Beyoncé- run the world


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Beyoncé- run the world

  1. 1. Beyoncé – Run the worldClick to edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. The first shot shows a chaotic scene, the darkness of the shot connotes evil andmystery as we cannot see who is involved in this fight. There is no lyrics at thisstage however the music illustrates what is happening in the scene due to theheavy beat which is being played which could symbolise war. All of the peopleseen in the shot are all wearing black also so the viewers cannot distinguish thegender of the people in it, which relates to the title of the song who runs theworld.
  3. 3. A close up of the artist reveals that she is the main artist. From thecostume we can see that she is glamorous, which relates to the genre ofr&b and the money and lifestyle. It could also show her femininity due toher costume being high fashion, relating to the lyrics of the song ‘who runthe world- girls’ The mise-en-scene of her facial expression could showpower over the other people in the video seen before.
  4. 4. This shot of the male side, shows the getting ready for what may occur. Therefacial expressions show control and the dark costumes connotate evil, due tothem fighting against women who could be seen as innocent. It shows a contrastto the female side which is all bright colours, showing opposition in both theregender and outlook. Quick cuts to the female side allow the viewer to see thedifferences in the sides behaviour.
  5. 5. The mise-en-scene shows Beyonce, a single female against a group of armed malesshows her supremacy. This relates to the lyrics ‘Disrespect us, no they wont. Boy, donteven try to touch me.’ illustrated by her facing up to the males and them not retaliatingagainst her. The setting of it can narrate the video being war like due to the sandy floorand the costumes of the males. The female costume however uses sex appeal againstthe men as she is wearing shorts, and heels whilst the men where full combat costumes,this relates to her audience of the video being both male and female, who may inspireto be like her.
  6. 6. The high angle shot shows all the female side, the viewers can clearly see thecontrast in the costumes, as the women wear bright colours compared to the dullof the men. Linking to there personality, and power. The womens stance also showpower, showing a salute linking to the genre of the video being war like. Also due tothem saluting the men shows there repect to the male population, the shot beforeclearly showed the males just standing there not showing the same respecttowards the females, ‘Disrespect us, no they wont.’ this lyric clearly contrasts towhat is being seen in the visuals.
  7. 7. The shot shows Beyonce stance being dominant, her facial expressions supports thisalso. The mise-en-scene of the water behind her also gives her supremacy due to althe attention being on her and not the other extras of male characters , however shewears a revealing outfit which than could be seen as her disrespecting herself,contradicting what the lyrics say. The vehicles behind her also relate to the wartheme seen through out the video.
  8. 8. The close up of Beyonce allows the viewers to see a full profile of her face, it allowsus to see her hair, makeup and jewellery which relates to the R&B genre and themoney and wealth. Her costume then contradicts the previous thoughts on wardue to it being glamorous and not like her previous outfits seen in the video.However the scene behind her could relate to previous ones because of the sand, italso makes her stand out against the background.
  9. 9. This shot shows the female side,the stance is a traditional salutewhich is seen in battle, relating tothe lyrics and the theme of themusic video. There costumescontradict the lyrics due to themwanting power but then dressingin a way which attracts maleattention which is something thelyrics opposes.The shot then cuts to a scene ofthe males, showing the two sidesof the battle. The costume is warlike again linking to the themeseen through out. There stancecould be seen as weak due tothem leaning back after theattack of the female side.
  10. 10. The shot is taken as the point of view of the males, it allows the viewer to see theaction/ dancing from the females. The extreme long shot allows all the people to beseen, which shows the power of them together against the males in the video.Beyonce wears a different costume to the other dancers to differentiate herself asbeing the main artist, or even the leader of the group about to fight the males. Themale costume is police like, the use of props such as the shields show that the femalesare clearly more powerful and seen as a threat, illustrating the lyrics ‘Who are we,What we run, We run the world’