WordPress Websites All The Rage As SEO Strategies Evolve


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WordPress Websites All The Rage As SEO Strategies Evolve

  1. 1. WordPress Websites all the Rage as SEO Strategies Evolve ©2011, Oracle Digital
  2. 2. WordPress Websites all the Rage as SEO Strategies EvolveWordPress was once perceived as just another open source platform, created for a“learner driver” in the technology game. This has changed. WordPress is not just aplatform for bloggers; WordPress is a platform with great potential and ROI for smalland medium-sized business owners.In recent times, due to the ongoing evolution of the web for push-button publishing andoptimised user experience, WordPress websites have gained much favour in the small tomedium business space. Why? WordPress blogs are becoming well-known as beingsuperior content management systems that allow business owners to easily managetheir site in order to meet the changing demands of their business as well as to optimisefor organic search and integrate their site with the explosion of social media.WordPress – Low Cost, High ROIIn a rapidly changing digital marketing landscape, many of the complex programminglanguages and high priced website services, with bespoke content managementsystems are facing largedegrees of difficulty, andincreased development costs tokeep up with the fast pacedchanges being brought aboutby industry leaders such asGoogle and Facebook. Businessowners don’t want tocontinually live in revision modewhen they have to wait fordevelopers to figure out how tomake their website do whatneeds to be done. Becausecompanies large or small nowadays have to justify every dollar spent, WordPress offersan excellent return on investment with minimal maintenance costs.From its humble beginnings, WordPress has evolved with a robust and active globaldevelopment community It’s superior features, and the ability to develop customisedtemplates and useful plug-ins with easy-to-integrate functionality (which is proudlyshared amongst developers at little to no cost) makes it an attractive prospect to manysmall to medium business owners and entrepreneurs.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 1
  3. 3. WordPress Development – AustraliaOracle Digital are expert WordPress website developers building websites for small tomedium businesses all across Australia and beyond. We will work with you to build anaffordable, search engine friendly, fully customised WordPress website which will helpyou meet your online objectives. Whether you want us to set you up so you can run iton your own or are looking for full service website leasing services, touch base with usso we can help you put WordPress to work.©2011, Oracle Digital Page | 2