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Published in: Education, Technology
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  1. 1. English for hotel receptionist BY : KARDIANTI
  2. 2. BackgroundWhy the receptionist should be use English? there are foreign guests English as a global language so, receptionists are sued to be able to communicate by using English language
  3. 3. Goal Receptionists are hope to be able to use English for communicate in serving of the guests, especially to foreign guests.
  4. 4. There are four chapters1. Greeting2. Handling a phone3. Receiving the guests4. Mentioning number of the room and price-tags
  5. 5. GreetingGreeting is also important for receptionists because when they meet visitors they must greet their visitors. Objective :receptionist is able to greet guest firstly. examples : Good morning,good afternoon, good evening, good nightDivided based on the time of o’clock00-12.00 = am12.00-00 = pm
  6. 6.  Can I help you ?  Welcome to our hotel We are very glad for your coming  Thank’s for your coming  Nice to meet you  We hope you feel comfortable  time : two meeting ( 2 x 45’ )
  7. 7. Receiving Telephone skillReceptionists also need the skill to receive telephone from the visitors who will reserve the room objectives :1. To receive and respond the telephone from the guests who will booking the room.2. To know the guests request3. To develop proper phone skills when at work.
  8. 8. Receiving the guests objective :Recepsionists are be able to receive the guests politely use English. examples : G: Good morning. R: Good morning Mr/Mrs, can I help you? Or what can I do for you? G: I would like to reserve the room. R: May I ask your identity card? G: Yes, certainlyTime : three meetings ( 3 x 45’ )