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Rau Cambodia Gidar Cartography 2


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Introduction to Cartography 2nd lecture

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Rau Cambodia Gidar Cartography 2

  1. 1. Introduction to Cartography, GIS and GPS Part I and II A world full of maps (Daily life with maps) Artwork and Data (Visualization of Geo-Data) Types of maps, and Content Map projections and coordinates Introduction to GPS Digital Cartography with GIS tools Practical GIS mapping tasks Your first GIS map
  2. 2. Content of two modules 1. Objectives and Timing of the training 2. General Introduction to Cartography Geographical Information systems and Global Positioning systems 3. Living with maps 4. Types of visualization 5. Content of maps 6. GPS, Projections and Coordinates 7. Introduction to GIS mappings tools 8. Practical mapping with Arc-View 9. Examination 8/6/2008 - University Advisor Jan-Peter Mund (PhD Geographer) 2