Shipyard Community Arts Newsletter Winter 2011


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Shipyard Community Arts Newsletter Winter 2011

  1. 1. NEWSLETTER 1.1 WINTER 2011 WELCOME VISIONThe vision of a new community growing within the Bayview Hunters Point neighborhood presents an exciting opportunityto exercise our imaginations. With art as the unifying force, the possibilities for a creativity focused and connected The Arts Center will be a vibrant settingcommunity are plentiful. for community engagement, education programs, and state of the art publicBorn out of 25 years of active visioning by countless artists, administrators, residents and civic leaders, we, the Steering presentations. The facility will serve allCommittee of Shipyard Community Arts officially began our work in August 2010. We believe “community” is what we ages by means of daytime, afterschool anddo together on common ground. We understand “art” can be object and act, rare and routine. It is experienced and evening programs, internships, job training,practiced both individually and collectively. intergenerational activities, and professional visual art and performance productionsShipyard Community Arts is now strategically positioned to direct the planning and development of an arts center presenting Bay Area and visiting artists andon the Hunters Point Shipyard. The arts center will facilitate interaction, curiosity, and creativity - the very tools that teaching professionals.strengthen economies, educate youth, celebrate cultural differences, and treasure the beliefs we have in common. Wealso envision this arts center at the heart of a fully developed arts district on the Hunters Point Shipyard. The proposed Through education programs, public events,district will welcome visitors and revenue into the community and, in turn, spur business development and job creation. performances, and exhibitions, the Arts Center will facilitate the knitting togetherIn these early years of planning, we seek your help in creating the visibility and viability necessary to make this of the culturally vibrant community with“act of community” a reality. In the midst of a precarious political climate - forced by recent debates initiated by the incoming residents who will move intoGovernor’s draft budget regarding statewide restructuring - the planning for this community arts center seems all the new homes and businesses that will drivemore important. economic development. As envisioned, the Center will house main functional areas inLook forward to hearing the voices of other Steering Committee members in upcoming issues. With this inaugural addition to required support areas.newsletter we hope to include you in our community as we work towards this collective vision. Share your thoughtswith us today. The planned areas will include opportunities for performance, visual, media, andKaren Slater, Chair sculptural arts as well as exhibition, display,Jennifer Ross, Project Director and performance spaces. EVENTS ABOUT USI n this inaugural year (August 1, 2010 to July Antoinette Mobley, Shirley Moore, Alma Robinson, John Scott, Jesse of inclusive planning with new partners. Representatives from the SHIPYARD COMMUNITY ARTS (SCA) is a group of Hunters Point Shipyard and31, 2011), the SCA Steering Whiley, Dorris Vincent, and Lydia San Francisco Arts Commission, Bayview area artists, community residents,Committee is committed Vincent. The event was facilitated California Lawyers for the Arts, and representatives of arts and relatedto producing community by Dr. Shawn Ginwright, Associate Equity Community Builders, the organizations. This active and concernedengagement opportunities with Professor of Education in the Tides Center, SF Redevelopment community of artists and administratorsthe goals of creating partnerships Africana Studies Department and Agency, Infinity Productions, has been meeting for nearly two years inand building consensus. Senior Research Associate for the Office of Economic and Workforce response to the opportunity to create a Cesar Chavez Institute for Public Development, Mark Horton / community arts center at the Hunters PointOn September 2, 2010 at Policy at San Francisco State Architecture, Bayview Footprints, Shipyard as a part of its transformation fromProvidence Baptist Church, a University. Dr. Ginwright is also Zaccho Dance Theatre, Public a naval shipyard to a vibrant extension offocus group titled “Just Us” the co-founder of the Institute Glass, San Francisco Neighborhood the Bayview Hunters Point community andbrought together longtime for Radical Healing, a newly Parks Council, and the Bayview the surrounding Bay Area. Our organization,Bayview Hunters Point residents formed institute dedicated to Opera House attended among Shipyard Community Arts, has beenand community artists to discuss pioneering research and wellness other interested and influentialthe role of the arts in individual, recognized as the appropriate champion for practices that build the capacity, and community life. this significant endeavor! of individuals and communitiesAttendees vigorously discussed of color to sustain social changetheir impressions of current efforts. SCA’s governing body is the Steeringand future cultural diversity in Committee that serves in an executiveBayview Hunters Point. The event On December, 14, 2010, SCA capacity for the project and Advisory Boardexplored how a community arts Chair Karen Slater and Steering and also works hands-on with the Projectcenter can serve as a catalyst for Committee hosted a sumptuous Director. Current Steering Committeea healthy, vibrant community. appreciation event at the Chair’s members are: David Gill, Rebecca Haseltine, home. Over forty (40) institutional We also launched the Shipyard Deepa Mehta, Jennifer Ross, Ron Saunders,Among the over thirty (30) advocates, individual donors, and Community Arts 2011 Donor and Karen Slater. Slater serves as theattendees were Angela Bayview Hunters Point community Campaign with our new, hot-off- Founding Chair for SCA and its SteeringArmstrong, Mary L. Booker, Dr. leaders attended this evening the-press brochures and received Committee and Advisory Board. RossJames Calloway, Vivian Ellis, Kevin event. We were delighted to have initial donations as a result. serves as Project Director. SCA is a projectEpps, Jacqueline Francis, Misha the opportunity to thank our of the Tides Center, a group of nonprofitsHawk-Wyatt, Espanola Jackson, growing pool of supporters and linked by a commitment to positive socialPorchialean Larkin, Samuel Lewis, to share our evolving message change.
  2. 2. COMING SOON! LOOK FORWARD TO A MID-JUNE SAVE THE DATE IN OUR NEXT ISSUE FOR PANEL DISCUSSIONS FOCUSING ON SIMILAR, EXISTING BAY AREA ARTS, YOUTH, AND ENVIRONMENTAL ORGANIZATIONS THAT HAVE RECENTLY NAVIGATED THE CHALLENGES AND SUCCESSES OF COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT, LEADERSHIP DEVELOPMENT, AND CONCERNS RELATED TO SHARED SPACE, PROGRAMMING, AND CAPITAL CAMPAIGNS. HAVE SUGGESTIONS OR IDEAS? CALL (510) 262-0759 OR EMAIL US AT INFO@SHIPYARDCOMMUNITYARTS.ORG. SUPPORTJOIN US! Shipyard Community Arts is now inviting desire to see this particular project come to fruition. corporations, mostly through non-competitiveadditional Steering Committee and Advisory Board New members will be assisting us in shaping a requests for discretionary funds, are well underway.members. governance structure to serve both as a leadership body as well as the driving force behind the Our goal for individual donors is $5,000. TheThe Advisory Board will provide engaged guidance in realization of a multi-million dollar physical site. December event garnered $1,500 leaving $3,500a wide variety of areas including capital campaigns, Each candidate is asked to make a 2-year remaining to reach our individual donor goal. Anyeducation, community involvement in Bayview commitment and attend frequent meetings as well size gift will be appreciated either in monthly orHunters Point, cultural facility development, as eventually participate on or chair a committee. At quarterly increments starting at $10-$25 or on acorporate sponsorship, environmental stewardship, this stage, candidates should expect a minimum 15- generous one-time basis.leadership practices, redevelopment and municipal 20 hours per month of active participation. We alsogovernment experience, non-profit financial literacy, require each Steering Committee member to make Online donation can be made here throughartmaking, patrons, architects/ designers, writers, an annual personally generous financial contribution. Tides. To use checks or credit cards madeand social networking and information technology. payable to Tides Center/Shipyard Community If you are interested in either opportunity to join us, Arts, email Project Director Jennifer Ross at info@We are seeking a group of approximately 20 contact Project Director Jennifer Ross to receive an to receive a brochuremembers that reflects the diversity of the immediate application form and more information. with a return envelope for your convenience.neighborhood as well as the larger Bay Area. DONATE TODAY! We are currently working to secure You may also mail your contribution to:The Steering Committee serves as the executive funds now to insure this year’s ongoing operations,body at the project level and meets frequently to organizational development, and outreach. Your Shipyard Community Artsaccomplish planning and hands-on programming support will substantially bolster our ability to PO Box 885423and outreach. Candidates will have a passion for sustain and grow during this stage. San Francisco, CA 94188arts & culture as well as a deep and demonstrable Asks to acquire $45,000 from foundations and LIKE MINDS We want to hear from you! Black in SF home city to succeed gained national recognition On Sunday, February 13th, the Osiris Coalition, a over the years that has been echoed by US Contact Shipyard Community Arts and local community development network of African Presidents and influential corporate supporters. express your support of the proposed arts American organizations, presented an inspiriting, district and art center. 4-hour event entitled “The State of Black SF” at Today, Strickland is CEO of Manchester Bidwell the Bayview Opera House. The afternoon featured Corporation which includes the Bidwell Training Email us today at Straight Outta Hunter’s Point, an award-winning film Center for displaced steel workers as well as directed by SF’s own Kevin Epps. Manchester Craftsmen’s Guild, a multi-disciplined arts and learning center that includes the nationally- Visit us online at The film screening was followed by panel recognized MCG Youth & Arts program. discussions on economic inclusivity and cross- cultural social justice cooperation. The event was Artist as the Constant Our mailing address is well-attended by local artists, policymakers, and NEA ARTS Magazine recently featured artist and Shipyard Community Arts community members. “interestingness curator” Maria Popova who reminds PO Box 885423 us that, “While our definition of ‘community’ will San Francisco, CA 94188 Among those present were arists/entrepreneurs evolve – from tribes to neighborhoods to online Melonie and Melorra Green, founders of networks – the role of the artist will always Thank you for your support. Independent Artists’ Week and other art-related remain the same: to provoke, to inspire, to spark happenings in San Francisco. storytelling around the issues that define our civilization.” Maria is the editor of Brain Pickings, Artwork courtesy of David Jay Trachtenberg Exemplary Youth Arts Program in Pittsburgh curating ideas and connecting synapses between Conceptual renderings by Mark Horton / Architecture Bill Strickland first founded an informal arts program anthropology, religion, ecology, music, and for kids in 1968’s post-industrial everything in between. Pittsburgh. His commitment to helping youth in his