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Interaction Latin America 18 Highlights


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#ILARIO18 Highlights.
Includes keynote highlights from:
Marc Stickdorn, Tom Kelley, Mahin Samadani, Katja Forbes,
Kim Goodwin, Nicolas Jaureguiberry Jose Coronado

Published in: Design
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Interaction Latin America 18 Highlights

  1. 1. Interaction Latin America Includes keynote highlights from: Marc Stickdorn, Tom Kelley, Mahin Samadani, Katja Forbes, Kim Goodwin, Nicolas Jaureguiberry Jose Coronado #ILARIO18 Highlights
  2. 2. Expandiendo Fronteras Expandindo Fronteiras Expanding Frontiers
  3. 3. Largest UX event in the world 2000 Participants 15 Keynotes 100 Community Talks North & South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Middle East Non-Profit - By the community, for the community
  4. 4. The Stage… 360o
  5. 5. Doing is the hard part Marc Stickdorn More than metrics
  6. 6. Research is hard PHEW. THAT’S A LOT
  7. 7. Base your customer journey of f***ing research! © Chantel Botha
  8. 8. Ideation is overrated Prototyping is underrated
  9. 9. Always start with a… Sh*tty first draft
  10. 10. Don’t trust ONE process
  11. 11. The 12 Commandments of Service Design © Marc Stickdorn
  12. 12. People don’t want Service Design They want their problems solved
  13. 13. Leading with Creative Confidence Tom Kelley IDEO
  14. 14. Don’t go to your boss with big ideas, go to them with experiments. If your big idea crashes, it’s quite different than if your experiment fails.
  15. 15. Solving a complex problem is somewhat easy. Identifying the problem is the most difficult part.
  16. 16. Selling and idea is like selling a product. Make 1-hour prototypes When the client says yes, shut up.
  17. 17. When Design Meets AI Mahin Samadani McKinsey
  18. 18. AI is here to stay but more progress is needed. Entire populations are excluded. We need to address this issue.
  19. 19. AI & Design need to come together. Design knows the difference and the human is needed in this intersection.
  20. 20. Augmented intelligence Is not about replacing humans. It’s about empowering human decision making with AI.
  21. 21. Key principles of augmented artificial intelligence for designers
  22. 22. Katja Forbes Syfte You are not a Designer, You are a Coach
  23. 23. Everyone is a designer, Right?
  24. 24. You could have a tantrum or you can become a coach
  25. 25. G.R.O.W. Model & UX
  26. 26. Successful coaching is about showing where the path is; and supporting along the way, not leading someone down.
  27. 27. Bring back human-centered Kim Goodwin
  28. 28. Are we keeping people hostage because of metrics?
  29. 29. It's not a value if you don't apply it when it's inconvenient.
  30. 30. Help each other make the world better for more people. @kimgoodwin
  31. 31. Involve to transform Nicolas Jaureguiberry Itercultura
  32. 32. Every interaction [with our teams, with our clients] is an opportunity to transform Cada interacción [con nuestros equipos y nuestros clientes] es una oportunidad para transformar
  33. 33. Sense Trust Respect Resiliency “We cannot afford to fail. Stakes are too high.” “We tried this before. Why will it work now?” “Some folks don’t care about the customer / client.” “Why are you here?”
  34. 34. Para crear valor, no basta dominar técnicas y teorías. Necesitamos recordar que somos personas libres en interacción. To create value, it is not enough to master techniques and theories. We need to remember that we are have the free will to interact.
  35. 35. El camino de la transformación nos pide involucrarnos e involucrar. The path to transformation requires us to immerse ourselves and get others involved.
  36. 36. Business embraces design Jose Coronado
  37. 37. One of the biggest opportunities to elevate the UX practice at companies is to measure design impact
  38. 38. The art of partnering is the skill with the highest value by far for Design John Maeda #DesignInTech
  39. 39. We – or our organization – could have the wrong end in mind.
  40. 40. It’s not about design. It’s about what design can do for people
  41. 41. Embracing diversity helps create disruptive solutions “Enough said” Artur Janz
  42. 42. Obrigado Gracias Thank you Jose Coronado @jcoronado1 #DesignImpact
  43. 43. Interaction Latin America #ILA18 Many presentations are available at: Copyright statement: The work highlighted is owned by the respective speaker / author and it may be subject to copyright laws.
  44. 44. • Devolver lo "humano" al diseño centrado en el ser humano