Along came a spider- 9 shot analysis


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Along came a spider- 9 shot analysis

  1. 1. Along came a spider 9 shot analysis
  2. 2. Shot one- The black background creates a mysterious atmosphere as the audience are left guessing what may happen next. The use of the colour black could convey death. The only image on the screen is a signal letter ‘A’, the contrasting colour white allows it to stand out against the dark background, and immediately grabs the viewers attention . Its web like font allows the letter to look like a spider coming down the screen. It links to the title ‘along came a spider’ and also suggests that the following films may include spiders . As the music builds the letter moves down the screen following by the rest f the letters, this could bring the point there could be spiders within the film.
  3. 3. Shot two- The use dark colours in the background suggests mystery and the unknown, it creates a fearful tension for the audience and for what may happen next and who the characters are which are speaking over the credits . The hazed bright greens and blue may suggest unfocused sight or unconsciousness, this could be the point of view of the victim and what they can see. This makes the audience question what may have happened to the victim, and also where they are and what they are viewing. The colours also could be linked to the sirens off a police car, after a high speed chase, murder or crime hinting at what may be involved later in the film.
  4. 4. Shot three- The font colour which is white stands out against the black and the b right blues and greens of the background drawing the audiences attention to what the text says . The use of white font suggests innocence, and the dark background colours could represent violence and death, which then relates to the different characters within the thriller. The font its self if standard and doesn’t give the audience any links to the film , the way that the text moves on and off the screen quickly could imply urgency and again link to the spiders and the way they move. The font is also blurred like the background which returns to the view of a unfocused/ unconscious sight of the victim.
  5. 5. Shot four- The previously dark frames have now been filled with the bright colours green and blue, it again creates the feeling of unconsciousness and confusion. The contrast between the dark backgrounds before and the bright one now could show the different character in the film and their positions in the thriller,(victim and killer). The lights also flicker when the dialogue speaks over the top, it could represent fear in the persons voice and how they are feeling; confused and scared. The lights could also represent sirens off a police car and could reveal that there may be police or other emergency services within the film. It may also reveal that the setting is in a city due to the bright lights, which means crime and violence may be involved.
  6. 6. Shot five- The shot continues to use the black background with the blue colours in the foreground. It sends the audience back into confusion from the bight background back to the dark one. The effect of the spider is continued through out and makes the audience question what relevance they may have with the film. The lights could suggest urgency and panic for the killer, and/ or the victim. The bright colours allow the audience to focus on them and what they could be. It creates a ongoing question to the audience of what the lights may represent or be, which leaves them guessing through out the credits.
  7. 7. Shot six- The shot is a close up of a TV monitor, it is unclear but it just makes out a vehicle going down a road. Due to the picture being blurred the audience are unclear of where the v ehicle could be and who it may belong to. It could also bring the conclusion that the person in the car is being followed by somebody and this is what they are watching. The colours are still dark which are used, which leaves the audience guessing what they can possibly see, and they suggest that the car may belong to the possible victim or the killer in the film. It then make the audience question who it is in the car, whether it is the same people/ person who is talking over the top of the credits.
  8. 8. Shot seven- The shot is again of the car however this time it is slightly more clearer than the last shot. It allows some aspects to be seen such as the possible location of the car and where it is. The shot is still dark however a forest can be seen along the road which could suggest that the possible story may happen inside of the forest or it could be after the event happened and the car is getting away. The car could also link back to the blue and green lights, that it may be a police car going to a crime scene or the car itself could be being followed by the police.
  9. 9. Shot eight- The shot is now more visible no effects have been used, however it is still dark which doesn't leave a lot more for the audience to see and also creates a fearful atmosphere for what may happen. The car is now visible and is clearly not a police car and just a private car, which possibly belongs to the killer/ victim. The audience are left wondering where the car could possibly be going, and who is inside of it. The surroundings are visible and the car is driving in a somewhat rural area, which could be where a possible event has happened, or where it is going to.
  10. 10. Shot nine- The audience can finally see the real picture as no effects have been used, however as the shot is again dark it only allows the audience to view only selective items in the shot which creates a uncomfortable atmosphere for them. A police helicopter is clearly in sight, following the car seen on the previous shots. As the audience can clearly see it is a police helicopter it could relate back to the lights used at the start of the credits. which leaves the audience wondering why they are following this car? Is it the possible murderer? The car in the shot could link back to the flashing blues and greens of the background as it could be what the driver or passenger can seen from their window.