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KoW Donors

  1. 1. Let’s Make a Difference
  2. 2. Our mission is to give back to the community of Waukesha by enhancing educational opportunities for local high school seniors.
  3. 3. Our Story Through an annual scholarship, we work to give back to the school district that helped us set our path to our current destinations in life. The scholarship helps high school students pay for rising college costs. The Knights of Waukesha is comprised of six high school friends who have gone to excel in their respective fields in various metropolitan areas of the United States. We attribute our success and strength of friendship due to our time in Waukesha and the Waukesha Public School System.
  4. 4. The Knights Johnny Adamic - New York, NY Obesity Task Force Manager - NYC Dept. Education Jesse Bouman - Los Angeles, CA Founder - Prepare.io Dr. Brian Cone - Pittsburgh, PA ER Resident - University of Pittsburgh Chris Toman - Seattle, WA Associate, Ecova Andrew Hansen - Chicago, IL Account Manager- Oracle Willie Desmond - Phoenix, AZ Vice President - HaystaqDNA
  5. 5. Scholarship Requirements The Knights of Waukesha offers educational opportunity to high school students through our $500 annual scholarship. The recipient of the Knights of Waukesha Scholarship must display dedication to the community, a history of leadership, and a sense of creativity. Last year we asked scholarship applicants to create a two minute video that articulated: “During your life, what is the biggest contribution you wish to make to society? Why did you want to do this and how are you going to bring this wish to fruition?” Videos were judged based on: - Honesty - Passion - Thoughtfulness - Persuasion - Plan of Action Derek Sallmann’s 2013 Winning Video
  6. 6. Previous Winners Meghan Holler - 2012 (West) UW - Madison Derek Sallmann - 2013 (West) Wisconsin Lutheran College Brenna Weisner - 2011 (West) UW - Madison
  7. 7. Future Vision The Knights of Waukesha have a greater vision for the future of its scholarship. 1. Build our scholarship into an endowment to grow the size and number of our annual awards. 2. Create a mentor network of Knights who can advise on a variety of areas of expertise to scholarship winners. 3. Allow partner organizations greater access to Waukesha’s brightest graduating seniors.
  8. 8. Fundraising Goal We have currently raised $1,500 to date. We are partnering with the Waukesha County Community Foundation to manage our fund. The $50,000 goal allows us to offer our two $1,00 annual scholarships based on WCCF annual returns of 4.5%.
  9. 9. The Endowment The Knights of Waukesha are partnering with the Waukesha County Community Foundation to manage our fund. Established in 1999, the Foundation’s current endowment is about $24 million. By partnering with WCCF, we are assured that our fund will be professionally managed and your donations are tax deductible according to WCCF’s 501c3 status.
  10. 10. Donate Send your check, made out to: Waukesha County Community Foundation 2727 N. Grandview Blvd., Suite 122 Waukesha, WI 53188 Memo: Knights of Waukesha Scholarship Donate Online: http://knightsofwaukesha.org/donate Donations of all sizes are greatly appreciated.
  11. 11. ThankYou! Contact us for more information: media@knightsofwaukesha.org