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Land Management Faculty Rua Opening Speech


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Opening Speech of the faculty of Land Management at RUA , Cambodia

Published in: Technology, Education
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Land Management Faculty Rua Opening Speech

  1. 1. Modern Geo-Information Techniques in Land Management and Administration Dr. Jan-Peter Mund Integrated Expert (gtz/CIM) at the Royal University of Agriculture (ROYAL UNIVERSITY OF AGRICULTURE ) Faculty of Land Management and Administration (FLMA) Supported by the Land Management and Administration Project (LMAP) Ministry of Land Management and Urban Planning and Construction
  2. 2. Content of the presentation Situation of modern techniques at the faculty Methodological background of GIS Areas of GIS Applications Challenges for remote sensing in the cadastre process Opportunities of Ortho-Photo-Maps Situation in Cambodia Conclusion 15-11-2003 Dr. Jan-Peter Mund; gtz/CIM integrated expert Academic year 2003 – 2004 2