon Sidney Lorvan Matthew H. Mataraso Alan J. Gould Richard P. Tuohey James E. McGrath Jr. Harold J. Hughes Jr. JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Howard C. Nolan Edward L. Nadeau SOCIETY Ian G. MacDonald KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Robert J. Coan Richard A. Frye Charles S. Webb III AMOS DEAN CLUB Michael J. Duffy William R. Holzapfel Charles H. Umbrecht Jr. IRA HARRIS CLUB John B. Kinum AMASA PARKER CLUB John J. Cunningham Herbert G. Hall John E. Herlihy Francis C. LaVigne Gerald T. McDonald John C. McDonald George A. Schindler A. Thomas Storace Forrest G. Weeks Charles M. Wright 1959 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY James P. King Thomas Thomas ##
  9. 9. G.O.L.D. BARRISTER Classes of 1997-2001—$500 + Classes of 2002-2007—$250 + THE FOUNDERS CLUBS Thomas W. Jeram Board of Trustees 1961 Amos Dean Club $500–$999 JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER 2006 - 2007 Ira Harris Club SOCIETY Samuel P. Gerace THE BOARD OF TRUSTEES AT ALBANY LAW SCHOOL LED NOT $250–$999 ONLY WITH THEIR WISDOM AND TIME, BUT WITH THEIR Amasa Parker Club AMOS DEAN CLUB GENEROUS GIFTS TO THE SCHOOL AS WELL. THE BOARD OF $100–$249 Richard D. Morris TRUSTEES GAVE MORE THAN $300,000 IN 2006-2007 WITH 100 IRA HARRIS CLUB PERCENT PARTICIPATION. * Deceased John L. Bell Stephen C. Ainlay Thomas J. Mullin ’76 ** Denotes a gift-in-kind In-kind contributions of goods and William A. Brewer III ’77 William F. Pendergast ’72 AMASA PARKER CLUB services provide Albany Law School John T. Buckley Hon. Anthony V. Cardona ’70 James T. Potter ’80 with many vital resources. John J. Cavanaugh Barbara D. Cottrell ’84 Rory A. Radding ’75 Donald J. Corbett Jr. James A. Graham Jr. Benjamin D. Gold ’06 William E. Redmond ’55 Joyce M. Wrenn 1962 Lisa Gootee ’04 Richard A. Reed ’81 J.K. Hage III ’78 Harry L. Robinson ’65, Chair Susan M. Halpern ’83 Hon. John L. Sampson ’91 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Stephen M. Kiernan Harold C. Hanson ’66 Thomas M. Santoro ’72 AMOS DEAN CLUB Loren N. Brown Harold L. Solomon Erik E. Joh ’70, Vice Chair Eugene M. Sneeringer ’79 Thomas E. DeLorenzo AMOS DEAN CLUB E. Stewart Jones Jr. ’66, Victoria M. Stanton ’87 Donald P. Hirshorn Bernard Kaplowitz George Rusk Jr. Secretary Robert B. Stiles ’76 AMASA PARKER CLUB IRA HARRIS CLUB James E. Kelly ’83 Dale M. Thuillez ’72 Nicholas Colabella John A. Barsamian James E. McHenry Peter C. Kopff ’75 Hon. Randolph F. Treece ’76 Edward A. Bogdan Jr. Howard W. Roth James H. Kerr Betty Lugo ’84 Allen J. Vickey ’05 Alan E. Steiner Beverly Cipollo Tobin Hon. Bernard J. Malone Jr. ’72 Donna E. Wardlaw ’77 AMASA PARKER CLUB Donald B. Davidoff Edwin J. Tobin Mary Ann McGinn ’83, Stephen P. Younger ’82 John P. Laparo 1963 Treasurer Duncan S. MacAffer Robert L. Moore Robert C. Miller ’68 DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Stuart P. Doling Robert J. Grice KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY John T. Manning Marvin I. Honig Walter W. Smith Adrian R. Weissfeld AMOS DEAN CLUB Andrew A. Matthews Louis H. Quinlan Hugh A. Gilbert 1960 Andrew L. Sipos Jr. Edward F. Zwick John F. Rausch Charles B. Ries KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY IRA HARRIS CLUB ADDITIONAL Donald D. DeAngelis CONTRIBUTIONS ADDITIONAL Edward T. Feeney Irad S. Ingraham Charles D. Becraft Jr. CONTRIBUTIONS David A. Merkel AMASA PARKER CLUB Thomas E. Dolin James A. Costello Arnold C. Peer Andrew J. Baldwin Jr. Gary F. Olsen Richard A. Finke Peter R. Liebschutz Edward D. Vacca Joseph R. Healy AMOS DEAN CLUB Edward J. Martin III Harold L. Galloway Richard L. Sippel 1965 1966 Bert G. Gordon Patrick D. Monserrate 1964 DEAN’S PLATINUM CIRCLE DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE Marvin D. Parshall Harry L. Robinson E. Stewart Jones Jr. KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY IRA HARRIS CLUB Robert S. Segelbaum KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE William A. Bacas Peter G. Appelbaum Harold C. Hanson James B. Fitzsimmons AMOS DEAN CLUB Ronald M. Berman Bruce L. Martin Richard I. Mulvey John M. Barrett James H. Erceg AMOS DEAN CLUB AMOS DEAN CLUB Richard T. Rosen Thomas J. McAvoy Eugene L. Nicandri Martin B. Burke Laurene L. Tacy Jonathan P. Harvey IRA HARRIS CLUB IRA HARRIS CLUB John F. Larkin III AMASA PARKER CLUB Samuel C. Alessi Jr. Robert G. Hurlbutt James B. Canfield Dale L. Van Epps Culver K. Barr C. Richard Cole AMASA PARKER CLUB Joyce M. Galante IRA HARRIS CLUB James J. Devine Jr. John M. Coulter Allan E. Gandler Thomas J. Forrest Kent B. Joscelyn James E. Davis Robert E. Heslin Edward O. Spain William H. Namack III Frederick M. Englert Gerald Greenfield AMASA PARKER CLUB AMASA PARKER CLUB ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Charles E. Inman Keith G. Flint Paul M. Cantwell Jr. Arne E. Heggen Nancy S. Harrigan ##
  10. 10. REPORT OF GIFTS 2006–2007 The Barrister Societies DEAN’S PLATINUM CIRCLE $50,000 and above Thomas M. Hirschen DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE National Alumni Association Virginia D. Messing Frederic B. Rodgers $25,000–$49,999 Board of Directors Norman I. Siegel Freling H. Smith DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE $10,000-$24,999 Kenneth J. Toomey THANKS TO THE HARD WORK OF DEVELOPMENT LIAISONS Albert R. Trezza JUSTICE ROBERT H. DAVID EHRLICH '01 AND DARIUS SHAHINFAR '97, THE Richard A. Wittenburg JACKSON 1912 SOCIETY NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION BOARD OF DIRECTORS Donald J. Zahn $5,000–$9,999 LED BY EXAMPLE WITH THEIR PARTICIPATION IN THE 2006- ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER 07 ALBANY LAW SCHOOL FUND. Lawrence P. Cohen 1858 SOCIETY Gary N. Hagerman $2,500–$4,999 John M. Bagyi ’96 Vereonica G. Keegan ’86 Mary B. Miller Polly N. Rutnik THE KATE STONEMAN 1898 Robert C. Batson ’75 Amy J. Kellogg ’02 SOCIETY 1967 $1,000–$2,499 Mary A. Berry ’94 Andrew M. Klein ’92 Joel I. Binstok ’81 Hon. Michelle H. JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER SOCIETY Stephen Bobarakis ’89 Ladouceur ’99 Robert A. Gensburg Beth A. Bourassa ’90 Ruth E. Leistensnider ’88, AMOS DEAN CLUB Laurence W. Boylan Lisa E. Brown ’96 Vice President Michael J. Hoblock Jr. Max T. Stoner Megan Brown ’93 Betty Lugo ’84 Rex S. Ruthman ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS James R. Sandner David C. Bruffett Jr. ’02 Ian G. MacDonald ’58 Lee P. Armstrong IRA HARRIS CLUB James L. Beers Keiki M. Cabanos ’97 Lisa M. Penpraze ’98 Richard E. McLenithan Stephen H. Gersowitz Richard P. Wallace Hon. Christine M. Clark ’96 Justina R. Cintron Perino ’00 1969 AMASA PARKER CLUB Clorisa L. Cook ’04 James T. Potter ‘80 J. Michael Bruhn JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Jason N. Cooper ’99 Robert A. Rausch ’94 David D. Egan SOCIETY Barry R. Fischer Richard T. Aulisi Roger J. Cusick ’75 William E. Redmond ’55 Terry L. Flora Michael A. Kaplan KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Diane Davis ’91 David E. Reid ’95 Patrick T. Maney Andre R. Donikian Hon. Patricia A. DeAngelis ’94 Christina L. Roberts ’01 Vincent J. Reilly Jr. Ira Mendleson III John T. Sullivan Jr. Jeffrey S. Rodner Adjoa A. Debrah-Dwamena ’06 James W. Roemer Jr. ’69 Thomas N. Trevett James W. Roemer Jr. Hon. Ryan T. Donovan ’01 Larry P. Schiffer ’79, ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS AMOS DEAN CLUB Paul E. Coffey John D. Austin Crystal A. Doolity ’04 President David R. George IRA HARRIS CLUB David A. Ehrlich ’01 Darius Shahinfar ’97 James L. Kalteux Nicholas J. Criscione Stephen V. McQuide David J. Fernandez ’92 Heena Shaikh ’04 James D. Harrington Michael P. Regan Sr. Harvey Randall Paul T. Sullivan Thania B. Fernandez ’85 Barbara A. Sheehan ’84 Martin Zeldis Paul N. Tavelli Hon. Julie A Garcia ’99 Hon. Leslie E. Stein ’81 Elbert H. Watrous Jr. AMASA PARKER CLUB Raymond P. D’Amante Thomas F. Gleason ’78 Daniel J. Stewart ’88 1968 Marc I. Gold Peter J. Glennon ’04 Elisha S. Tomko ’01 William H. Helferich III DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Roger J. McAvoy Robert C. Miller Peter C. McGinnis Hon. Victoria A. Graffeo ’77 William A. Toomey Jr. ’55 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Robert S. McMillen J.K. Hage III ’78 John J. Toy ’92 Harold von Brockdorff William P. McGovern III Harold C. Hanson ’66 Robert R. Tyson ’93 Richard P. Woodhouse AMOS DEAN CLUB Edward J. Cummings Jr. ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Laura E. Hartman ’91 John R. Vero ’00 Robert S. Rose Joseph P. Callahan John E. Higgins ‘89 Jorge I. Vidro ’90 Arthur F. Casey IRA HARRIS CLUB Edward Galison Hon. Erik E. Joh ’70 Lisa A. Whitney ’71 J. Alan Mack Robert J. Hahn Eugene E. Napierski David L. Henry Patrick K. Jordan ’02 Winifred R. Widmer ’54 Jan H. Plumadore Tom G. Morgan Gerald Jospitre ’01 Ira P. Rubtchinsky William E. Nitterauer Louis C. Noto AMASA PARKER CLUB Charles J. Yanni Stephen E. Ehlers Paul D. Feinstein Thomas B. Hayner Frank C. Kiepura Frank J. Longo ##
  11. 11. G.O.L.D. BARRISTER Classes of 1997-2001—$500 + Classes of 2002-2007—$250 + JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER IRA HARRIS CLUB THE FOUNDERS CLUBS SOCIETY Martin J. Goodman Stephen W. Herrick Trustee Michael P. Shanley Jr. Amos Dean Club KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Philip C. Johnson Joseph B. Meagher Development $500–$999 Ira Harris Club Frederick J. Meagher Jr. Richard J. Miller John H. Minehan Kevin A. Moss Committee $250–$999 Amasa Parker Club Lisa A. Whitney John A. Williamson Jr. AMASA PARKER CLUB 2006 - 2007 $100–$249 Nelson R. Alford Jr. AMOS DEAN CLUB Andrew B. Amerling * Deceased John S. Erwin Roger A. Boucher CHAIR ** Denotes a gift-in-kind Richard A. Langer Robert J. Bruno Mary Ann McGinn ’83 In-kind contributions of goods and William H. Gritsavage IRA HARRIS CLUB MEMBERS services provide Albany Law School Paul R. Kietzman Arthur A. Pasquariello J.K. Hage III ’78 with many vital resources. Franklin M. Klinger Peter J. Ryan Harold Hanson ’66 Kenneth M. Kramer Martin F. Strnad Joseph C. Teresi Donald M. Matusik E. Stewart Jones ’66 James T. Townsend James E. Morgan Peter C. Kopff ’75 Gregory J. Mott Betty Lugo ’84 AMASA PARKER CLUB William H. Mountain III Matthew H. Mataraso ’58 John J. Elliott Lewis S. Nestle Thomas J. Mullin ’76 Richard A. Hanft Neil H. Rivchin William E. Russell Rory J. Radding ’75 Joel M. Howard III 1970 Douglas J. Hunt William J. Spampinato William E. Redmond ’55 L. Foster James Jr. Fred B. Wander Stephen P. Younger ’82 JUSTICE ROBERT H. Edward J. Kennedy William N. Young Jr. JACKSON SOCIETY Eugene E. Kowalczuk* Erik E. Joh ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Howard I. Krantz Jeremiah M. Hayes Joseph A. Barbetta JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER J. Douglas McManus Jr. Teresa M. Holland Joseph T. Baum SOCIETY Francis T. Murray Jr. Peter K. Hulburt Laurence I. Fox Jean K. Cleary Michael J. Novack Dennis F. Irwin Virginia E. Nolan Stephen M. Cleary Robert W. Redmond Michael S. Kozubek John K. Northrop Richard B. Spinney Peter T. Mangione Stuart I. Silbergleit KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY David J. Strickland Jeffery P. Marks Anthony V. Cardona Charles J. Wilcox James E. Nelson 1973 John R. Casey Frank Schnidman James C. Goodfellow ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Ralph D. Camardo JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Robert J. Simon Chester D. Hooper Peter K. Smith George N. Curtis SOCIETY Anthony R. Ianniello Thomas C. Walsh Donald T. Gallagher James E. Frankel Katheryn D. Katz Brian M. Prew Barry J. Gross ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Valerie N. Solomon John R. McGlenn George F. Biondo James B. Cantwell Paul L. Wollman Frederick E. Parola Jr. Wayne L. Burton Kim M. Clark Francis A. Woidzik Michael T. Kelly Bruce E. Hunter AMOS DEAN CLUB Kinga M. La Chapelle Robert H. Iseman Roland M. Cavalier 1972 Michael P. LaHaye Joyce P. Wallace IRA HARRIS CLUB Stephen M. Mason DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE AMOS DEAN CLUB Nicholas J. Greisler Cecil L. Murphy III William F. Pendergast Carl F. Becker Jr. John A. Lahtinen Frederick J. Neroni Dale M. Thuillez David W. Beier Timothy B. Thornton Cathleen E. O’Horo DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Michael G. Gartland Peter J. Ostrowski Jr. Edward J. Trombly M. Diane Bodman Madonna A. Stahl Stephen M. Richardson AMASA PARKER CLUB David S. Sampson JUSTICE ROBERT H. IRA HARRIS CLUB Michael J. Beyma Sr. John G. Sisti Renee D. Baruch John T. Biscone JACKSON SOCIETY David A. Slutsky Philip F. Curtin John E. Darling Thomas M. Santoro Robert J. Vawter Peter L. Danziger Joan A. Kehoe Douglas K. Watson JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Ralph P. Miccio Gearon J. Kimball Robert H. Wright SOCIETY Timothy Murphy Walter A. Ludewig Bartley J. Costello III Michael B. O’Shaughnessy 1974 Michael J. Tommaney James A. Sevinsky Mark E. Watkins KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY John S. Vaneria DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Stuart L. Ginsburg Mark S. Wallach Frank H. Penski Katherine G. Gabel William M. Harris James Joseph Griner Miriam M. Netter AMASA PARKER CLUB JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Earl T. Hilts Paul E. Scanlan Philip L. Bailey SOCIETY Walter O. Rehm III Brian D. Starer Robert J. Bergin Jack Withiam Jr. Robert S. Stockton Anthony J. Carpinello 1971 Frederick C. Degen KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY AMOS DEAN CLUB James N. Benedict James F. Donlon Bernard J. Malone Jr. Barry W. Marr DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Stephen W. Easton Richard D. Parsons Douglas R. McCuen J. Lawrence Paltrowitz Norman P. Fivel E. Guy Roemer Robert A. Russell Madeline S. Galvin Stephen B. Salai ##
  12. 12. REPORT OF GIFTS 2006–2007 The Barrister Societies DEAN’S PLATINUM CIRCLE $50,000 and above Robert E. Van Vranken James A. Locke Michael J. Roulan Karen M. Mankes James B. Salada Jr. DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE AMOS DEAN CLUB Craig S. Neckers Sharon P. Stiller $25,000–$49,999 Jonathan D. Deily Valentino T. Sammarco Charles E. Sullivan Jr. DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Gary F. Stiglmeier Thomas J. Vilsack $10,000-$24,999 IRA HARRIS CLUB Richard R. Terry Val E. Washington Franklin K. Breselor Francis I. Walter JUSTICE ROBERT H. Paul M. Collins ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS JACKSON 1912 SOCIETY Richard M. Eisenstaedt 1975 George P. Banitch $5,000–$9,999 James A. FitzPatrick Jr. William P. Bates Susan B. Jones DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Peter M. Bluhm JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Gerald H. Katzman Peter C. Kopff Mary J. Donahue 1858 SOCIETY Richard A. Mitchell Rory J. Radding Daniel J. Dugan III $2,500–$4,999 Stuart L. Newman Johnna G. Torsone Donald M. Fishman William F. Roberts Jr. Daniel Green THE KATE STONEMAN 1898 JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER H. Stanley Kaltenborn Jr. SOCIETY AMASA PARKER CLUB SOCIETY Gary H. Lieberman $1,000–$2,499 Richard T. Altieri William L. Nikas Charles E. O’Brien William J. Aram John T. Orcutt Stephen C. Baker KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY David L. Pogue James E. Bartlett III Robert C. Batson Jeffrey M. Samuels Joseph C. Bierman Diane A. Goodman* Jan Stiglitz Sam C. Bonney Lawrence W. O’Toole Joseph J. Carline Jeffrey M. Selchick 1976 John H. Ciulla Jr. Richard A. Curreri AMOS DEAN CLUB Linda K. Fraser Arthur M. Cohen DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE John P. Coseo Daniel J. Arno Louis R. Malikow Robert B. Stiles Margaret E. Doran Joseph R. Cardamone Margo L. May Frederick L. Fowler Steven Z. Szczepanski DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Marcia R. Minehan Donald R. Fox Carol E. S. Mullin William H. Price Jr. IRA HARRIS CLUB Stewart P. Glenn Thomas J. Mullin David J. Roman Fredric L. Bodner Marjorie E. Karowe David A. Engel Kathryn R. Rooney JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Stephen J. Rooney Joan S. Kohout David E. Glassberg SOCIETY John J. Ryan Jr. Allen R. Larson Schuyler T. Van Horn Patricia D. Marks Charles A. Forma Charles H. Schaefer John R. Winn Wilson S. Mathias Geoffrey D. Wright KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY David S. Shaw Edward J. Nowak John L. Allen Theodore M. Weiner Thomas J. O’Connor AMASA PARKER CLUB David R. Ferris AMASA PARKER CLUB James J. O’Rourke Suzanne L. Charles Jacquelyn L. Jerry Roger J. Cusick James B. Anderson Anthony J. Pieragostini Kathleen N. Peer Philip T. Dunne Richard F. Anderson Jr. Alan S. Rome Joseph H. Reynolds J. Scott Finlay Eric A. Evans Kevin K. Ryan Vinson J. Friedman Lawrence C. Franco William F. Sheehan AMOS DEAN CLUB Perry S. Heidecker Donald Cappillino Robert H. Freehill Bruce L. Trent F. Brian Joslin David A. Caruso Charles A. Gardner Joyce Y. Villa Steven S. Katz Robert G. Conway Jr. Mark F. Glaser Robert B. Wiggins Sherry S. Kraus Raymond T. Gilman Karen K. Kaunitz ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Stuart I. Lipkind James J. Jasinski Alice J. Lenahan Robert J. Balbick Richard J. Maloney Robert E. Leamer Robert G. Main Jr. Russell C. Bennett Anthony J. Mastrodonato Thomas E. Reilly Jr. James J. Morris Jr. Michael T. Brockbank Thomas W. Murphy Jr. David I. Rosenberg Janet H. O’Brien-Aram Richard L. Burstein John M. Panara Randolph F. Treece Randolph E. Parker Ira B. Feinberg James S. Ranous Maurice K. Peaslee Marilyn A. Kaltenborn Mark M. Rider IRA HARRIS CLUB Glenn E. Pezzulo Karen J. Lewis Gary D. Centola Edward S. Rowley Robert S. Ryan Richard H. Sarajian Joseph J. Shaheen Stephen J. Tafaro Ellen M. Telker Mary Anne M. Tommaney Douglas C. Webb Janine J. Webb Richard T. Williams II John C. Williamson James R. Winkler ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Kathryn N. Fantauzzi William H. Getman John S. Hicks Thea Hoeth John F. Liebschutz Robert E. Littlefield Jr. Mitchell S. Morris ##
  13. 13. G.O.L.D. BARRISTER Classes of 1997-2001—$500 + Classes of 2002-2007—$250 + Mitchell H. Pally THE FOUNDERS CLUBS William O. Riiska Advancement Volunteers Edward T. Stork Amos Dean Club Kenneth G. Varley MANY THANKS TO OUR VOLUNTEERS WHO, THROUGH $500–$999 THEIR LEADERSHIP, SUPPORT ALBANY LAW SCHOOL IN AMASA PARKER CLUB Ira Harris Club ITS ADVANCEMENT EFFORTS. BECAUSE THEY GIVE GEN- Margaret Chow-Menzer $250–$999 Martin J. Cirincione EROUSLY OF THEIR TIME AND TALENTS, THE LAW SCHOOL Amasa Parker Club Peter L. Coseo IS ABLE NOT ONLY TO MOVE FORWARD WITH FUND RAIS- $100–$249 James S. Gleason ING IN SUPPORT OF OUR STUDENTS, BUT ALSO IN BUILD- Joseph L. Kay ING STRONGER, LASTING RELATIONSHIPS WITH CON- * Deceased Christine Marbach Kellett STITUENTS. ** Denotes a gift-in-kind Jean A. Miller In-kind contributions of goods and Michael J. Moore ALBANY LAW SCHOOL FUND services provide Albany Law School David R. Murch FACULTY/STAFF COMMITTEE with many vital resources. Matthew J. Murphy III Patricia Salkin ’88, Faculty Chair Jean E. Nelson II Connie Rohloff, Staff Chair Cornelius J. O’Connor Jr. Joanne Casey Samuel E. Rieff Sharmaine Moseley Kathleen M. Rogers Tammy Weinman Harold Semanoff Mary Wood John K. Sharkey BARRISTER SOCIETY VOLUNTEERS Paul A. Tagliaferro Edward G. Watkins David M. Heim ’77 Jeffery M. Pohl Michael F. Young Margaret F. Holbritter ’82 Larry A. Swartz Michael S. Kelton ’77 ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Ira Mendleson III ’69 1977 John J. Aveni Robert C. Miller ’68 George R. Bartlett III DEAN’S GOLD CIRCLE NATIONAL ALUMNI ASSOCIATION Karen L. Bennett William A. Brewer III Robert J. Boehlert Jr. DEVELOPMENT LIAISONS John B. Carroll Darius Shahinfar ’97 DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Michael J. Desha David A. Ehrlich ’01 Donna E. Wardlaw Gerald A. Dwyer JUSTICE DAVID J. BREWER Robert H. Feller SOCIETY Kevin H. Harren David M. Heim Bryan S. Hemley Michael S. Kelton William F. Ketcham John L. Schmid Leslie S. Lowenstein Joan S. Murphy KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Craig H. Norman Edwin H. Howard Andrea K. Charlow Patricia M. Crippen Arthur S. Okrend Christopher J. Lagno Eugene D. DeSantis Garrett E. DeGraff William F. Reynolds Kathryn G. Madigan Earl F. Dewey II Andrew B. Donnellan Jr. Amy M. Schneider Gregory J. Murrer Richard M. Doyle Alan B. Friedberg Mark F. Snider David A. Sirignano Melanie R. Farace Victoria A. Graffeo Claudia A. Wagner-Lebowitz George K. Forsyth Kristine Hamann AMASA PARKER CLUB Edward G. Watkins Robert M. Goldberg Roger B. Linden Jr. Daniel G. Barrett Ellen B. McDonald Gregory M. Messer Stanley H. Blum 1978 Priscilla C. Press Elinor D. Molbegott S. John Campanie Richard E. Stowe Christopher M. Nolland DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Cristine Cioffi Thomas A. Torto Henry F. Sobota Joseph K. Hage III Michael V. Coccoma Robert K. Weiler William H. Collier 1979 KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Christopher J. Corbett AMOS DEAN CLUB Elizabeth J. McDonald Mary Elizabeth T. Dunne DEAN’S SILVER CIRCLE Andrew C. Coronios Judith L. Needham Andrew S. Fusco James J. Clark David B. Cubeta Daniel P. Nolan William D. Harrington E. M. Sneeringer Jr. Edward B. Flink Marc D. Schechter Lyle D. Jentzer Donald R. Moy Bruce M. Jordan KATE STONEMAN SOCIETY Judith F. O’Shea AMOS DEAN CLUB Mark L. Koblenz Frederic W. Burr Kevin M. O’Shea Paul DerOhannesian II Nelson F. Migdal Thomas D. Keleher Anne G. Phillips Edward D. Falso J. Stephen Reilly Larry P. Schiffer Jonathan I. Rabinowitz Thomas F. Gleason Marjorie A. Rogers Kenneth R. Glick AMOS DEAN CLUB Terence A. Zemetis Kent J. Schreiner Thomas A. Phillips John W. Bailey Joseph W. Sheehan IRA HARRIS CLUB Katherine H. Wears Arthur H. Domby Robert R. Snashall Charles L. Bach Jr. John W. Winans Deborah A. Mann Robert B. Stein Paul L. Banner Michael E. O’Hare IRA HARRIS CLUB Robert J. Tompkins Mark F. Cacozza Todd W. Weber David G. Anderson IRA HARRIS CLUB William H. Calnan Diane R. Weisz Linda C. Griffin Ronald C. Blass Jr. Donald C. Armstrong George J. Calcagnini Richard L. Weisz John B. Colangelo Barry M. Hoffman Margaret M. Hogan Jeffrey M. Elliott Stephen A. Johnston ADDITIONAL CONTRIBUTIONS Timothy P. Kelleher Gregory A. Gates James A. Lombardo Carl T. Baker Sharon L. McNulty James L. Gorman Frank P. Milano Jonathan Birenbaum Sharon L. Hauselt Sharon P. O’Conor ##