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Fuze SEO, Inc. Capabilities Presentation


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Fuze SEO, Inc. is a full-service Internet marketing agency that helps local, national and international companies of all sizes grow through search engine optimization, content marketing, paid search marketing, social media and integrated analytics.

We work with companies who are committed to using data to overcome barriers and drive innovation in order to get to market quickly with the right product, campaign or initiative for their business.

Fuze currently calls Manhattan, NY "home". Clients include Dairyland Insurance, Glocap, Rocketfuel, Lyon Living, Taylor Morrison, Wienerschnitzel and many more.

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Fuze SEO, Inc. Capabilities Presentation

  1. 1. 212 E 48th St. New York, NY 10017
  2. 2. Our Story 2008 Acquired first consulting client while working at Inter@ctivate in San Diego 2010 PPC For Hire was founded focused on Adwords management 2013 Fuze SEO, Inc. was founded 2017 2014 Became a Google Preferred Agency Partner 2012 Acquired first agency- relationship and a new service offering was born Began working at Razorfish 2016 First full-time hire Giving back was adopted Largest growth in company history
  3. 3. We have many search & SEO clients R E P L A C E O R R E P A I R A U T O G L A S S A STAR G ASS
  4. 4. Technical Audit Keyword Research Paid & Organic Ranking Competitive Link Development Social Influence ROI & Forecasting Global Reporting Program Task Management Tools for each phase in the process
  5. 5. Grounded by guiding principles .. We put the customer at the center of what we do • Analytical approach to create visibility into consumer decisions and path to purchase We view digital marketing holistically • Our deep expertise in search integrates seamlessly with all marketing levers Our toolset does not define us • A focus on talent first, process second and integration with various technologies to advance performance, analytics and strategy We relentlessly optimize • Ongoing collecting and interpreting of data to inform KPIs and drive business forward
  6. 6. Some Examples
  7. 7. Case study: rankings +176 Page 1 Rankings +139% Increase in Organic Rankings from Baseline 4.9 Average Position Fuze SEO was tasked with preserving existing keyword rankings through a website re-architecture while simultaneously implementing a strategic SEO plan across the newly designed site. Through a holistic wireframe audit and redirect strategy combined with a content mapping initiative aimed at increasing visibility and authority with the search engines, Fuze was able to retain existing rankings and, within 3 months, increase rankings 139%. Finance Company Organic Rankings Increase Q1-2014 Q2-2014 Q3-2014 Q4-2014 Site Launch
  8. 8. Case study: organic traffic Publisher Organic Traffic Growth June July August September October November +2,009% Increase in Organic Traffic +2,435% Increase in Organic PageViews +8,257% Increase in Mobile Organic Traffic A food content publisher came to Fuze as an already established recipe blog. They identified organic traffic as an opportunity area as it was driving a very small percentage of overall traffic. A technical and on-Site SEO strategy focused on mitigating duplicate content while increasing visibility and utility of high-value category and topic pages. Within six months, the site reached an all-time high in organic traffic and continued to set new traffic highs for the next six months.
  9. 9. Case study: content strategy Improved performance 156% 47% -56% Organic Traffic New Visitors Bounce Rate Pages / Session 160% Healthcare Content Strategy A healthcare company contracted Fuze’s integrated marketing services with the goal of increased non-brand organic traffic. In order to achieve the client’s goal, Fuze focused on increasing site visits through extensive keyword research combined with a content gap analysis. This approach highlighted key tools that the industry was lacking. Through a managed blogger outreach program promoting the free tools combined with an internal linking strategy and custom Title and Meta Tag optimizations, unbranded traffic growth and site engagement metrics dramatically improved.
  10. 10. Case study: website redesign Travel Site Redesign +16% Increase in organic traffic year over year -30% Decrease in average page load time +22% Increase in mobile organic traffic year over year As part of a holistic SEO audit, it was discovered that the site was in desperate need of site-speed optimization and a focus on responsive design. A content gap analysis identified opportunities to add additional content and increase their discoverability. Title Tags and Meta Descriptions were also updated based on keyword research. The results were immediate as site speed improvements resulted in increased engagement metrics and the additional content helped drive increased organic traffic across desktop and mobile.
  11. 11. Our Services
  12. 12. Our services overview Search Engine Optimization Technical Architecture In-depth Keyword Research Content Optimization Content Gap Analysis Link Popularity Social Media Social programs fueled by discoverable, talkable and sharable content with SEO best practices being utilized within social media sites. Link Building Analysis of full back-link data Competitive analysis Link development of a healthy and balanced back-link profile. PPC Adwords and Bing Certified Compelling ad copy Testing Optimization of click-thru rates and conversions. Local Optimize local profiles Improve appearance in unbranded search results. Agency Partner We love partnering with other traditional and digital agencies! HOW HELP GROW YOUR BUSINESS WE
  13. 13. SEO strategic approach Report & Analyze Discover Inform Quick Wins Big Wins Support
  14. 14. Building an SEO foundation for success • Regular content audits • Keyword visibility reports • Monitor organic traffic • Page index reporting • Internal linking strategy • Link outreach • Link reclamation • Link validation • Page validation • Server response • Regular 301 updates Technical Optimization Keywords & Content Link Development
  15. 15. Technical optimization Measure & Refine Site-Wide Technical Audit Matrix Technical Site Recommendations QA of Technical Implementations
  16. 16. Technical optimization: deliverable
  17. 17. Content and keyword optimization Measure & Refine Pinpointing Search Interest Optimizing Existing Content Optimization of New Content
  18. 18. Keyword optimization • cheapest sr-22 insurance coverage • dairyland dui insurance • car insurance • motorcycle insurance • non-owner car insurance • DUI insurance coverage MEDIUM-INTENT LEVEL MEDIUM IMPRESSIONS LOW-INTENT LEVEL HIGH IMPRESSIONS • best insurance policies • compare motorcycle insurance HIGH-INTENT LEVEL LOW IMPRESSIONS Keyword Coverage Solution Seeking Decision Making Discovery Phase ConsiderationAwareness PurchaseIntent
  19. 19. Content optimization: deliverable Page Title and Meta Data recommendations Fully indexable navigation? Ensure non-secure content is crawlable Enhancement of cross- links to distribute link equity Focus on decreased duplicate content Correct use of Header tags
  20. 20. Content creation strategy
  21. 21. Link development Measure & RefineResearch & Analysis Strategy Execution
  22. 22. Link development: tactics Link Reclamation VALUEPERLINK LEVEL OF EFFORT PER LINK Direct Link Requests Viral / Social Media Content Outreach Reverse Image Search Broken Links Infographics
  23. 23. Reporting
  24. 24. Timeline
  25. 25. Estimated Timeline Month 1 Search Engine Optimization SEO Technical Audit SEO Strategy Ongoing SEO Audit Recommendation Implementation Month 2 Month 3 Subsequent Steps Prioritization Assessment Link Development • Audit issues identified & prioritized according to complexity/benefit • Alignment of owned data inputs to prioritization assessment (paid search, internal search, site revenue metrics) • Collection of opportunity inputs (paid search, engine estimates, competitive tools) Keyword Strategy Detail SEO Reporting Meta Tag Implementation Audit Matrix Audit Recommendations • Recommendations developed for “quick hits” • Keyword to landing page mapping • Meta tag optimization support • Optimized Meta Tag Implementation Ongoing SEO Support Keyword Strategy Ongoing Recommendations and Content Creation Strategy
  26. 26. 212 E 48th St. New York, NY 10017