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9 Brief Pointers On How To Build A Chicken Coop On A Limited Budget


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9 Brief Pointers On How To Build A Chicken Coop On A Limited Budget

  1. 1. 9 Brief Pointers On How To Build A Chicken Coop On A Limited Budget How to Build a Chicken Coop
  2. 2. Did you know that you could build a chicken coop on a really, really small budget? Yes, you definitely can! How small a budget? Well that’s really up to you. It depends on the particular situation you are in. However, will you be able to live with the results of your efforts? And will you be able to live with yourself and with your conscience? And with your pride? I’m not talking about a pride of lions either. See, anyone, even a completely unskilled person can build a coop with grass and reeds or sticks and some rocks. All he needs to do is collect or gather together these materials free from the bush and start building. I suspect that’s not quite what you have in mind. The smaller your chicken coop construction budget is, generally the less pleasing the resultant coop will be, no matter what your level of skills are. Even the most skilled carpenter can only do so much and no more on a severely limited budget and/or with poor quality materials. What I’m saying is that there is a give and take between low cost and low skills on one hand versus higher skills and higher costs on the other hand. It’s a trade-in. You, the
  3. 3. coop builder must decide right at the planning stage how high or how low you can go or are willing to go, given your situation. And only you know your situation. But – and this is the whole point of this article – there is a sweet spot, whatever your given budgetary or financial constraints are. So, if you have to, how and where can you effectively reduce your coop building costs and still get acceptable results? The following tips will take you a long way: 1. Build it yourself – that’s a given. You save big on labour costs provided you have acceptable carpentry skills. 2. Get good quality used or discarded timber and other necessary materials either for free or for a nominal fee. 3. Source for thrown away large crates or boxes from Freight and shipping companies or even more easily from large chain supermarkets. 4. Buy chicken coop kits which are easily available via the net and simply put them together. This method is quicker than building one from scratch and cheaper than buying pre-constructed and finished coops. 5. Look for bargain used or second-hand coops that usually sell for a reasonably low price even while they are still in good condition. You will have to work it over thoroughly to clean it if you manage to get one but it beats having to buy or to built a new one if your budget is very tight. 6. Find and obtain disused trailer homes that are suitable for converting into functional coops for a small fee combined with a little labour and a little imagination. 7. Enlist the help of a friend or two or get family members to help you if they are available and willing. By yourself you will not go far with your chicken coop building venture. 8. Scour local farming areas for everything to do with building chicken coops or keeping chickens and ask for anything disused or discarded but still usable if you
  4. 4. need it. You will be surprised how generous people (especially farmers) can be if you approach them correctly. 9. Stay basic in your construction project and avoid unnecessary frills or fancy extras. You can always add any décor and other desirable extras later if your budget improves. When all is said and done, it is certainly possible with a little thought, either to build a cheap chicken coop that works or to find a cheap chicken coop for sale locally or online. You will therefore have for yourself a reasonably presentable chicken coop at the end of it all. You can have a fully functioning chicken coop without sacrificing an arm and a leg in the process. Just ensure that the following basic essential chicken coop elements are incorporated in the finished coop you build: You should – a) construct your coop in a way that will enable you to regularly clean the coop easily, b) ensure that you build the coop in a way that ensures there is enough ventilation, c) provide sufficient protection against both predators and bad weather, d) include sufficient feeders and waterers for the number of chickens you keep, e) provide a minimum of three square feet of space in the run for each bird you keep and finally f) see to it that there is enough numbers of nesting boxes and roosting perches for your brood. Brian Turner is a writer with a passion for DIY house and home projects. His latest website Chicken Coop Design [] contains great information about how to acquire and implement the most user friendly and result oriented practices and strategies in chicken coop construction. This site also helpfully provides some really outstanding tips about Chicken Coops For Sale Article Source: How to Build a Chicken Coop
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