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GI2013 ppt andreopoulos+kazakis_v2 the+sustainable+future+eco+landmarks


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GI2013-GI/GIS/GDI-Interoperability-Forum, Dresden: 29./30.04.2013

Published in: Technology, Business
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GI2013 ppt andreopoulos+kazakis_v2 the+sustainable+future+eco+landmarks

  1. 1. • A global business opportunity•A new business model• An innovative trendwith a cause, actually… two:• Exponential sustainability awareness leverage• Green Economy generatorBusiness proposal with a causeSustainable FutureEco Landmarks
  2. 2. Who are we? SLIDES # 61-68What is the concept? SLIDES # 1, 34What is the exit plan? SLIDES # 36-39What is the proof of concept? SLIDES # 49-51What is the growth potential for this business? SLIDE S# 35, 40For investors20 slides are includedFor active citizens 74 slides are includedBusiness proposal with a causeSustainable FutureEco Landmarks
  3. 3. or…To develop Sustainable Development tangible prototypesfor planet’s salvationA professional & profitablewin-win situationBusiness proposal with a cause
  4. 4. Is it doable??????????????Business proposal with a cause
  5. 5. Yes, it is!via an collaborativenetworking applicationMicro trendsmatter more than macro ones, but most of all,peoplematter Individual human beingswith names & wants & interestsBusiness proposal with a cause
  6. 6. Ecology as a science needsto understand innovationOur future survivaland wellbeingcannot be accomplishedin a scientific framework,the contrahentsseem to be stuckin a clashof belief systemsdisruptive technology future ecology global change new thinking research + science society impactthe controversy between Paul Gilding and Peter Diamandis atTED.comBusiness proposal with a cause
  7. 7. Sustainable Future Eco Landmarks ©TM ®
  8. 8. If we are desperately in need of a paradigm shift, & we cant solvethe problems with the same thinking that got us into thoseproblems, how do we shift in a world that is massively oldparadigm? John Strohl in LinkedIn No coherent agreement A lot to be done isnt "new“ Old paradigm problems are complex,compound, massive2013
  9. 9.  A lot to be done IS new Need for collective action Need fornon-hierarchicalself-organizingflexible structure2013
  10. 10.  A way to CONVINCE & PERSUADE (right people in right time)on the ‘desperate’ element (LACK OFTIME) NEW THINKING tools CONTROL to eliminate external obstacles VIRTUAL representation playground based on REAL LIFE problems TANGIBLE & ACCEPTABLE outcomes Paradigm STRUCTURAL ELEMENTS carefully selected… but above all,2013
  11. 11.  What to do with climate change crisis, extremeweather events and their consequences? What to do with Sustainable Development stalleddue to many reasons?… above all, we need…
  12. 12. Cinema… From a scientific tool turned to auniversal fine art with a little help from Hollywood, Eisenstein& similar leverages This is how it passed to the big audience
  13. 13. Cinema… From a scientific tool turned to auniversal fine art with a little help from Hollywood, Eisenstein& similar leverages This is how it passed to the big audience
  14. 14. Multimedia… From software toinfotainment &edutainment with a little help from inter-disciplinary teams,graphic designers, directors& similar leverages. This is how it passed to the big audience
  15. 15. Same thing will happen today…Sustainable Developmentwill be promotedwith a little help fromWorld Nature &Culture HeritageEco Landmark offers the leverage
  16. 16. UNESCOMonumentswill turn to:Sustainable paradigmsDevelopment practicesfunctional& useful& familiarDrivers & enablers
  17. 17. UNESCOMonumentswill turn to:Sustainable paradigmsDevelopment practicesfunctional & useful & familiarThis is how Sustainable Developmentwill pass to the big audience
  18. 18. … goes without saying
  19. 19. Thousands of groupschoose each onea Monumentand transform it to aSustainable FutureEco Landmark; they work collectivelyin a virtual (smartphone / tablet / laptop) environmenttaking into consideration all sustainable parameters;groups earn awards, nominations, and vocational orientationProject’s success is based on a network of networked peoplewith shared visions / values for collective actionUNESCO’sWorld Heritage Monuments
  20. 20. LeverageCultureContext
  21. 21. Collaborative networking practiceto minimize risksPrevention is better than cure;and promotion is better than preventionA way to raise awarenesson Sustainable DevelopmentA global Business opportunity, a NEW TRENDa New business model with a cause:exponential Sustainability awareness riseEco LandmarksBusiness proposal with a cause
  22. 22. Eco Landmarks Collaborative networkingis a. a participation webenvironment practice(other than social networking)to facilitate peopleworking togetherb. a dedicated softwareparticipatory decision support tooladjusted to monument sfeatures & particularitiesBusiness proposal with a cause
  23. 23. Eco Landmarks goalsWe build a world worth living inWe give online socialization content worth to deal withWe propose a business opportunity with a cause:exponential Sustainability awareness riseA… be ‘in’, be in the cloud, play-on-the-go,globally informing, ‘save the planet’ pocket tool, collaborativenetworking application for smart-phones - tablets - PCsEco Landmarksapplication featuresBusiness proposal with a cause
  24. 24. Production methodA group guided by a sustainabilityleader chooses an UNESCO’sMonument and transform it into avirtualSustainable Future Eco Landmark in two yearsWe use UNESCO’s World Heritage monuments Culture & Naturemonuments are among the complete Sustainability Puzzle partsProduct:Tangible prototypes onSustainable DevelopmentimplementationEco LandmarksBusiness proposal with a cause
  25. 25. Home Business EducationPublicadministrationLocalcommunitiesCountries Whole regions with morethan one countryTouristDestinations(Eco Landmarks)Tangible practices in all thesefields give a clear picture ofwhat Sustainability offers
  26. 26.  Virtual environment:Smart-phones, tablet, pc All sustainability parametersare taken intoconsiderationwith no obstacles whatsoever. Implementation, at any stage,can be promoted any timeany place, to any audience. There exist all digital advantages with no obstacles from status quo.
  27. 27. What AreThe LeadershipTraitsof a Sustainability Leader?So many and so few- at the same time.Follow conversation above
  28. 28.  Most of them are recognizable Designated by UNESCO alone are about 1000(745 cultural, 188 natural & 29 mixed) Everywhere - everlasting Attract attention - publicity Sustainable character high added value Pilot to similar ones from Sustainability puzzle Location & surrounding territory need applications in many fields Easy support from local authorities & international entities Attract easily financial interest (investment, advertisement,sponsorship,Corporate Social Responsibility) Last but not least, they have a human story to tell
  29. 29.  For yet another reason:They are in danger…List ofWorld Heritagein DangerLet’s startfrom thislist!One sad example, already removed from the list, near here:Dresden Elbe ValleyConstruction plans for theWaldschlösschen Bridge in the core areaof the cultural landscape; removedfrom the list World Heritage Sites in 2009 afterconstruction commenced at the end of 2007
  30. 30. Sustainable Future Eco Landmarksdevelopment step by step
  31. 31. Sustainable Future Eco Landmarks development Howgroups are using collaborative networking application• Official project’s launching - news are spread via social media etc• Groups declare participation / choose monument / sign agreement via EcoLandmarks portal• S/W application together with additional tools is delivered to them free. Additionaltools, content sources are systematically delivered to them free and groups use themvia a remote collaborative procedure promoting new society ethics and develop aunified presentation material ‘packaged’ accordingly.• Groups invite local community to join and provide sustainable solutions based onlocal particularities but enhanced from various national or international sources.• The multimedia material collection goes on for a 2-year period (deadline) accordingto group potential to form a Sustainable working model of Monument and its territory.• At regular intervals groups ask for various nominations / awards taking place inlocal public places for wide publicity.• At the end of 2-year period open to public competitions take place at countriescapitals to raise national / international awareness on sustainable development.• A pan-European / global event is organized for the same reason.• Next phase: … just you wait!...
  32. 32. a. green movement critical mass &sustainable development supportersb. tens of millions of technology fans: Smart-phones users Tablets users Laptops users PCs usersYou cant change everything or everyone, but you can change the people who matterBusiness proposal with a cause
  33. 33.  a. Sustainable Development supporters are given a framework to create:a new infrastructure - beyond the traditional one; a Sustainable Develop-ment TANGIBLE practice; and raise public awareness b. Technology users: addicted to participating; very fond of technology;want to make money; longing to be ‘in’; share & play; coming from bothgenders; want to be informed; join & participate; have status; strengthenbond; spend time with people they like; be part of something bigger; want toget good at something; accomplish satisfying work; define collectiveidentity; be part of a community; hone their skills; opportunity to win workThe application offers entertainment; creativity; direct financial & businessoutcomes. Groups get awards & nominations; vocational orientation-training;career opportunities; chance to become mother company’s shareholdersBenefits for the usersValue propositionWhat problem does it solve or need does it take care of for our target customers?Business proposal with a cause
  34. 34. .Benefits for the investors Income is coming from splash screen advertisementsduring downloading free application The startup aims to position itself amongTheWorld’s 50 mostinnovative companies (Fast Company’s list) making money by saving theplanet.The 12 Best Social Networking Apps show us the way. Most ofthem are useful “tools”; this package is sustainability’s first-aid kit. Business new markets: ‘SaveThe Planet sector; new kind ofsustainable tourism, the Sustainable Development Tourism Business new products: Sustainable Development collaborativenetworking applications for smart-phones, tablets & laptopsenhanced by gamification & game featuresBusiness proposal with a cause
  35. 35. Last but not least,benefit for investorsExit plan selling to… Facebook(Facebook Vacation: 61 Percent of Users Take Breaks From Site),or LinkedIn, Google, Yahoo, Dropbox, Netflix, PayPal, Yelp,Groupon,Yammer, Instagram - or adopted by etcno more, no lessBusiness proposal with a cause
  36. 36. Business opportunity gives two choices:A.To be bought by a potential buyer e.g. Facebook andthe like (FacebookVacation: 61 Percent of UsersTake Breaks From Site).Eco Landmarks are socially content rich; they integrate a serious cause:exponential Sustainability awareness rise. Climate action & sustainabilitypromotion is no longer a scientist’s job; it’s now a salesman’s job.B.To continuetaking advantageof more applicationsbased on Metisintellectual capitalBusiness proposal with a cause
  37. 37. Before first 2-year deadline is over next phase could start: one or more themeapplications e.g. home among the rest of sustainability puzzle could be launchedHome Business Education PublicadministrationLocalcommunitiesCountriesWhole regionswith more thanone countryBusiness proposal with a causeA zero carbonhome practiceis a must for morethan a billionhousing unitsfor China & Indiaduring this decade
  38. 38. 2012 ReportClimate change is taking place before our eyes :Shrinking Arctic sea ice, record temperatures, flooding, droughts,hurricaneSandy and super-typhoon Bopha; the year abnormalweather became normal2012 Global PollEnvironmentalConcerns at 20-year Record LowsClimate concerns dropped first in industrialized countries, but this year’s figuresshow that concern has now fallen in major developing economiessuch as Brazil & China as well.2013 NewsScientists have lost the battle to communicate with the big audienceClimate action & sustainability promotion is no longer a scientist’s job;it’s now a salesman’s job (Testimonial: Andreopoulos science communication expert)However, that is not all…a business opportunity with a cause, to exponentially raise sustainability awareness
  39. 39. Environmental Concerns "At Record Lows": Global Poll 2012 Environmental concerns among citizensaround the world have been falling since2009 and have now reached 20-year lows The perceived seriousness of climate change has fallen particularlysharply since the unsuccessful UN Climate Summit inCopenhagen in December 2009. Climate concern dropped first inindustrialized countries, but this year’s figures show that concernhas now fallen in major developing economies such as Brazil andChina as well.
  40. 40. 2012 ReportClimate change is taking place before our eyes2012 Global PollEnvironmental Concerns at 20-year Record Lows2013 NewsScientists have to join forces with ‘salesmen’to communicate with the big audience(Testimonial: Andreopoulos science communication expert)However, that is not all…
  41. 41. Green movement blames political will absence (the easytarget) (Testimonial: Metis NGO member of most ‘green’ coalitions worldwide)‘Al Gore’ style presentations have reached their limits(Testimonial: Andreopoulos is accredited Climate Reality presenter)UNFCCC summits (COP) are beating about the bush(Testimonial: Metis is Accredited Observer to the UNFCCC)World Environmental Education is taught like nothing ishappening (Testim.: AndreopoulosWorld Environmental Education Network member)National governments are blocked among big corporations& bureaucracy unwilling to change (Testimonial: everyday news)The NewYorkTimes cancelled its Green blog (… goes without saying)Big corporations are doing ‘business-as-usual’ (Climate Change Crisis effects)
  42. 42. For planet’s salvationprofessionally & profitablySustainable Developmentpromotion & climate action isno longera scientist’s job;it’s now asalesman’s jobFUTERRABusiness proposal with a cause
  43. 43. Two (apparently) contradictory elements are missing:Professional approach and human careBoth are missing to a great extentfrom current green movement practicesPlanet’s salvation is about to reach several crucial tippingpoints to be left to volunteers and good will peacemakers,healers, storytellers, restorers, and lovers of every kind - any more;The road to hell is more and more often paved with good intentionsPlanet’s and Humanity’s salvation is a volunteering taskNO MORE; from now on, it has to shift to a professionaltask; it’s not a NON-profitable practice any more. A newbusiness model with a cause has to be used.
  44. 44. contextA sustainability discussion with no context - and no listening- is not effectual for companies or individualsGetting Behind the Psychology of Sustainability-when the people embrace whats important to the group they getinvolved voluntarily - when the people get involved voluntarily thatmeans the cause is important to the group - and life goes on…Instead of out thinking the competition... its worth trying to out love them Everyone is working hard on the thinking part, but few of ourcompetitors worry about the art and generosity and caring part
  45. 45. contextis offered by the Eco LandmarkThe Eiffel Tower: they have startedto switch it to a sustainable monument
  46. 46.  THE EIFFELTOWER GETS A GREEN MAKEOVER Firm wants to give the Eiffel Tower a green makeoverKitsch!However, there are different, better, attempts to the same direction:Sustainable development according to The EiffelTower OPERATINGCOMPANY.Best method, the collaborative one: Eco Landmarks
  47. 47. proof of concept Acropolis& surrounding territory
  48. 48. Foursquare(over 20 million users)for discovering new places tovisit based on a very simpleidea: helping the user to keepin sync with friends andwhat they are up toBusiness proposal with a cause
  49. 49. Wikivoyage;EthicalTraveler; Trip Advisor;UN Sustainable DevelopmentKnowledge Platform;Google Culture Institute;no more, no lessBusiness proposal with a cause
  50. 50. 2010Eco Landmark offers cultureby senior experts from over 50 UN entities and international organizations
  51. 51. Natural Capital at Risk:TheTop 100 Externalitiesof Business”Scope: to identify the world’slargest natural capital risks andopportunities for business and theirinvestors. It highlightsthe urgent need for businesses tomanage natural capital assets and reduceliabilities. Businesses and investors can take account of natural capital impacts indecision making to manage risk and gain competitive advantage.April 2013
  52. 52. Business proposal with a cause Proof of concept? The instigator cannot afford more real andtangible evidence is for the moment e.g. conducting market experiments,developing prototypes to be tested on real customers for free. That is why… ‘Save the Planet Unlimited’ ©TM ® is looking for a50.000 € startup seed capital Or / and create a global network to do it Or / and develop a dynamic combination of theabove
  53. 53. An organizational learninginnovative grid with:7-step procedureSmart ingredientsData mining tools
  54. 54. Metis developed the tool based on organizational learning mapping in cooperation withSoL Greece; it’s the main tool interdisciplinary groups will use during a 2-year periodin the framework of collaborative networking procedure to virtually shiftan UNESCO monument into an Eco Landmark
  55. 55. Metis strategic positions within green movement frameworkClick on it to getdocument with links
  56. 56. Instigator: Andreas Andreopoulos, M. Ed, Social EnterpreneurClimate communication expert • 30 years of data mining expertise; analyst ofapplications of communication • Environmental Awareness programs anima-tor • eco-llage artist • METIS Global Awareness Network Founding Presi-dent; UNESCO TaskForce • Storyteller of the Future • STATE OF THEWORLD FORUM International Coordinating Council ex member • GlobalClimate Change Crisis & Sustainability Panorama administratorMemberships: CC:iNet; GCCA; World Environmental Education Network;Friendly Favors a Web based community online since August 1999, consistingpresently of 62,608 participants, living in 196 countries • Roadmap to Sustain-ability facilitator • Climate Reality Leadership Corps accredited presenter• 460-member linkedin network of excellence (eminent ‘green’ personalitiesfrom all over the planet)Content provider (entity and person) unique comparative advantagesBusiness proposal with a cause
  57. 57. 30 years: Applications on Communication20 years: New CommunicationTechnologies expertise10 years: Environmental awareness5 years: Global accredited networkingAccredited Observer to the UNFCCC;Climate Reality Leadership Corps accredited presenter;UNESCOTask Force Member3 years: Global Climate Change Crisis &Sustainability Panorama administrator
  58. 58. Metis -Andreo-poulosGlobalorientedinitiatives25-yearTIMELINE
  59. 59. Metis -Andreo-poulosGlobalorientedinitiatives25-yearTIMELINE
  60. 60. Metis - Andreopoulos Global-oriented initiatives 25-year TIMELINE
  61. 61. Metis - Andreopoulos Global-oriented initiatives 25-year TIMELINE
  62. 62. CommunicationNewTechnologiesGlobal networkingEnvironmental awareness30 years…and what were we hatching?
  63. 63. Columbus Egg: an intriguing mechanical puzzle from JapanColumbus Egg: an intriguing mechanical puzzle from JapanIn the side of this egg there is a little window through which you can see the edge of 5 parallel disks. If yourotate the bottom third of the egg clockwise, some of the disks rotate. There is a sliding button on the side ofthe egg, which influences which disks will move when you turn the bottom part of the egg. The disks each have10 positions, and one of these positions shows red through the window, the others white.The aim is to make every disk show red,and when you do that a weight inside the egg is unlocked.This weight then allows you to stand the egg upright !!!Finding the right disk combination weight inside the egg is unlocked.This weight then allows you to stand the egg upright !!!The number of positions:5 disks, each with 10 orientations, give 105 =10.000 positions, all reachable and solvable.More or less, the ways to Sustainable Development ,but always reachable & solvable
  64. 64. LeverageCultureContext
  65. 65. The rest is history writtenby the numbers…
  66. 66. Metis WorldAwareness Network•AndreasAndreopoulos, Dimini,Volos, Magnesia,Thessaly, Hellenic Republic•Tel +3024210-62979, +306977-967491, Skype: paramythas• •• National Bank of Greece IBAN account nr: GR2601103970000039767032244SHIFT (BIC) ETHNGRAA• Follow us on linkedinEco Landmarks ©TM ® is a business opportunity with a causeYou‘d better get occupied withGlobal Fisheries Crisisand Smart Fishingto develop a practiceThanks again