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Location based marketing presentation for tag

  1. 1. Janet Whitehead, President and CEO netinteractive, Atlanta, GA*
  2. 2. * Use of mobile marketing to target mobile users within a certain geographic area. Send mobile ads, mobile paid search, places pop-up on the screen. It’s a Location-based social network that allow users with smartphones to interact, share, meet up, and recommend places.* Means More Foot Traffic and Profits *
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  5. 5. * What is foursquare * Application that lets you keep up with friends, discover what’s nearby, save money and unlock deals * Check in and share where you are * foursquare has an API that allows developers to build their ideas on the foursquare platform* Foursquare – recently raised a large round of funding valuing them at $600 million.
  6. 6. * Foursquare (last updated January, 2012) * Over 15 million people worldwide * Co-Founders Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai met in2007 while working at same office in NYC * Launched at SXSW in Austin, Texas March 2009 * Funded by Union Square Ventures, O’Reilly AlphaTech Ventures, Andreesen Horowitz, Spark Capital and a handful of angel investors
  7. 7. * Download the foursquare application from iTunes* Download the foursquare application from Android Market* Download the foursquare application from Blackberry App World* Download the foursquare for Windows Phone from Marketplace *
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  10. 10. * Friends Special – Set a number of foursquare friends to unlock a Special* Swarm Special – Set a minimum number of foursquare users that need check-in w/in 3hr* Flash Special – Set the number of Specials to unlock per day* Newbie Special – first time visitor Special* Check-in Special – Unlock on Check-In* Mayor Specials – most frequent visitor over the last 60 days; or reward every X times *
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  15. 15. * foursquare pages let people and organizations create collections of tips * Businesses and blogs – retail* Link them to facebook fan pages – share checkins with facebook fans* foursquare improved Brand Pages for Chains Easier for merchants and brands with multiple locations to connect all their franchises together *
  16. 16. * Login to foursquare.com* Select Page Management* Select which Page you would like to act as* Leave a Tip from your Page *
  17. 17. * Find your listing on foursquare* Claim it if you manage the venue* Foursquare will verify the business and you are the manager* Foursquare is now featuring Groupon deals *
  18. 18. * foursquare analytics does allow managers and employees of a venue to view the 20 most-recent checkins, as well as view * most recent visitors * most frequent visitors * the time of day people check in * total number of unique visitors * histogram of check-ins per day * gender breakdown of customers * portion of foursquare check-ins broadcast to Twitter and Facebook *
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  21. 21. * January 2011 foursquare reports 381 million check-ins in 2010. 3,400% growth from previous years.* February 2011 Gowalla announces its 1 millionth user. One of the earliest location-based social networks.* March 2011 foursquare announces its 8 millionth user and launches its Explore functionality with version 3.0 of its mobile app. The new app enables users to receive personalized recommendations on places to visit based on past check-ins.* April 2011 Groupon purchased Whrrl. Whrrl announces it will shut down its services* April 2011 Ebay purchases WHERE. There is a consolidation in the market for LBS. With foursquare starting to win the check-in wars. *
  22. 22. * June 2011 foursquare announces its 10 millionth user. AMEX launches integration with foursquare, enabling AMEX card holders to earn exclusive rewards for check-ins with foursquare. Integration with loyalty rewards to customers who sync their AMEX accounts to foursquare.* June 2011 Google+ launches with its new social-networking initiatives including the ability for users to check in via its mobile app. *
  23. 23. * July 2011 foursquare begins including daily deals from Living Social in its list of nearby specials.* August 2011 facebook revamps its Places check-in feature, enabling users to directly share their location from every status update.* September 2011 Gowalla launches revamp of its service, focusing more on enabling travel and less on location sharing through check-ins.* November 2011 foursquare announces that more than 15 million users have joined, and 600,000 businesses are using its Merchant Platform.* facebook acquires Gowalla rumored to potentially be a $10M investment to work on timeline and apps *
  24. 24. * facebook Check-In Deals* Tag where you are on facebook, you are then directed to the News Feed and if the Place is offering a Check-in Deal, the title of the deal will appear below the News Feed Story.* Click on the deal title and will then be taken to the claim *
  25. 25. *
  26. 26. * Individual Deals – usually one-time deals* Loyalty Deals – Reward your most loyal customer* Friend Deals – Reward friends when they check-in together* Charity Deal – Make a donation in the amount of your choice *
  27. 27. * If you are a marketer or a Social Media Manager and manage the facebook page for your customer * Goto the facebook Page and click on Get Started * Choose your deal type – Four types of Deals * Define your offer * Specify run dates and restrictions * Push your deal out * Promote your deal *
  28. 28. * facebook is always looking for ways to create more enriching rewarding experiences* Businesses can share, connect, and interact with their customer through * Facebook Pages * Facebook Ads* Deals give businesses the opportunity to reward customers when they check-in, and this helps generate awareness, encourage in-store traffic and build customer loyalty. *
  29. 29. *
  30. 30. * 20% off purchase over $40* Buy one, get one free* Check in with 3 friends and get 30% off any entrée. *
  31. 31. *
  32. 32. * Browse by Category almost any type of place * Restaurants, Nightlife, Food, Shopping, Arts & Entertainment, Beauty and Spas, Event Planning, plus so much more!* Write a Review, read reviews by other social users, find friends, messaging, find deals, find events* Search for deals by Price, Category such as restaurants, neighborhoods, and features.* Purchase a Deal in Advance and receive a Certificate with a designated value* Best of Yelp section that you can look at *
  33. 33. * Business Owners * Increase your exposure on search pages * Message Your Customers * View Business Trends * See Stats and Charts to measure the performance of a business page * Create a Yelp Deal in minutes, when they buy your deal you get paid * Link Yelp into facebook for analytics Over 66 million people visited Yelp in Q4 2011 to make spending decisions. • Communicate with your customers – privately/publicly • Track how many people view your business page * • Add photos, a detailed business description, up-to-date information, history, and specialties • Recommend other businesses
  34. 34. * Launched November 2008, features a daily deal on the best stuff to do, see, eat, and buy in 45 countries. Headquartered in Chicago.* How it works * Check your email, facebook or twitter feds for daily deals on cool local businesses * Share them, pass them along by email or on social networks * Print the voucher or bring it up on your mobile device, present it at the business *
  35. 35. * Acquired Whrrl April 2011 * Foursquare like LBS that allows check-in* Acquired Hyperpublic – a 2 yr. old NY startup that lets users tag people, places, and things to specific locations* Barcode Hero iPhone app from Kima Labs* Acquires e-Commerce data startup Adku *
  36. 36. * Purchase, manage, and redeem Groupons directly from your mobile device – on Demand* iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Windows, mobile web *
  37. 37. *
  38. 38. * Google Places application helps social user discover nearby places they love. Search for restaurants, cafes, bars, and other places while on the go.* Rate and Share your ratings on places with friends and see places they recommend that are on the web* Application on iPhone, mobile platform *
  39. 39. * Twitter just announced its own official service with Photobucket August 9, 2011.* Twitter just announced it would open an API for its photo sharing services, allowing app developers to build on and host their photos* Twitter Galleries lets users view all tweeted photos launched in August 2011 *
  40. 40. *
  41. 41. * HootSuite has acquired Geotoko, a location-based marketing tool to help businesses gain insight on and market to their audience and customers.* Reports on social media interactions like key influencers, customer sentiment, and demographic patters to help businesses draw conclusions about audience behavior *
  42. 42. * SquawkMe a social video and location sharing application that enables users to capture mobile videos, tag them geographically, and instantly distribute them on facebook and twitter.* Geographically connect and see events within their proximity by clicking on an ‘in-app’ map, displaying all the videos being shared *
  43. 43. * Social Media making a difference in the World - Charity Check-in* CauseWorld was shopkick’s trial application to test the waters in the company’s “mobile meets retail” efforts * American Red Cross, American Humane Association, LiveStrong, Heroes at Home, Feeding America, Prevent Child Abuse America, Save the Children Haiti Relief Fund* Carbonfund.org offset two pounds of carbon emissions *
  44. 44. *
  45. 45. * facebook and Yelp IPO* Pinterest gaining interest and marketshare* More facebook Welcome pages and Contests* More analytics, dashboards, manageability* Personalized recommendations based on your check-in history* Further integration with loyalty and payment technologies* Claim a recommended deal, receive loyalty credit and pay for something all in a check-in *
  46. 46. *