Jessie j – nobody's perfect


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Jessie j – nobody's perfect

  1. 1. Jessie J – Nobodys perfect Click to edit Master subtitle style
  2. 2. Intertextual references- Alice in Cuts between “Yeah, I forget about thewonderland, mad hatter tea scenes illustrate consequences, For a minuteparty. Show insanity of the the music. there I lose my senses” Lyricspeople there. amplify the visuals. The mise-en-scene portray Jessie J as being an individual due to her costume being not following a main stream trend. As do the other people in the scene.
  3. 3. “If I could turn back the Costume- Individual, relates to Cuts are in time tohands of time” Visuals pop genre. Also r&b due to the beat of theillustrate the Lyrics. expense of costume. music.Mise-en-scene shows madness,referencing Alice inwonderland.
  4. 4. Special effects shows the building Costume is mainstream, which relates toexploded which illustrates the lyrics audience of young women who may wearthat nobody is perfect. the same fashion