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An overview of Microsoft/Nokia AppCampus Incubation programme

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App campus overview

  1. 1. AppCampusBoosting Windows Phone EcosystemMicrosoft BizSparkLondon7.6.2012Pekka SivonenHead of AppCampus1
  2. 2. Background-Finland is a global hub for mobile, gaming, sport & wellness aswell as education, research and innovation.-Nokia and Microsoft joined effort to build a new global mobileeco-system around the Windows Phone –platform.-Nokia and Microsoft selected Aalto University as a partner toaccelerate the development of the eco-system globally.-Aalto initiated AppCampus -program to foster the development ofnew self-sustaining mobile innovation ventures via education,entrepreneurship and research programs.-Local ecosystems great partners to accelerate efforts2
  3. 3. The goal of the AppCampus -program is to createa self-sustaining application developmentecosystem that would organically generate newservices and applications for for Windows Phoneand Nokia Platforms.Scope & Mission3
  4. 4. 4Value Proposition for Developers-Awards: 20-70.000 euro / App-Coaching & Education, Product-oriented-Professional SW-Dev. Process & Quality Assurance-Network & Marketing Support, Marketplace & Nokia Store-Online submission:
  5. 5. 5AppCampus Benefits-IPRs remain property of the developers.-No Equity dilution.-No Revenue Share required.Fostering Next level of UX & Entrepreneurial Innovation
  6. 6. AppCampus Quality AssuranceProcess follows internationallywidely accepted standards.Mentoring, training, monitoringand coaching available for youngcompanies to elevate them tohighes quality software standards.End result: better competitivenessin the Marketplace, highercustomer satisfaction.AppCampus Quality
  7. 7. 7Grants – Selection CriteriasApplication should meet some(*) combination of the criteria:1. Innovative, first-to-market app-concepts.2. Differentiated, unique apps, not already available on competingoperating systems.3. Support for key features and APIs of the platform as theybecome available.4. Demonstrated design elegance and technical quality.5. Potential to drive momentum of the new ecosystems.Mere ports of existing applications or simple feeds of syndicatedcontent will not be eligible for funding.(*) not necessarily all.
  8. 8. 8Award CategoriesLevel 1 (e.g. 20kEUR)• Relatively simple (standalone) applications.• In calendar time we would expect this to be done in two months.Level 2 (e.g. 50kEUR)• Application which requires interfacing with some existing network (cloud)based service/media/information.• In calendar time we would expect this to be done in three months.Level 3 (e.g. 70kEUR)• Application which includes the development of the network (cloud)service back-end, and interfacing with it.• In calendar time we would expect this to be done in four months or more.
  9. 9. 9AppCampus Apps Pipeline
  10. 10. Cooperation OpportuntiesAppCampus keen to cooperate with outstandingTechnology, Business, Education or Investor Partners.10FriendsReferrersPartners• Visibility• Dealflow• events• Qualified leads• Preferentialtreatment• Educationalcooperation• Customizedcooperation...
  11. 11. Next...-Mid May 12 online Grant application x Companies-Mid June 12 announce first grants-Summer: extend geographical coverage,-Fall: educational efforts, Partner/Affilate network-AppCampus Grand Opening during Nokia World11
  12. 12. AppCampus Core TeamPekka Sivonen, 50, Head of AppCampusis the founder of Digia, a publicly listed mobile sw-company. Pekka took the company from 1 person to 1.600persons and after 17 years in mobile software he now has an Executive in Residence position at AaltoUniversity Center for Entrepreneurship. Pekka has been nominated by Ernst & Young the best ServiceEntrepreneur in Finland three consecutive years, 2004, 2005 and 2006.Pekka´s passion is mentoring and coaching new and established start-ups on business-plans,clients, financing and networking. He also loves fly-fishing and downhill skiing.Tapio Siik, 50, AppCampus Evangelistis currently the Head of Innovation Services in Aalto Center for Entrepreneurship (ACE), and has extensiveNokia background of around 17 years in various positions ranging from running large R&D organizations toVice President level business line responsibilities. In the last seven years with Nokia he was a key member inNokia VC investment teams, Nokia Venture Partners & Nokia Growth Partners, where he invested incompanies like Bitboys Oy (acquired by AMD), Coding Technologies AB (acquired by Dolby), Sasken(IPO/India), WiderThan (IPO/Nasdaq), and many other startups globally. Tapio has held managerial positionsalso in other global companies including ABB & Intergraph.Tapio is a passionate marathonist.Paolo Borella, 47, Director AppCampusis the Founder at Boro Oy, an advisor service to help start-up shape and grow their business,with a focus for Mobile/Online services and the sport segment. Paolo has passion forhelping create new business. His previous work included running community as Vice Presidentat Fox Mobile Distribution in Germany, and Director at Nokia, for the Porfolio Managementfor Service and Software GTM. He spent more than 10 year of his youth writing code in startups, doing triathlon & donwnhill skiing, and studying for his degree in Management andProduction Engineering.
  13. 13. AppCampus Core teamTeemu Tapanila, Developer Evangelistis the Founder at Style Five Design which focuses on helping companies to make right technical choicesand execute them. Teemu is studying computer science in Aalto University. He has founded and is currentlyleading Windows Phone Aalto Community and is also active board member at Aaltoes. Before this Teemuhas been doing cutting edge software development in Symbio and Appelsiini.Teemu Seppälä, MarketingMore than 500 projects executed with 100+ companies and universities worldwide, screened 3000+university based business cases, spinned out 40+ research based companies, co-developed growthoriented ecosystem into Finland: funding for start-ups & R&D projects (30M€+ public funding with 50+cases), business development, R&D projects for various industries, tech transfer (IPR sales & licensing),coaching, branding, creating new business concepts and HR development.Zaira Mammadova, CommunicationsZaira works in communications at ACE and studies Business Mangement and Communications at LaureaUAS. Born in Baku, Zaira spent big part of her life in Azerbaijan. While living in Baku, Zaira volunteered for2 years for UNCHR as an English language and Math teacher for refugee children and women. Prior tomoving to Finland, she lived in Toronto (Canada) working as a screenplay writer for Student commercials.Zaira is a big fan of martial arts, Barcelona Football Club and food blogging.Chris Bouret, OperationsChris has a wide experience in the mobile industry. At Nokia Research he led a program to standardize theexisting 3G Voice over IP solution. After graduating from the Helsinki School of Economics MBA program hedeveloped, for Nokia, a leading mobile photo sharing solution in collaboration with Flickr. At Nokia Serviceshe supported the business development of leading Internet Services. Finally, he co-founded Furtiv, a startupthat creates social media apps and services. In his free time Chris likes to update his software developmentskills and spend time with his family
  14. 14. AppCampus World7.6.2012, 00:00
  15. 15. Date/Time 7.6.2012, 00:00Applications 586% Company 27.30 %In Alternative appmarketplace24.60 %
  16. 16. Contacts16AppCampusMetallimiehenkuja 10, 2nd floorP.O. Box 17600, FI-00076 mobile 050-357 7732Web appcampus.fiTwitter @appcampusfiFacebook