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Virtual Field Work Experience - Geology


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The Virtual Field Work Experience is a simulated set of labs, driven by narrative, that generates a deeper understanding of the material and inspires students to pursue a career in the geosciences.

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Virtual Field Work Experience - Geology

  1. 1. The Virtual Field Work Experience is a simulated set of labs, driven by narrative, that generates a deeper understanding of the material and inspires students of all ages to pursue a career in the geosciences.
  2. 2. Taking Geology to the next level
  3. 3. Taking Geology to the next level The Virtual Field Work Experience is the hub for an active community of students and future geologists. Provides contextually meaningful and personal experiences through active student engagement. Creates opportunities to engage students online and offline, with real-world activities and challenges. Rewards students for being active participants in the geological community. Uses narrative to provide strategic, professional context to activities, themes, and topics.
  4. 4. The Virtual Field Work Experience is a simulated set of labs.
  5. 5. The Labs Students personalize their interactions with instructors. An online hub acts as the central reporting and information repository for all labs. Students engage with a mapping interface embedded with coordinates Mapping coordinates lead to content, videos, images and tools (compass, etc.) Student activities and assignments are exported and uploaded to the online hub for instructor evaluation.
  6. 6. The Labs Brings highly valuable, ‘hard to replicate’ field experiences into the classroom. Creates a forum for developing higher order skills (team building, decision making and communications) Introduces applied learning in: • Mapping & Coordinate Systems • Cross-Section & Profile Generation • Strike & Dip Measurement • Rock and Mineral Identification • Structural Geology • Geophysics
  7. 7. The Virtual Field Work Experience is driven by narrative.
  8. 8. The Narrative Students are placed at the centre of a series of geological problems. Students become active course participants by engaging other students through scripted challenges and activities. Students collaborate to problem solve and complete numerous activities and labs. Students complete sets of scripted challenges within the context of a exploration company seeking an economic deposit.
  9. 9. The Virtual Field Work Experience incorporates the real world.
  10. 10. The Real World Students engage in an authentic, professional experience. All interactive experiences are representations of a field geologist. Real field trips and sampling exercises tie directly to the virtual narrative and assignments. Students are evaluated like real-world geologists where results are open to discussion and debate. Exercises are built upon the premise that “every rock tells a story.”
  11. 11. Project Highlights & Results
  12. 12. Project Highlights Released September 2, 2008. Created for the introductory geology course at the University of Calgary. Engages 200 students across 10 labs. All interactive modules are web-based providing direct student access both on and off campus. Combination of Flash-based modules and Basecamp collaboration software (group hub) Study underway to test traditional lab delivery (paper exercises) against the Virtual Field Work Experience.
  13. 13. Results Analytical: provides academically rigorous activities that challenge students to think like a geoscientist. Practical: contextualizes the fundamentals of geological exploration both online and offline. Cross-Platform: works both online and in conjunction with a traditional lecture/lab model. Real World: generates student interest in the geosciences as a career pursuit. Valuable: improves knowledge retention and creative thinking by putting the student at the center of the geological experience.
  14. 14. Production Team
  15. 15. Watershed Creative Founded in 2001, Watershed Creative designs and develops custom interactive learning experiences. By leveraging technology, gaming theory and multiple learning style strategies, Watershed creates simulations and games that deliver curriculum and content in a manner that immerses learners in an authentic professional experience. Watershed has twice been awarded Digital Alberta and Telefilm Canada funded residencies at the Banff New Media Institute to develop prototype concepts for delivering curriculum and content through interactive games. Clients include University of Calgary, Alberta Environment, Shell Canada, CGG Veritas, Woods Homes, Outward Bound, Canadian Institute of Natural and Integrative Medicine and the Bow River Basin Council. Ongoing project collaborations exist with Hotrocket, Emerge Learning and Xpan Interactive.
  16. 16. Watershed Creative Peter Gammell Principal With formal education in fine arts, forestry and geology, Peter has demonstrated his versatility in a variety of successful executive, management and entrepreneurial roles since 1992. These roles have spanned environmental services, geomatics engineering, human resources and knowledge management. Since early 2007, after successfully negotiating the sale of the division he managed for an international oil and gas services business, Peter has directed his diverse capabilities toward his passion of designing virtual, immersive learning experiences.
  17. 17. Hotrocket Founded in 2001, Hotrocket is an independent production company for original multiplatform creative intellectual properties held in partnership between Ken Bautista and Jason Suriano. Interactive services division acquired by RED The Agency in 2008, one of Western Canada's fastest growing independent marketing agencies. Clients include Edmonton Oilers, West Edmonton, OK Tire, and Canadian Western Bank. Combined team now includes 20 full-time professionals located in Vancouver and Edmonton. Advisory team includes Howard Donaldson (SVP Studio Operations, Disney Interactive and former CFO, Electronic Arts Canada), Kenton Low (Former EVP, Vivendi Universal, SVP, Walt Disney Internet Group, and CEO of Robeez), and Ed Dille (CEO, FOG Studios)
  18. 18. Hotrocket Ken Bautista CEO & Creative Director Founding partner and creative director of Hotrocket with 8 years experience in interactive industry. Named one of Edmonton's quot;30 Under 30quot;. Appointed to board/chair positions with Digital Alberta, Alberta Film Advisory Council, Canadian Interactive Alliance, and nextMEDIA Advisory Committee. Graduated with B.Ed. in Elementary Education (Instructional Technology) at the University of Alberta. Jason Suriano President & Executive Producer Partner in Hotrocket, with 6 years experience in industry, specifically production and production management. Former executive director of Alberta ICT Council. Graduated with BA, MA in Humanities Computing at the University of Alberta.
  19. 19. Hotrocket & RED The Agency PROFIT HOT 50 Emerging Most Promising Digital Growth Companies, Top 100 Media Company in Canada Women Business Owners (2006) Alberta Venture Fastest Best of Show, Fusion Digital Growing Companies Media Venture Forum (2008) (2005-2008) Out of 20 presenting companies selected by venture capital and angel investors. Winner, Pitch It! (2007) ACE Awards, Advertising Among 4 international finalists selected Club of Edmonton to pitch to Nickelodeon, Disney and (2002-2007) Cartoon Network. TELUS Innovation Fund Recipient (2006) Applied Arts Annual, 1 of 2 companies in Canada selected Applied Arts Magazine for innovation in entertainment and (2007) digital content.
  20. 20. Peter Gammell Jason Suriano Principal Principal & President 403 870 8119 780 994 4237