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100 tweetable LinkedIn tips which will help you improve your Profile, Company Page and your use of LinkedIn. Includes tips on communicating with your network, attracting visitors to your profile, getting a new job and finding leads. Updated on 28/06/2016

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100 Linkedin tips

  1. 1. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 1 Here are 100 tweetable tips for using LinkedIn for business. If you like a tip, please copy it and post it to LinkedIn tagging ‘Jonathan Pollinger’ or tweet adding ‘via @intranetfuture #InTips.’ Thank you. For more Social Media tips, plus news and examples please sign up to my social media newsletter. Thanks again and good luck with LinkedIn! -------------- LinkedIn tip no.1 - Complete all the relevant sections of your LinkedIn profile. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.2 - Add additional relevant sections to your LinkedIn profile eg Projects, Organisations. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.3 - Customise your public profile URL – select cog symbol to the right of public profile URL. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.4 - Display a well lit good quality head and shoulders photo. Professional and business like, not casual. Best dimensions are 400 x 400 pixels. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.5 - Add a well designed cover photo - the landscape background image at the top of your profile page. Dimensions are 1000 x 425 pixels. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.6 - Don’t include your phone number or job title in the Name field. It’s labelled Name because it’s for your name ONLY. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.7 - Add your Headline beneath your name. It’s a headline so should be an impact statement, not a job title. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.8 - Write your Summary in the 1st person. Tell people your values, passions and what you can do for them. Help people know YOU. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.8 - Under Edit Contact Info/Websites select Other so you can add your own website labels. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.9 - Under Edit Contact Info/Websites make sure you add all 3 websites or web pages. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.10 - Add media eg images, video, PDFs, websites to your Summary and Experience sections to make your profile stand out. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.11 - Ensure your Headline, Summary, Experience and Skills sections contain keywords to make yourself more discoverable. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.12 - If you’re a Premium Member, take advantage of free access to online learning at Lynda.com. #INTips.
  2. 2. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 2 LinkedIn tip no.13 - To re-order Sections, select Edit then the Up and Down arrow on the top right of section. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.14 - Use Add Connections to find people in your Address Book and to build your network. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.15 - Ensure that your current roles have the most detailed and lengthy descriptions. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.16 - Schedule updates to your LinkedIn Profile, Pages and Groups using Buffer. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.17 - Research shows that the best time to post on LinkedIn is between 7am-9am and 5pm-6pm. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.18 - To view a Contact’s status updates, select View Recent Activity on their profile - select the down arrow at top of profile. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.19 - You can customise the Updates that are published on your Home Page. Select the down arrow to the right of All Updates. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.20 - Start blogging on LinkedIn. Select ‘Write an article’ on the Home page. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.21 - Too many emails from LinkedIn? Go to profile picture on top right then Privacy and Settings then Communications/Email frequency. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.22 - Watch your spelling and grammar. Badly crafted updates and posts create a poor impression. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.23 - Use the Advice for Contacting <name> section to describe the type of person you wish to connect with. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.24 - Add your preferred contact details to Advice for Contacting <name> under Additional Information. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.25 - Personalise your invitations to connect. Show an interest in the recipient. Share commonalities. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.26 - Be sure to say thank you when receiving an invitation to connect. Start a conversation. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.27 - Apply for a job with one click under Jobs on the top menu. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.28 - Join relevant Groups. Networking groups for leads and industry Groups for best practice. #INTips
  3. 3. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 3 LinkedIn tip no.29 - Post a question in a Group to start a conversation. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.30 - Consider creating your own LinkedIn Group around a niche or a locality. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.31 - Use the ‘Keep in Touch’ feature on the top right of the homepage to do exactly that. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.32 - Is LinkedIn helping you achieve your business objectives? If not, figure out why. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.33 - Don’t hog your network’s feed by over posting. Aim for at least 1 post per day but not more than 4. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.34 - To hide a contact’s Updates from your News Feed, select Hide on the top right of any of their updates. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.35 - Company Page image sizes – Cover: 646px x 220px, Standard Logo: 100px x 60px, Square Logo: 50px x 50px. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.36 - Images in company updates are automatically resized to 180px x110px. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.37 - If you have a Company Page its logo should appear on your profile on the right hand side of job title under Experience. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.38 - Use Sponsored Updates from your Company Page to target messages to your potential customers. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.39 - Ensure that you have at least 2 Company Page Admins for cover in the event of sickness and holidays. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.40 - If you have the resources to create and maintain, consider Showcase pages for your products and services. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.41 - Create a Follow Button for your Company Page and publish on your website. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.42 - Use a strong unique password for LinkedIn (and all other services and sites for that matter) and change it regularly. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.43 - Use ‘View profile as’ button to see how your profile is displayed to Connections and Public. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.44 - For extra security switch on two-step verification under Privacy and Settings/Two-step verification. #INTips
  4. 4. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 4 LinkedIn tip no.45 - Export your Connections and email them with your newsletter sign-up link. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.46 - Tag your contacts by using the ‘@ mention’ feature in updates. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.47 - Aim to post images, photos and videos in about 80% of your posts. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.48 - LinkedIn doesn’t have an Events function so promote events by linking to an external events page in your updates. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.49 - Try and reply to all comments on your Updates – don’t ignore people talking to you. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.50 - Don’t use hashtags on LinkedIn – they are not supported. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.51 - Tweet #BringBackLinkedInHashtags to encourage LinkedIn to re- introduce hashtags . #INTips LinkedIn tip no.52 - Use ‘People also viewed’ to the right of others’ Profiles to find and connect with relevant people. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.53 - Use ‘Whose viewed your profile’ to gain insights about your audience and to connect with prospects. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.54 - Use ‘How you rank for profile views’ to find popular profiles. Learn from them to boost visits to your profile. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.55 - Research speakers and delegates before conferences to make it easier to introduce yourself. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.56 - Connect with people after a networking meeting on LinkedIn, even if you didn’t get the chance to meet them. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.57 - Ensure your LinkedIn updates and posts are positive and engaging. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.58 - Send links to relevant and useful articles and tools to your connections to keep them engaged. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.59 - Invite all your email newsletter subscribers to connect with you on LinkedIn. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.60 - Link to your jobs vacancy page in updates to increase your chances of recruiting new staff. #INTips
  5. 5. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 5 LinkedIn tip no.61 - To increase its reach, post a link when you do a Press Release. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.62 - Encourage your employees to join LinkedIn and to keep their profiles up to date. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.63 - Ask and encourage your employees to Like and Share your updates. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.64 – Embed video and live tweets into your LinkedIn posts (blogs). #INTips LinkedIn tip no.65 - Have an unwanted connection? Remove by selecting the down arrow in the top section of their profile. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.66 - When making several changes to your profile, avoid irritating your network by ensuring that ‘Notify your network’ is set to ‘No’. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.67 - Listen, connect and engage. Remember this if nothing else! #INTips LinkedIn tip no.68 - If you’re thinking of advertising with LinkedIn there are lots of useful case studies - https://www.linkedin.com/ads/resources. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.69 - Add a LinkedIn icon linked to your LinkedIn Profile and/or Page onto your YouTube channel. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.70 - Use the filters to the left of the Search field to improve your search results. Great for searching posts (blogs). #INTips LinkedIn tip no.71 - Congratulate Connections on Birthdays and new jobs but make sure they really do have a new job! #INTips LinkedIn tip no.72 - Used LinkedIn’s mobile apps to stay in touch when you’re on the move - iOS and Android. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.73 - Personalise invitations to connect on mobile by selecting the ‘3 dots’ at the top of a profile. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.74 - For security, regular review your connected Apps at Privacy and Settings/Account/Third Parties. Remove those that you no longer use. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.75 - Ask the liker of your post what they liked about it to start a conversation. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.76 - Follow Influencers like Richard Branson for great business advice and inspiration. #INTips
  6. 6. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 6 LinkedIn tip no.77 - Only give Recommendations to people who you’ve worked with. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.78 - Give Endorsements to people you admire, whose blog posts you find useful or who you’ve heard speak credibly. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.79 - Add a link to your LinkedIn Profile on your email signature to encourage people to view your profile. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.80 - If your write white papers, presentations and tips then publish onto Slideshare.net (owned by LinkedIn). #INTips LinkedIn tip no.81 - You can view profiles anonymously. Go to Privacy and Settings/Privacy/Profile Viewing Options. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.82 - To prevent people seeing your connections Go to Privacy and Settings/Privacy/Who can see your connections then choose Only you. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.83 - Remove or merge duplicate personal profiles. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.84 - Use Advanced Search to find leads, suppliers and recruits. Learn more. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.85 - More filters on Advanced Search is a good benefit of a Premium Account. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.86 - Use Saved Search in conjunction with Advanced Search – your results are emailed on a weekly or monthly basis. Learn more. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.87 - Want to message almost anyone on LinkedIn? Gain access to InMail by upgrading to LinkedIn Premium. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.88 - When using InMail and making an introduction, stress commonalities. eg a client you’ve worked with who is connected with a prospect. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.89 - When using InMail, sell a meeting or a call and not your service or product. You wouldn’t kiss a stranger in the street! #INTips LinkedIn tip no.90 - If you’re not on LinkedIn Premium, ask a mutual connection to connect with potential prospects. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.91 - Ask happy clients for recommendations but be sure to personalise the request. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.92 - Use Tags to organise your connections into groups. #INTips
  7. 7. 100 LinkedIn tips from intranetfuture.com Page 7 LinkedIn tip no.93 - Take the time to read and post comments on LinkedIn (blog) posts. Engage! #INTips LinkedIn tip no.94 - Upgrade to LinkedIn Premium and your listing will appear larger in search results. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.95 - Be wary of LinkedIn informing you that someone has changed their job! Might be just a typo correction. Visit their profile to be sure. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.96 - Use the Pulse mobile app to keep up to date with relevant industry news. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.97 - On Premium? Use Premium Insights on Company Pages to gain insights on your competitors. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.98 - If you’ve gone to the trouble of setting up a Company Page be sure to post engaging updates. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.99 - The People You May Know feature can highlight valuable potential connections. #INTips LinkedIn tip no.100 - Finally, get active and get noticed! #INTips Last updated 28/06/2016 -------------- For more Social Media tips sign up to my newsletter. Connect with Jonathan Pollinger on LinkedIn Follow @intranetfuture on Twitter Visit intranetfuture.com Watch THE #SocialToday SHOW at 8.45am on Mondays To find out how Social Media can help you, call Jonathan on 029 2078 9139.